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Found 46 results

  1. Opened this thread to document some weldments I've been working on, in case anyone is interested. Reserving the first post for my own use; more to come soon.
  2. Hey everyone! What is your best craft (that you made) for going to the mun?
  3. Welcome to the official Ender Inc. Craft and Replica repository!! Here you will find every craft and replica I made Replica Crafts Fighter
  4. Good day everyone! What's your best/favorite craft that you've made for interplanetary missions? I haven't gotten past Mun yet, but I'd love to see what others have made, to get an idea of how to get to other planets Thanks!
  5. Announcement: everyone who participates in this challenge will be featured on my channel on July 21th. I hope you had fun building Hello, for this challenge, you need to make a flying craft that doesn't have anything on the outside. Reply to me using a download link. RULES (Because why not): 1. NO CHEATS!!!! 2. Have to be flyable 3. Use as much parts as you want, there no restriction on what parts you can use. Tip: use cargo containers My Flying Brick(It failed):!5RgDQBLS!WNDt9r_lA8FBhEQXv2x-r7aDwqE4GddzJorQTiAoGbQ Video: My youtube:
  6. Hi guys, I suggest you to evaluate my craft for RSS and evaluate video to these craft So you will always find here the description of the craft In order to use this craft, you will need to download this build mods, and to install it you will need to download a preview version of the game to the incentive (version 1.0.4) List of used mods you can view here. As your game will be translated into 64 bit architecture to use more memory. Beware, a lot of different bugs, I hope for their Unity 5 will be less than normal because of the 64-bit version of the game. Skylon. White knight in Space Constellation Altair|Ares V & Ares I|
  7. Since I became more active in the forum over the last couple of years, I have learned a lot from other players, both older and more experienced and the newbie. One of the things that I have noticed is that each of us have a different way of constructing craft that's uniquely ours AND nicely fits the unique way we play. I thought that it might be interesting to see why others do what they do in their craft designs - with the idea that the next time one of us has "KSP burnout," then maybe this thread can be the source of a new interest or new way to play KSP. This led me to want to ask a simple question to those willing to share: What are some "quirks" about your craft? To clarify what I mean by this, please consider sharing the following: what are some things you do in designing your craft that seem to be present in each of your designs? Why do you feel it's important to include it? Please include an image or two for reference to what you are sharing. I want to keep the OP clean, so I will post one of my quirks on the next post.
  8. Hello, I've got an annoying problem: I built a big ship in ksp 1.1.3, but bizzarre wheels and wings and incompatibilities of mods made me return to 1.1. Problem: I don't know how to convert my craft to ksp 1.1 because I've installed same mods, they work, and when I put the 1.1.3 .craft file into 1.1 ships/sph folder, it says me that the craft is incompatible with this version of ksp. halp plz I tried all day to fix that, but didn't succeeded
  9. The Silver Raven Supersonic Airplane The Silver Raven is a Supersonic, High altitude, aircraft for espionage ground survey purposes, with 2 cargo bays [1 large, 1 small with a LF Tank separating them] , 3 Panther jet engines, 4 air intakes, 2 pre-coolers and 2 crew this is the most state of the art aircraft ever built by the NASXA, [National Air and Space eXploration Administration] Maximum altitude: 20.5 km Max speed: 810 m/s Images *Editors Note While this is a stock craft many mods were used during the gameplay so it was designed with Kerbal Attachment system in mind, [KebalX link coming soon!] This a first in a series called Wings of The Space Program, it will include Jets, Fictional X-planes, and Spacecraft, its a craft sharing/writing combo.
  10. So, I've been watching a lot of streamers for KSP, and just playing a lot of KSP lately, and I've noticed something: Finding craft files are a pain for me, and probably for others as well. When the search was implemented for parts, it was great, and you could use keywords to find parts, I propose a way to save your craft with tags (if you wish), and be able to use those tags to find your craft file with ease. This way, you could search for a craft file by its name or by a tag you gave it. Another thing that could be done, is implementing a folder system, so you can categorize your crafts that way. Let me give an example. Let's say that I built a rover, and I wanted to save a stable version, an experimental version, and updated, separate versions too. If you were to save like this, you would quickly fill up on crafts, as every build would have many versions to look through. With the search feature, you could use the differently named versions of the rover, to find it easily, or look for a tag you put in, such as "unfinished" or "experimental". With the folder system, you could also be able to put every single version of that rover, inside of a single rover file, for easy access. Thanks for reading my massive collection of ,commas, .Unfinished senten-. and just horribl inglish.
  11. I might need help. I really don't want to abandon this craft, but I think my craft file is corrupted because I tried opening it in my career save, and in a new sandbox save, and it does this: I've spent a lot of time on this ship and it's just ready to head off to Duna and explore the crap out of that planet, but the ship won't launch from VAB because "Craft size is unknown". There are lots of other glitches when I load it in VAB: Engineer's Report is all 0's, Funds are 0, buttons inactive for parts/crew/actions, load window doesn't close on ship load, no ship thumbnail in load window, and I can't edit, place, or move a single part. I can load other ships in the VAB after this comes up, and everything works normally. When I try to launch from Launchpad, camera is locked ~1km above KSC and the game loads the ship floating stationary and horizontally above the ground, halfway between VAB and Launchpad. Now I've lost all UI control, but lights come on on the ship and the heat shield inflates. Seems odd. I assume something is messed up in the craft file because other ships work fine and don't break VAB, and I'd like to try to correct it, but I have NO clue what to look for. No earlier craft files to compare, either. Anyone have suggestions?? The craft file: P.S. This ship is not stock. I have a few mods: AtomicAge Chatterer Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Contract Configurator Contract Packs CrossFeedEnabler Firespitter FP Sound Replacer KAS/KIS Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kopernicus NF Electrical, Props, Propulsion, Spacecraft Final Frontier Outer Planets Mod RealChute Ship Manifest Smoke Screen Kerbal Alarm Clock Tweakscale USI MKS USI LS Waypoint Manager Wheel Sounds
  12. Fellow Kerbinauts, i have found an issue which involves my crafts shaking like hell when i gently touch or dock an craft (even sometimes when i load an craft) anybody got a way of fixing this? Version 1.1.2 thanks
  13. SPEED CRAFT Max speed is unknown but min speed is 0 m/s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well as name says this is just craft and idea for it was from great guy and starting youtuber Jolly Roger Aerospace. Please support him. He is really doing great job and videos are great ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some pictures/screenshots ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL: l hope all know how to install crafts to the KerbalSpaceProgram (KSP). If no than there comes Read me file with the craft so don't worry And if you want more info to install crafts for KSP go here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Works only with 1.1 for now maybe when 1.2 come out someday it will work for it maybe... l can't see into future DOWNLOAD: github -------------------------- Have a nice day Eepu
  14. The most popular craft on KerbalX. I thought this would be nice if we could have one thread with some of the best craft in the Kerbal Space Program. Although we may not see just the best of the best craft here it will still be a personal best and a craft with some good amount of reputation. Try to use the same format, leave a brief description, a linked craft file and the date built, this will show some greatness of your craft as well. The Title Font Size 26 and the description text size 14. Use a photo album or One Photo. ONE RULE: ALL CRAFT POSTED MUST HAVE 200+ DOWNLOADS. I will start with my craft presented by Kerbal-X, The Mun Fly coming in at 214 downloads. The Mun Fly Craft Built: 08-16-2015 The Mun Fly started out as just the Fly, it was suppose to be just a cool looking small VTOL craft, when I noticed how short the flight time was that's when I got the idea about putting it on the Mun and that's when it became The Mun Fly.
  15. Basically say what your most constructed vehicle is, if it is Other tell me what it is you made. A mini poll on the Inflatable Heat shield Feel free to state what you mostly do with KSP, do you spend the day making see planes? or do you create communication satellites?
  16. Spitray create Craft for your everyday needs. Our Team of highly trained dodos create exceptional craft to get you up there, over there, and down there. All submissions made by our team are verified by me, so we can create the best and most helpful tools out there. We will start making and uploading the craft when version 1.1 is released.
  17. Would it be possible to have pages or a scroll for the subassembly category, like in the other categories of functions? This way someone could have more than 15 subassemblies (ascending and descening togelling adds some), and view them more easliy without using subcategories. I have searched, and I have found no mod.
  18. So I was thinking about Ksp water and I want to understand water more than anything. So submit your water designs(including but not limited to boats subs and seaplanes) and I will test them out nothing insane at this point cause my pc can only handle 500- parts(I'll have a new pc right after Christmas cause I'm building one). If water is understood then better craft can be built.
  19. Is there a mod that adds a zone to KSC from where you can click recover, but outside of that zone you can't click recover?
  20. So I first noticed these last night when I was cleaning up my craft list, getting rid of debris and all that. I can't make heads or tails of what they're supposed to be. Are they related to contracts I'm being offered? The only addon I have is MechJeb, and it doesn't seem to be caused by that.
  21. Ok, The image above has been photoshop'ed - original was too dark anyways... but anyhow - the ship itself is a real thing - it flies, not only that, it also makes it to orbit with fuel to spare and some payload to boot! Ironically, this is a first for me in KSP (see signature below for why this is ironic) Really, all my previous Kerbal spaceplanes were more or less death traps less-than-perfect pieces of machinery... This one, on the other hand has only cost the lives of about a dozen or so kerbals to become a veritable "ticket to space" deal for anyone willing to settle for a South-of-Unbelievable payload tonnage (w.r.t. what my usual rocket designs (aka: madness (yes, you are reading multiple nested parenthesis)) would allow) but 15 minutes after takeoff (a rather hair-raising experience, however little hair kerbonauts may have) it gets you this far: That is space! Sweet! - In fact it's a very precise 150x150km orbit, made possible by the tiny-but-trusty OMS thrusters you can see here above well... that and the SABRE-RAPIER combo I got mounted on that thing - But if those don't become the end of you, they're actually quite a nice ride Anyways - the murderous contraption SpacePlane has enough "hoomph" to get as high as Kerbosynchronous orbit is - That much we know from actual testing! It did indeed manage to fly there, even several less-capable versions ago... It only came short of some little details such as that whole "circularizing" thing, (which had the engines go "pffth") and afterwards, that pesky reentry deal didn't work too well either, as that cost us a couple of main elevators redundant control surfaces and brought about an unsurvivable supersonic nose-first crash uncomfortable emergency landing scenario... but that was only a test flight, the ship is clearly not meant to fly THAT high But to space, it does get you! - And after you get up there, there's science to do: It's equipped to handle the toughest conditions an addon-loaded space environment can throw at it - hazards include: - Deadly Reentry - RemoteTech2 - ECLSS - Engine Ignitor (not applicable here, tho - but the ship is equipped for rescue missions, if needed) - FAR - & whatnot... So there you have it: The WindStar SSTV EX-4A (Swift Space Transportation Vehicle; EXtended version 4; post-prototype revision "A") She can even do landings too! A well-planned reentry gets you subsonic just above the bay where KSC is located (what's that place called again? - there was a map once, wasn't there?) Do mind that CG-shifting is VERY important for this thing... Might be the doings of FAR - Just like the Concorde, once you go supersonic your center of lift shifts way back, so we gotta pump fuel from the strategically-devised [cough] learned the hard way [/cough] forward tanks to move the center of gravity in accordance, lest the elevators cause a lot of unnecessary drag - and/or eventually max out and we stall/plummet to our fateful (yet oft-repeated) demise The process then repeats during approach, just before landing there's a slight moment of terror workload increase for getting the CG back into place for subsonic transition... if not, the thing stalls, and once that nose goes up, it ain't coming back down anytime sooner than the whole thing goes just that same way.... Anyhow... The Airbrakes are extremely effective, quite a relief after coming in for touchdown at just about 300km/h... that tail-strike wheel is something of a secret-to-success here... oh, how many good kerbonauts had to die before we got that thing figured out... ...but then we can taxi back on whatever momentum we have left! wheels stopped and everybody is still alive! unbelievable! indeed! if you want the .craft files, here you go - just note that it requires pretty much every major mod out there in order to load up... oh well... that's reckless high-profile engineering for you, isn't that right? But in that zip you'll find every iteration of the design process that brought us the EX-4A - and development continues! who knows what the future may bring for Kerbalkind? any similarities to the G42-200 Starliner seen in the signature below are purely coincidental and/or because both are somewhat ripped off from the Skylon a bit cheers!