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Found 2 results

  1. Just a heads up. Been researching licenses for my mods and stumbled upon this: Creative Commons does NOT recommend using CC licenses (any) for software (link) to repeat: CC licenses are not meant for code from their wiki: they recommend: Open Source Initiative list: Free Software Foundation: Various Licenses and Comments about Them Moderators: Maybe this should be a sticky????
  2. Hello, I have been working on a skybox composite using various images, of nebulae and galaxies, from NASA, ESO and other 'free' sources. I was almost ready to release it to the KSP community. However, while compiling all the sources and credits for the images, I found out that NASA and ESO state that the image credit should be visible WITH the images. The way I understood it, that implies that I would have to stick the credits right beside the nebulae and galaxies in the skybox itself. Now THAT, is a big problem, and as you can tell, ABSOLUTELY UNDESIRABLE! I have been working on it for several months now, in between two jobs, and I was looking forward to sharing it with the community. If any of you guys can suggest a way out, I would be so much relieved. (Or please just tell me I got it wrong, because I don't think Rareden's Real Skybox had the same problem.) P.S.: The skybox was initially captured in Space Engine. Later, I used high-res, 'real' images of the visible nebulae and galaxies from various sources to enhance their detail, and realism. P.P.S.: In case if it's of any help, here are all the sources (I would have attached this in the release page AND with the download as well): Thank you for your time, and thank you very much for any help that you can provide.
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