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Found 3 results

  1. So Ive been an avid player for months on this game - been playing almost a year, and i love the game so much. Now I wanna say this will be it and I'm done if this is unfixable but alas no, this isnt the first time this has happened and unfortunately I still come crawling back to the game. So this might be the third time now where this has happened, I've made loads of awesome rockets on sandbox but suddenly *poof* its all gone. Why do my save files keep dissappearing and can I recover one?? Yours truly, A broken Kerbonaut. EDIT: As an update, the recently released Enhanced Edition should hopefully mean that this something I never have to worry about again....
  2. So I only saw this mentioned once in the stickied console update thread. So I thought I'd make this account and thread for anyone who might not know. Mods please move this to the correct place if needed. I've been backing up my ksp save data on my ps4 to a usb stick ever so often. Today my career save was ate by the krakin, but was recovered with my usb backup save. My steps were to delete corrupt saves once prompted in game, started a new career, then shut game down and overwrote my ksp save with the backup up from usb stick. I hope this helps someone who might not have known this. The second time my data was lost and I replaced with my backup and then during game I would get the data corrupted message every time it would try to quicksave. I could say no once asked to delete and continue game play, but very annoying. To fix this you must delete all of your in-game saves only leaving your persistent. This can only be done at the menu while at your complex. Then go back to the main menu and reload your career. And note this has only been tested while having one career mode save and no sandbox or science.
  3. So I've recently updated my Nvidia Driver to the latest version and I go to play KSP and in the VAB my Kerbal Engineer display looks like it does below. Also look weird in the launch screen too. I cannot edit or resize any of the windows and it's very frustrating. help!!! I installed using CKAN BTW
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