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Found 11 results

  1. My latest 1.6.1 KSP install is running really smoothly, so I'm surprised that all of the sudden I'm getting a ton of logspam and KSP is CTD'ing, so I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing in the log. Can anyone identify what this error is coming from? Is this mod-related or something with Unity? Here's a portion of the spam which (I assume?) is contributing to my CTD problem: [LOG 20:47:57.396] [PartSet]: Failed to add Resource 374119730 to Simulation PartSet:13702 as corresponding Part FL-TX1800 Fuel Tank-290656617 SimulationResource was not found. [LOG 20:47:57.396] [PartSet]:
  2. I've been playing this save on this version of ksp for several hours with no issues, but now it's suddenly starting crashing to desktop a few minutes after the save is loaded. I've double-checked that I have no mods installed. I tried adding --force-opengl to the argument list just as a shot in the dark, but it didn't seem to help. As far as I can tell the log doesn't contain any errors, it just sort of ends Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: GTX 1080ti RAM: 16GB Log:
  3. Can anyone help me diagnose what's going on with these crashes? (I don't really know how to read these logs) I'm playing on 1.4.3 since I haven't wanted to go through and update all my mods since 1.4.4 and now 1.4.5 have come out. But recently, I'm seeing a LOT more crashes to desktop. I have been installing mostly functionality-related mods, not really parts mods. NOTE: I know that a majority of the mods I have installed say their versions are between 1.4.3 and 1.4.99, but I went through and mostly downloaded/updated only mods to 1.4.3. Some even say they're not specific to any spe
  4. Having a consistent issue with a certain rocket using modded parts (primarily Procedural Parts) that causes my game to CTD when moving to the pad from the VAB. Checked out the output log but unsure how to read it: https://imgur.com/a/aF8oy82
  5. Well... The last few days I got somewhat overwhelmed by a series of crashes on my MacOS box that I didn't diagnosed correctly, and found myself chasing ghosts. =/ Not one of my brightest times. =P This thread is my attempt to gather together a knowledge base of MacOS specific issues and, with luck, minimize the time spent on crashing KSP and maximize the time spent crashing crafts on KSP. :-) The proposed "rules" are simple: a post per 'problem x solution'. I don't plan to use this as a generic support thread - I think that help for unknown problems should be get in dedicated th
  6. Title is pretty self explanatory. CTDs on launching or when trying to load a scenario. 1.2.2 was robust and handled mods properly, now I can't even play with 15+ up-to-date mods. No CKAN. This is frustrating as heck. Here's a list of the mods I'm currently using and the last CTD log. Looking forward to an answer. Mods list: Error log: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] KSP.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP.exe at 0023:013eab22. Error occurred at 2017-08-20_020454. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.e
  7. The AE-FF2 airstream pro and likely other fairings are causing CTD on launch when there is any clipping at all and can corrupt a save as well, 0ing out funds in career and if the save manages to revert and saves to the persistent back up deleting the craft from the pad in the tracking center will result in a high pitch audible scream til the game ctds again. Rigorously tested while live streaming on twitch. The episde link is provided below and provides about 2 hours of test data showing different configs it was tested in. Oddly, the configuration worked once, normally in a engineering s
  8. Completly fresh install, no mods. When I run the command "./KSP.x86_64" the following prints; ====== Set current directory to /home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux Found path: /home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP.x86_64 Mono path[0] = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Managed' Mono path[1] = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Mono' Mono config path = '/home/dirk/KSP/KSP_linux/KSP_Data/Mono/etc' displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.4 displaymanager : trying .X11-unix client :0 has 1 screens displaymanager screen (0): 1920 x 1200 Using libudev for joystick management Impo
  9. i get a CTD after about an hour or two while playing 1.1.3. it has happened a good few times and a couple of times totally unmodded. this i the first error log its output Unity Player [version: Unity 5.2.4f1_98095704e6fe] KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:a455976b. Error occurred at 2016-06-28_212504. C:\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe, run by joe. 60% memory in use. 8174 MB physical memory [3195 MB free]. 16366 MB paging file [10705 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134214117 MB free]. Read from location
  10. Hello, I've just installed KSP 1.1, good job squad! The performance with heavily modded installs is much better than 1.0.5. Still, my game crashes REALLY frequently, making it a frustrating experiance. Here are the logs: mediafire link (zip) Thank you for your help!
  11. I've played KSP on my computer a lot, with many different versions. I have never had a problem until 1.0.5. When I start it, the mouse pointer changes and KSP shows on the taskbar, but that's it. Other than a crash report which I will provide. Rolling back to 1.0.4 makes the game work again, so I have to doubt its something to do with my computer, the details of which I will also give. I have tried a clean installation. I believe it has something to do with the launcher, but loading the exe directly has these same results. All of my drivers are up to date. Operating System: Windows 7 Ulti
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