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  1. Good day! I've been putting together a nice customized install for my newest JNSQ playthrough. My system has 16GB of RAM, and is technically able to handle everything. However, the issues soon arise. First off, the game will not load without a database reload, as the loading itself stops with a System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException. After the database reload which only takes a few minutes, the game can continue to the main menu... kind of. The game loads, but all you can see is Kerbin and the three Kerbals, without any Scatterer features or the main menu buttons and title ever popping
  2. Olá estou sofrendo um problema com o jogo ,quando estou na tela onde tem todas as construções do jogo (hangar,pista de pouso,etc...),quando eu tento entrar no hangar o jogo congela(na tela de loading) e continua tocando a musica, talvez isso seja causado pelo meu sistema 32 bits ,possuo uma placa de vídeo e processador acima do recomendado por favor ajudem
  3. So I sometimes when I play KSP it crashes to a black screen. It basically forcefully shuts down my laptop like when you hold down the power button for a long time ( I get that peewww sound). It tends to happen at the start of the game. For example when I enter the VAB or when I launch a rocket. I also got it one time while the game was still starting up. It can also happen like 3 times in a row (after starting up again). If it doesn't happen I can play the game just fine. I have no mods installed, I only have the breaking ground expansion. I play the game from steam. Here I h
  4. Hey I have installed RSS/RO/RP1 in KSP Version 1.11.1 and everything is working fine unless every time i test my vehicles with "KRASH" (mod) and I return then to the VAB the game crashes what is really annoying especially when you have to test a lot of stuff. I just want once a working Modpack that I can use then for a very long period and I am so close to it please help me with my issue. Here are some Log files in a Zip-file . https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dqvor74vhnwwzzp/AAD37R5px2gePgPIJnjKmfiya?dl=0 Best Regards, Christian
  5. I have several mods installed and it keeps crashing when I switch environments (Space Center to SHP and such). I am not sure what everything in the crash logs mean but it doesn't appear to be a memory issue. mods installed: Kerbal Engineer: version Mech Jeb 2: version B9 Part Switch: version 2.17.0 Community Resource Pack: version 1.4.2 Near Future Propulsion: version 1.3.1 Near Future Construction: version 1.3.1 Near Future Props: version 0.6.4 Near Future Solar: version 1.3.1 Nea
  6. My KSP 1.11.1 is crashing. I did a new installation of ksp for mods, installed all the mods I wanted via CKAN and the game started to crash, here is the KSP LOG: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rqsi91o3y5jd8s4/KSP.log/file
  7. After having played for a while, exit out to the game menu, and then quit the game (from the menu)... instead of exiting cleanly, the game crashes... Can't give any better instructions for reproducing this, but hopefully the logs and crash dump will make sense to you guys. Version: Latest from Steam (1.3) Log and crash.dmp: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmFxMLZJRXxKnckDHh6SlYXAEz4YaQ Mods (manually added): Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.) 1.7.2 NearFutureSpacecraft 0.7.2 StockalikeStationPartsExpansion 0.5.1 Mods (export from CKAN): AllYAll 0.11.0
  8. Is it me or did the forum have a little trip a couple minutes ago? I couldn't access the site because it said that there was an update and then it gave m an error saying: (forum website name) couldn't process the request. Anyone else with this?
  9. I've been playing this save on this version of ksp for several hours with no issues, but now it's suddenly starting crashing to desktop a few minutes after the save is loaded. I've double-checked that I have no mods installed. I tried adding --force-opengl to the argument list just as a shot in the dark, but it didn't seem to help. As far as I can tell the log doesn't contain any errors, it just sort of ends Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: GTX 1080ti RAM: 16GB Log:
  10. So, sometimes the game freeze and the last lines of the KSP.log are: [WRN 16:25:46.084] Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old - this is not allowed and likely a leak [WRN 16:25:46.084] To Debug, enable the define: TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK in ThreadsafeLinearAllocator.cpp. This will output the callstacks of the leaked allocations Any idea of what is this and how to avoid it?
  11. The almost surely closely related issues (which always occur around the same time)are: 1. Celestial bodies vanish in map and Tracking Station 2. Either only the skybox and the foreground UI is visible in the KSC screen, or the ground is entirely black, the Sun and the Mun is invisible ,there is no spreaded light in daytime and the buildings are shown as holes in the ground through which the skybox is visible. 3. Crafts are invisible, whith the exception of highlights. 4. The game sometimes crash when launching a new craft. When this happens, I constantly get the de
  12. so every time i start the game it gives me this error message. this happens every time. all i did was add the station parts expansion redux mod (incudes the mod itself, module manager and near future props, and b9partswitch, i tried replacing the folder i already had with the one that came with the rar file but it still didn't work)this is everything in my folder. can you guys help me? this is on 1.9.1
  13. When i'm trying to launch game from steam - game loads, but right after i click somewhere in the game (for example no buttom "close" on update popout or even on load screen) game stops its animation and closes without any notifications or error messages. When I'm trying to launch game with launcher, not steam, game starts correctly. What can i do, and why is this happaning? I whatched event viewer. Thats what happening. There is 3 messages appears: (sorry, my system is in russian, so you probably need to use google translate) 1) (I Fixed it, but it didn't fixed my probl
  14. I have a small base on the Mun, which was completely fine until yesterday. I was on EVA near the base, when I tried to attach a part using KAS (Kerbal Attachment System), and the part exploded. Immediately after, the game crashed. (My game crashing isn't uncommon, I'm running KSP on a potato atm) It was late, so I went to bed and forgot about it. Today, upon going near the base or loading a quick save in which I am focused on a vessel near the base, the game crashes. When I am in the Tracking Station, it shows that all the crafts near the base have disappeared. Also, interestin
  15. Hi, when I launch KSP with Steam, it shows me this window and crash. https://imgur.com/a/fUwmEvv EDIT: I don't have any mods and if I run KSP_64.exe it shows me a same error EDIT 2: I tried to reinstall game - same problem
  16. Hello, so my KSP crashes wkile doing the things in the title. The unity crash handler opens up and it closes. (it's unrelated, but sometimes when KSP crashes it crashes discord too) I mostly don't have conflicts in my mods, but TweakScale has a problem with tundra exploration. It's not a big problem, just some failed sanity checks. Below i'm gonna add the logs needed, and my pc specs. Specs: OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz (4) RAM: 8151MB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (2007MB) Logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Jv8fGK
  17. As the title says, whenever I've tried to launch any version of KSP from 1.8 up the game immediately crashes; the screen goes black and the cursor changes to its in-game appearance for about a second, but then the Unity crash handler throws up an error window: and the application closes itself. I've had this issue for months now, and it started occurring with a copy I'd already been using for some time but has persisted throughout the numerous times I've tried to use fresh installations. As I wrote this, I downloaded portable copies of 1.8.1, 1.9.1, and 1.10.1 from KSP's website (bec
  18. I am hoping someone on this forum has had this issue and found a fix for it. I am using KSP 1.10.1 and running with all the expansions along with some mods, but I have had this issue for several versions for the last year or so. I will be playing the game for a various amount of time and usually shortly after launching a vehicle the game will freeze and I will get an error with the message "unexpected mark stack overflow" then a pop up window with a kerbal pictured and once the loading bar reaches 100% the game will force exit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and removed mods but n
  19. KSP: Windows 10 64-bit Problem: KSP crashes either a second after rocket launch or when returning to hangar (mostly when returning, but not on reverting to the launchpad) This wasn't a problem before 1.10. In fact, I don't remember the last time KSP crashed, until I updated it to 1.10. This crash happened 3 times so far: nvwgf2umx.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module nvwgf2umx.dll at 0033:650427ac. 83% physical memory in use. Tried: Reinstalled the newest GPU driver (without removing the graphics profiles) CKAN Mods insta
  20. Hey I had to install KSP new last days and now i have the problem that it crashes very often. Mostly when I switch between the vessels. Now I tried already six times to launch a new rocket but nop still cant get it up it crashs while flying and now already every time I load the launch. Its often with unitycrashhandler. And I cant find a crashlog file it is really annoying and not playable. Only new log file is from AVC. Hope you can help me i already tried directX but it didn't help.
  21. I was trying to get the landing spot just right for Eve crew mission. I kept missing and missing the target and the last attempt I tried detaching some parts that led to collision meaning I would have to readjust the orbit. This was the third time and it seemed fine every time I tweaked the manuever a little bit. But when I quickloaded what took 5 seconds became over 2 minutes of loading screen. I press Esc button and find no craft or no manuever node. I tried again and again with similar results. I then stopped KSP shut down the computer (which after rebooting seemed fine.) Restarte
  22. Hello fellow people, as the tittle suggests, i'm having issues (being that KSP completely crashes my PC aka turning it off) on a modded install of KSP. I updated my RIG recently, so i'll leave my specs right here: GTX 960 --> RX 590 8GB. I5 4460 3.2 GHz --> AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz. 16 Gb's RAM CL16 DDR3 --> 16 Gb's RAM CL17 DD4. MSI Z97-G43--> MSI B450A-Pro Max. 530w PSU--> 650w +80 Gold, Modular. Bold is new I'll give an in-depth explanation on what i'm experiencing. Basically, after X period of time of playing KSP the PC shuts down, the GPU temperature seem
  23. This mod crashes my game, any help?
  24. So, here's my setup: Razer Blade 15 (2018) Windows 10 legal installation, fully updated intel i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, mobile Nvidia 1070 Max-Q KSP 1.9.1 (also a legal copy for what it's worth) I have about 30 or so mods installed. I typically have this laptop set up as a desktop, with a Razer Core that has a 1080ti inside it, two external monitors (34" 2560x1080 ultrawide 144hz as main, 32" 1920x1080 144hz as secondary) an external gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard attached. While in that setup I have zero issues with my game. However, I am staying at my p
  25. The link to my log is here. (Note: I also play 1.3.1, it is affected.) Mods: RPM 0.31.1 De_Iva extension 1.0.2 ASET props Toolbar Controller
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