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Found 4 results

  1. Hello yall Just wanted to know all of your opinions on these three mods. This is my first topic I have created, so let me know if there is anything better I can do pls!
  2. I have a weird problem that I tried to solve with Cormorant Aeronology Shuttle parts that aren't compiling correctly, I Tried removing some mods and add-ons but the problem seems to still be there, Please help! Here are my mods and my KSP log. B9PartSwitch CameraTools Cormorant Aeronology 1.3.0c (Shuttle) KerbalEngineer scatterer TextureReplacer Vanguard Technologies (Ejection seats) Firespitter.dll [snip]
  3. Hi. My young son loves Kerbal Space Program and wants to install the cormorant aeronology mod. I downloaded it but how can I install it? Thank you for your help! Mom in PA
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