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  1. There is now a release as a developmental preview, which is guaranteed buggy. As Kerwis is no more interested on working on the Chinese Pack, we KerbFilm Studios will continue to maintain it. Well duh, I know by our name, we're "supposed" to make videos and stuff blah blah blah, just ignore that part and move on. ===== Congratulations to the Chinese on successful maiden flight of CZ-7 on June 25!! ===== This thread will be updated (or not) as soon as possible when new progresses are made. This pack is currently intended for RSLV (Real-Scale Launch Vehicles), and THERE ARE NO PLANS FOR STOCK SUPPORTS in the upcoming version (and very likely a couple more after) yet. After we finish up with the RSLV configs, we can then consider making a Kerbin-compatible version of these. If you have a feature request, feel free to post it under this thread, we will weight each option and choose some to add to the planned features list. There's already a CZ-9 mod (The Martian Rockets), you can find it [HERE]. It only supports stock instead of RSS and RO. Its author, MajorLeagueRocketScience, kindly allowed us to write RSLV configs for it, and we'll start working on that once CZ-1, -2F, -3B, -5 and Shenzhou are stable. For now, balances for Career Mode are by far not finished. It will be still useable (somewhat) in Career Mode, but do so at your own risk. Unless it's a good bug, supports will not be provided before a version with official career support has been released. Here are some pics. Images provided by mark7 As this is WIP for now, the formal release date is unconfirmed as far as this thread. It will possibly be around December this year. It's just ComingSoon™ – MAIN FEATURES – Chinese rockets and spacecraft CZ-1 CZ-2F CZ-3B CZ-5 CZ-6 CZ-7 CZ-9 Shengzhou Spacecraft New manned spacecraft (No official name yet) FAR compatible fairings based on PF – WIP FEATURES – CZ-1 rocket (Mostly done) CZ-2F rocket (Models are mostly done, cfg fixes WIP) CZ-3B rocket (Mostly done) CZ-5 rocket (Remodeling & Revamp done, texturing WIP) CZ-6 rocket (Models done, texturing WIP) CZ-7 rocket (Models done, texturing WIP. Est completion by 07-20) CZ-9 rocket (Half way through modeling, engines are not done yet) Shenzhou Spacecraft (WIP, now a somewhat working prototype) New Spacecraft (Models done, texturing WIP) CZ-7 Models New Chinese manned space craft pics (name still not determined yet, we'll call it Next Generation Crew Vehicle, or NGCV, for now) The NGCV can hold up to 6 astronauts, and is capable of reentering at the speed of 11.2 km/s. Somewhat comparable to Orion. – PLANNED FEATURES – Stock balances and support Career balances – DOWNLOADS – >>>>>THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE, AND EXPECT IT TO BE BUGGY<<<<< Secondary: GitHub Tertiary: Dropbox No source codes of this mod are available as this is essentially a part-only mod by itself. Links to source codes of the plugins we've used can be found on their dev/release thread, see "Dependencies" section for more info and links. Legacy downloads can be found at SpaceDock changelog page and GitHub releases page. – DEPENDENCIES – Module Manager* (NOT INCLUDED) Community Resource Pack (Included) XT Landertron (Plugin included) Procedural Fairings (Will be one in the future, but not done by now) * If you don't want RF and RP patches, then you don't have to have it. – NOT DEPENDENT BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – RSS or 10x Kerbol System (unless you like single-stage-to-Jool rockets) Ferram Aerospace Research (unless you like the soupy atmosphere in RSS) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (unless you like noodle-like rockets) Kerbal Crew Manifest (Shenzhou's orbital module's hatch doesn't work, this provides a temporary workaround for crew transfering) Real Fuels (Will be supported in future versions, integration WIP) RealChute (Provides some help for Shenzhou's chute problems, and it is a good mod afterall) RealPlume (If you can run RSS at a reasonable FPS, I guess some pretty FX won't hurt anybody) – EXTRAS – There are none as far as of this thread. Sorry. RP FX is on its way of being integrated. – COMPATIBILITY – It is designed to work in v1.0.5 so far. As it is a mostly part-only mod, it should more or less work with 1.1.x. It is likely to work just fine in v1.0.0, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3 and v1.0.4, but if you are using such installations, just don't expect too much support. This pack is on the Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network, or CKAN. It's done via KerbalStuff (which means I'm not quite sure what exactly happened to it). It also works in the Community Windows x64 Workaround. You will receive support on x64 builds as long as we can manage it. SUPPORTED MODS: (Not a complete list) No conflict with other mods are known. – INSTALLATION – 1. Hit a download button somewhere 2. Unzip and extract content 3. Throw the stuff into \KSP Root Folder\GameData\ folder the same way you do to other mods 4. Make sure all dependencies are there (they're included), maybe a couple ones in the recommended section 5. ...? 6. PROFIT!!!!! You are encouraged to manually delete the past versions of it before installation, despite that your OS will ask to replace them anyway. Especially during the developmental and pre-release phase, any left-overs can cause really bad stuff to happen. I don't even want to imagine those. – RECOMMENDED HARDWARE SETUP – Minimal: Intel Core i7 5600U (2C4T, BF 2.60GHz, Turbo Boost 3.2GHz – 3.1GHz) Intel HD Graphics 5500 (24EU at 300MHz – 950MHz, 1GB Shared) 6GB DDR3L-1333 5400RPM SATA3 HDD Recommended: Intel Core i7 3632QM (4C8T, BF 2.20GHz, Turbo Boost 3.2GHz – 3.0GHz) NVIDIA GT 750M (384EU at 967MHz, ≥1GB GDDR5 Dedicated) 8GB DDR3-1600 SATA Express/PCIe NVMe SSD – KNOWN ISSUES – - Shenzhou's parachute only has the upper half visible, but does function normally (somewhat) - Shenzhou command pod will slide sideway during parachuted descent like [THIS], it will be better under RealChute - CZ-3 RP FX is buggy and needs some more work, thus it is disabled by default - Shenzhou orbital module's crew hatch is un-clickable (no menu popping up), see MMG's devnote for more. This bug is now currently beyond our ability to repair, due to that it's something wrong with Unity or KSP itself. UPDATE: it works fine in 1.0.5, but still buggy in 1.0.4. Not sure why. – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Q: Will this pack cause my computer to blow up? A: Not this pack itself, but RSS and RO. See the recommended hardware section for more. Dual core CPUs with strong single core performance should be enough, as Unity 4 isn't multithreaded and Unity 5 will do fine under 4 threads with HyperThreading. Although disliked by many modders, the Community Windows x64 Workaround is highly recommended if you have more than 8GB of RAM. Remember to use the Windows x64 Unfixer with this. Q: Do you support installations with the Community Windows x64 Workaround? A: Yes. We. Do. As long as it's within our abilities, we will provide as much support as we do to the x86-32 stock builds. Q: (some sort of bugs, instabilities and whatnot) happened! What the %$#@& is wrong with this! A: Please refer back to the known issue section. This mod is still in heavy development phase, and as I've said above, use at your own risk. Nearly all pre-released stuff are buggy, and do expect that when using it. We're working hard to debug, though there are some beyond our ability or it takes longer to fix. Please, do backup your install before using this mod. Q: Will you add (this and that) A: Probably not. But feel free to comment if you find something you want and it's not in the WIP Features list. We may add it to that if it's good. – CONTRIBUTORS – mark7 (Project lead, some cfg editing and realism integration) 01010101lzy (Modeling, texturing, some cfg balancing) fantzz (cfg editing advisory, cfg debugging. I didn't find his profile page) Ladeng (Modding advisory, general support, member of Kerwis. I didn't find his profile page) AkanoLoki (Modeling, some texturing) MMG (Modeling, texturing, cfg editing, testings, aerodynamics) Wavechaser (cfg editing, MM patching, public relations and support) – SPECIAL THANKS – Dragon01 (Modding advisory) MajorLeagueRocketScience (Who allowed us to use his CZ-9 models and textures) MeCripp (Helped us to do PF fairings) 54znzn (Provided us models and textures of Tiangong) – CHANGELOG – v0.2.0.19X Not released - added ModuleSurfaceFX to all engines - replaced spaces in CZ-5 parts' names by underscores v0.2.0.18Y Dev Preview, Hotfix - fixed heavily misplaced and not-placed items in all directories - reorganizations of the pack - adjust Shenzhou's rescaleFactors to match the size of realworld Shenzhou spacecraft - added CZ-1 stock patch, now CZ-1 & CZ-3B can be used in stock installations v0.2.0.17Y Dev Preview - remodeled and retextured YF-100 engine, and it's now surface-attachable - YF-100 is now one-engine only, 2x YF-100 Cluster removed - overhauled CZ-1 - reorganized Readme.txt v0.1.6.16X Not released - added RealPlume support for CZ-1 - overhauled RF patches for CZ-1 v0.1.5.15X Not released - Shenzhou Orbital Module's hatch bug looks like it's fixed by KSP v1.0.5 - added Real Fuels supports for CZ-1 - added back all other Real Fuel patches v0.1.5.14X Experimental Release for KSP v1.0.5.1024 - changed "YF-23C1 Float Engine" to "YF-23C1 Vernier Engine" - general reorganizations v0.1.5.13X Experimental Release for KSP v1.0.5.1024 - general reorganizations - removed all patches for stabilities in v1.0.5.1024, use legacy versions if you want them v0.1.5.11X Not released - added License.txt - added version.txt - fixed the wrong name of the zip file and the folder v0.1.5.10Y Dev preview, Hotfix - addded ":NEEDS[RealFuels]" to all RF patches - reorganized \GameData\KFStudios\ folder v0.1.5.09Y Dev preview, Hotfix - updated Landertron.dll, now supports Real Fuels - updated Changelog and Known Issues in Readme.txt, so that it's aligned with this thread - fixed multiple grammar errors in Readme.txt, and it's also localized to English-US v0.1.5.08Y Dev preview - added RCS thrusters on the orbital module v0.1.5.07X Not Released - reworked Shenzhou orbital module - switched from BobCat's LandingEngine to XanderTek's XT Landertron, thus fixing the breaking engine issue - general debugging v0.1.5.06Y Dev preview, Hotfix - updated Shenzhou orbital module heat tolerance - fixed Shenzhou service module decoupler bug (hopefully) v0.1.5.01Y Initial release as a dev preview - general debugging v0.1.4.05X Not released - added RealPlumes configs to CZ-3B and CZ-5 - added Real Fuels configs to CZ-5 - fixed nodes on CZ-1, CZ-3B and CZ-5 - added Shenzhou spacecraft (though a prototype) v0.1.3.00X Not released - finished cfg fixes for CZ-3B and CZ-5 v0.1.0.00X Not released - Taken over from Kerwis Our versioning scheme: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International XT Landertron is released and redistributed under GNU GPLv3 license. We didn't find the license for Community Resource Pack Other legal stuff: This mod is provided "as is", and we are not responsible in any way for any damages caused by using of this mod. If you don't feel like it, you can totally not download this mod and pretend you've never been here. By downloading and using this mod, you have agreed to that you are fully responsible for any damages caused by it. This mod could potentially break your system if KSP glitches out really really wildly, although it is not supposed to happen and it has never happened according to our knowledge. You can and you are encouraged to backup your current KSP installation in case of any damages to the saves and current mods you have ever occurs. I mean, backing up your KSP is a good idea anyway as Kraken can come any time. Warranties of any kind are not provided. Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8.1
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