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Found 8 results

  1. A Comprehensive List of the Lowest & Highest Geographical Locations & Altitudes for Celestial Bodies Below are charts locating the lowest and highest locations with their respective altitudes for bodies regularly featured in KSP in the Lat/Long = Degrees, Minute, Seconds and Decimal Degrees format. Why are these locations useful...? I don't know, it's just interesting, right? This information is not typically listed and/or can sometimes not be readily available so its nice to have it collated in one place. Stock + OPM System Body Lowest Point
  2. I just saw @Matt Lowne's video on landing a single-launch Dres Canyon base, and it got me thinking about new spots for my second surface base there. Can someone please send me the coordinates for the Dres canyon/s. I would also like a canyon landing spot that: Has a resource concentration of 5% or higher (my drills won't work at 2.5%, but I just want to be safe) Adequate landing space, especially for rovers/landing pods. It's kind of hard to tell what spots are canyons on Dres map view, and I don't want to risk getting too low if I decide to do a recon orbit (which can b
  3. hi,im looking for help using ksp coordinates. i need to know how to find the coordinates of a place i am not at so i can use the teleporting feature of hyperedit. any help is greatly appreciated
  4. So I made a rover and I would like to take it to the UFO on the Mun to see it for myself but I can't find any coordinates online, can someone help me?
  5. Hi. I use hyperedit which i'd prefer as a mod but i posted here anyway. i'd like the latitude, longitude and alt for a good mining area on minmus that's 10% or more. Please help me. I'm just a poor little kerbal =(
  6. Is there any API call that given Ksp launch pad coordinates I can find the relative position for other celestial bodies? The reason is that if I am to plan a launch inclination (to intercept an asteroid for instance) I need to know to where in space launch pad is pointing at (it's normal vector ) and it's current angle related to the body/target I am interested. Any Ideas?
  7. (Please don't wonder about my english :D) Hi! I'm playing the Career-Mode in RSS (no RealismOverhaul). I want to land on Mercury, but everywhere I land there are mountains and hills and I cant land with my ship! Every time I topple down and thats why I can't fly home after landing. Do you know/Can you give me good coordinates to land? With no gradient and hills etc.? I tried 10 times to land but every landing failed. I watches videos on youtube and there is everywhere a flat area if they land. I think I have an another version of RSS and in real life there aren't very much flat
  8. Gentleman, does anyone know how to get x/y/z coordinates (regarding to part's CoM) of the closest and the farthest points that possible for the surface attach (in partmodule)? While in part i need to know this range about parent. also, what this means: part.partInfo.partSize; part.parent.partInfo.partSize; returns 2.12319183f for Mk1pod. what this figure means? but its size:diameter 1.25 and 1m tall Thanks for your time.
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