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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings! After inspiration from the movie Independence Day: Resurgence I decided to build myself a Intergalactic Cruiser. Now, the reason this craft is utilizing 10m parts is basically because of the following reasons I came up with for myself: 1. Alien fighter jets seem to swat out regular fighter jets instantaneously, thus they must be protected inside the ship. 2. Larger size means larger engines and a lot more fuel, thus allowing this bad boy to essentially fly outside of kerbal galaxy 3. It's designed to replenish it's humongous fuel supply through ore mining/conversion, and requires big tanks to store ore. Usage: Interstellar Travel, transport carrier for nearly any sized spacecraft (under 10m wingspan) Part Count: 60 Weightage: 1100 tons without fuel KSP Version: 1.0.5 Download Link: Soon Screenshots:
  2. Greetings! Story: I basically have always wanted a cruiser capable of ferrying ships from one planet to another, or defend from invasions. Thus I finally managed to get the handle of it with a few mods, and created a carrier with maximum efficiency for fuel/payload. (Can now ferry vessels from one planet to the next without any restraints on payload or fuel with a independent refueling process). Specifics: Crew Count: 5 Crew total Engine Count: 2 Large Efficient OPT Mod Dark Matter Engines (1:1 O2/LF for 1500 thrust each). Docking Ports: Contains 8 docking ports of medium size located on top/bottom of the hull. Power Generation: 48 Radioisotopic Heat Generators (R.T.G)'s + Fuel Cells for LF -> Energy. R.C.S Information: Around 50 RCS Ports for horizontal and Vertical movement (100% efficient). Internal Storages: Can store a lot of equipment within the hull. (not bay's, but hollow fuel tanks). Additional Equipment: Contains two large convertors for turning ore into resources + Extra fuel. Additional Information: *It can be used to ferry ships from planet to planet, and use them to bring ore back to make more fuel* *Capable of traveling the entire solar system and back to kerbin without any fuel exhaustion** *Has been tested to fly with three of my aircraft, a fourth can be attached but isn't required* *Think of it as a moving space station with two overpowered engines and ability to carry crafts* Screenshots:
  3. My attempt to make Cruiser UMS Bodega bay from Unreal Gold File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zydpvvoxaha6ycx/UMS Bogeda bay.craft?dl=0 Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/7OIOb You can use it in scenes in your videos, BTW toggle infinite Fuel, battery charge, And hack gravity or it will not fly From original game(Unreal):
  4. Cruiser Mk I A multi-purpose vessel designed for long range and speed. Has 2 large Mk 2 cargo bays in the bottom half of the nose and a big gap in the center for a module of your choosing. By default it's outfitted with 4 Tire Missiles as well as 6 I-Beam Missiles on the wings. It has well over 5k Δv for all your interplanetary needs. Download here. Enjoy!
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