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Found 5 results

  1. This mod aims to add new and shiny Starliner spacecraft into the game. It's gonna be fairly simple, and is designed to work well with the Bluedog Design Bureau Atlas V. Beta Download Dependencies: -Simple Adjustable Fairings This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. CST-100 Starliner Nevermind Okay, so @xxhansonmaxx has given me his blessings to continue this wonderful mod! Thanks! The CST-100 spacecraft is a part of NASA's commercial crew program to send US astronauts from US soil to the ISS. This is the Original Thread: Exploded view of the parts: Review by @Kottabos: A pad abort test by @Kraken that doesn't exist: Old Pics: New Pics: Dependacies/Recommended mods: 1. Habtech2 by @benjee10: it contains parts to build a replica of the International Space Station. It can be found here: 2. USI Survivability Pack by @RoverDude: it contains airbags to use so that your Starliner command pod can land safely. It can be found here: The following 2 are required for IVA props to show 3. Raster Prop Monitor by @JonnyOThan: it adds functional IVA props to the the CST command pod. It can be found here: 4. ASET prop pack by @alexustas: it adds functional IVA props to the CST command pod. It can be found here: REQUIRED MODS: Texture Unlimited By @Shadowmage: for Parachute covers to work. It can be found here: TweakScale by @Lisias: For The NoseCone And Other Parts to be Scaled to your liking. It can be found here: Download Links: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Credits: @OrbitalEscape: Unity/Configs @xxhansonmaxx: Models/Textures @Tristonwilson12: Original creator @Kartoffelkuchen: Old SM creator New maintainers: @VoidCosmos: re writing configs @Drakenex: re modelling models @zer0Kerbal: re writing configs
  3. I made a mod for KSP but is un-textured. https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/Cst-100-Starliner-Set-KSP-Mod
  4. Hello, and this will be the dev thread for my upcoming mod, Kerbobulus Space Industries, which strives to recreate near future spacecraft (not to be confused with @Nertea's wonderful NFT mods), such as the CST-100, and Orion (not the nuclear one, the one NASA is currently developing) in a porkalike style. Currently, I am working on the CST-100, and am about 3/4 of the way through with the service portion. Still, you should expect more coming in the near future. Without further ado, here is the current progress! Downloads: Kerbobulus Space Industries - Miscellaneous Parts Division: Spacedock Legacy dev pics
  5. well, welcome to my series of missions of the CST-100 pod: i will use that capsule to bring people and resources, to my space station, and for some more missions the first of all: CST-1, fuel deliver to the space station: launching the pod once in orbit going closer to the station docked, it looks like soyouz fuel transfering morning, let's get this back undock after burning to get home crossing upper atmosfere going to landing like russian progress, this pod is designed to smash in the ground, so don't worry about this i have seen crash site now, this succesfull mission goes to the landing /crash missions map the red spots are crashings, of cargo missions, and green spots, none right now, are landings. the yellow spots are the crashings of crew missions well, i hope you liked and if you want to see more, just say that you like, or give like, also everyone are able to give feedback, so i can perform it
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