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Found 21 results

  1. So, after some time i decided to pick up an old 1.7.0 install and decided to install some mods: - Airplane Plus (With Firespitter included) - KAS - Hyperedit - Near Future (Solar and Launch Vehicles) - Outer Planets Mod (With Kopernicus as it´s dependency) - RLA Reborn - Probes Before Crew (With Community Tech Tree as it´s dependency) - Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes (Recommended for PBC) - Science Relay - Station Parts Extension Redux - Through the Eyes of a Kerbal - Kerbal Alarm Clock - Vessel Mover Some other mods: - B9
  2. I'm running KSP 1.8.1 from Steam with a fair number of mods: Realism Overhaul and all its dependencies, Real Solar System and its dependencies, MechJeb2, and Principia. My problem is that I can load my worlds (albeit slowly) and open the launchpad and set a target in map view, but the moment I try engaging the autopilot in MechJeb (or pausing the game—that seems to cause the same problem) the game freezes and I have to force close it. I'm running it from Steam with the -force-glcore launch option so the game doesn't run out of memory (I have 16gb RAM and my PC's specs should not be a bott
  3. Hope someone can help, I've been playing KSP for years with no issues but had a few month gap. I installed 1.10.1 as clean install and ever since I get random hard crashes to Blue Screen on windows after about 20 minutes of gameplay. No crash dump seems to be generated bbut here are what log files I can find https://gofile.io/d/gowZgx Every time it crashes the crash is preceded by the sound going all choppy, and then a few seconds later it crashes (In case that is any clue). Any ideas - I miss being able to killexplore with kerbals. Thanks
  4. PS4 Pro, radial preset, Parts and History, Breaking Ground, EE patch 12. Seriously. I feel like the program error and corrupted save screens should be added as stock loading screens, because I see them just as much as the title screen. Sarcasm aside, this latest version crashes significantly more than the game previously did, which is saying a lot, because it crashed daily to begin with. I have had five already today. My latest incident; I was literally doing NOTHING. I had the map screen open, and I was texting my brother about target inclinations. I looked up right
  5. For reference, I am running version 1.11 on a PS4 Pro, with both the Making History and Breaking Ground DLC packs installed. Control preset is set to radial. I have the latest version of the PS4 system software installed (7.51). 1). Game crashes often - By often, I mean at least once a day. It's always the same error code when it happens; CE-34878-0, though it's not always under the same circumstances. It's mostly when transitioning between different areas of the interface (going to or from the tracking station, for example), but it sometimes crashes while I'm working on a craft i
  6. Hi folks, I have a curious issue that has reared it's ugly Kerbal Krashing head a few times so I'm wondering if any of you fine Kerbalnauts have had (or fixed) the same problem. I can't recall specifics from any previous times it happened but on this occasion, I had reached space (in a ship with 30 parts - started a new career save) and separated down to my final stage all without issue. I then went EVA to do a report, but when I boarded my capsule once again and adjusted to a retrograde profile, the program seemed to erm… 'half-crash'. My vessel became unresponsive and figured
  7. Hi I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 with the GOG version of KSP, and when I launch the game I immediately get a black screen and the cursor followed by a crash to desktop. This is a fresh install with all the dlc and no mods. Here is a link to my log file, Player.log
  8. My laptop came with 8 GB of RAM. While it is more than enough to run stock, my stupid ass installed 60+ mods. And you know, when you install your first mod, you just can't go back to stock. Of course i had multiple crashes and I couldn't run copernicous and KSPIE, but i always thought it was because of weak integrated graphics. However, i recently got additional 4 GB from a friend, and boy oh boy does it make a difference. It can easily run Kerbal Star Systems, KSPIE and 80+ other mods, and i am just so happy. So, how much do you have and what are your experiences?
  9. Multiple times now, Kerbal Space Program has crashed and I don't know why There are three crashes so far, and each crash happens when I land on Kerbin and return to Space Center and enter a building. I use unmodded KSP 1.44.2215. This actually happened about a week after I first downloaded and played the game. here is the latest report: Kerbal Space Program [version: Unity 2017.1.3p1 (02d73f71d3bd)] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:74f7c704. Error occurred at 2018-07-15_174822. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\st
  10. I got a crash again, but it's different... This time, it happens at the menu, right as the menu music starts playing, and the screen is loading, the game crashes. Got the Output log here: https://pastebin.com/raw/0mMzj4HZ I'll put in the title and tags that this is a dead post when solved.
  11. My ksp is crashing constantly I've installed all the mods via ckan(except kss) and they are all up-to date. Its probably one of the newer mods I decided to try out Ill put the error list here and a list of new ones I tried. Also someone teach me how to read error logs , and If you need the output log tell me.
  12. A guide to help people know common words used in the explanation of game crashes. (Basically like my TCIS's Guide To Words). Mono.dll: Mono.dll is KSP's memory. When your game crashes, and you check the 'error' file, roughly half of the time it says 'mono.dll caused an access violation in module mono.dll'. A simple way to fix this is to remove mods, thus relieving the strain on the memory. Output_log: When your game crashes, it usually produces an output_log. This log shows you the cause of the crash. A great way to get answers for your problem is to upload the log to a file sharing
  13. Bom... Jogo muito bom, bom não MASSA DEMAIS, só estou meio bolado porque sou forçado a jogar a versão 0,25 porque a 1,3, que está em português, fica fechando sozinha, mesmo rodando lisamente... Alguém tem alguma solução que não seja comprar um pc novo ? vai que né...
  14. so ive been playing modded ksp for months then out of no where today when i went to launch ksp it crashed on startup. i tried to restart but it did the same thing. i even deleted mods one at a time to see if it was a certain mod. after a while i ended up resetting my computer to factory settings to see if that worked, to no avail .i guess what im asking is how do i keep this from happening. here are my comp specs: processor:intel(r) celron(r) cpu 1007U @ 1.50GHz 1.50GHz installed memory(RAM): 4.00GB(3.89 usable) system type:64 bit opperating system, x64-based processor
  15. Im having problems when the PS4 Version Crashes and when KSP crashes at loading screens 9/10 times I faced corrected Save file when restarting the game. This has caused me to play in sandbox mode only until squad fix this bug and I posted this to raise awarness that we are getting corrupted saves when the game crashes. Heres a reddit post from a subreddit called r/consoleksp https://www.reddit.com/r/ConsoleKSP/comments/4t0am5/how_long_until_the_corruption_bug_is_fixed/
  16. I play the game and it randomly crashes during fun missions and i have to do the whole mission all over again... output.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bl0sa5bc205rib5/output_log.txt?dl=0
  17. Hi All, So for the longest time (since probably pre-0.24) I would launch KSP via the executable in the KSP folder, without opening steam, or after closing it first. To save the RAM of course. A few days back, I was getting MAD crashes, mainly in the VAB, but also in-flight. I have a LOT of mods, so I wasn’t too chagrined, but it seemed to be getting worse, so I did some digging through my output.log. There were some nullreferenceexceptions and some other erros, mainly only of a couple of types it seemed. I don’t know emough about these things to be able to identify any mod-relat
  18. We in the way back machine to point nine ohh.
  19. When entering the vab and making a spaceship the game will crash almost every time when editing parts or when launching, please send help!
  20. I'm trying to do something about my frequent crashing in 1.1. Can't play for more than a couple of minutes without experiencing some kind of weird crash. (Yes, I tried forcing it in OpenGL - just gave me different crash messages instead). So I just want to ask the experienced mod community: which of these mods might be the most likely to cause crashes? My PC has 16 GB of RAM, 4 GB of VRAM and a Geforce 780. I can deck out a game like Skyrim with 6 gigabytes worth of graphical mods, so technically speaking it should be able to handle a lot of extra fluff. Here are the few mods I use in KSP
  21. Sometimes when launching a flight or switching to a flight, the screen becomes completely unresponsive. No matter if I'm alt-tabbed or in-game, none of my clicks register and I'm unable to use the keyboard at all (Not even using Activity Manager works at this point). Putting the screen down on my Macbook also has no effect at all, as it still stays on (Apple logo stays lit). Every time this happens, I have to restart my Macbook, and then it boots up completely fine. KSP also doesn't register it as a crash for some reason, but every time this has happened, I've been running it. Mods:
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