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Found 2 results

  1. FOR ROCKET USE ONLY: A Kerbal Sim-pit Build Log A name derived from the first piece I bought, a racing car ignition switch with "FOR RACING USE ONLY" printed across the top. This Project started mid 2016 and while its a matter of months off being in a completed form, like most maker projects, I don't ever think Ill be "Finished" with it Aim My aim is to make a sim-pit that surrounds a keyboard that includes a joystick (microswitch, not POTs) and as many switches and buttons I can. After many months of looking at layouts and design themes, I've settled on going for the most Raster Prop Monitor looking IVA theme I can, basing a lot of my panels on this mod. If you don’t know RPM it adds a fully usable IVA into Vessels and looks so aesthetically pleasing: EDIT: This is actually the command pod from the ALCOR mod The Idea is to go more for fun to use than practical. I want as many missile switches and pointless (but useful) knobs and flashing lights as I can. Basically I really want to go for that Arcade, really fun to use feeling even if its not overly practical. Hardware/Software I'm currently using two Arduinos and coding with Arduino's IDE; Arduino Due Old Arduino Uno knockoff (Freetronics Eleven if anyone cares) Arduino Mega The Due uses the <Keyboard.h> library to emulate button presses to control KSP. Flicking a switch will emulate a keyboard pressing a button, for example, flick the light switch, the Due sends a “U” to the computer. But because the switch can be stuck in the on position, the Due only sends the command when there is a change in state. *** The <Keyboard.h> portion of the project has been scrapped in favour of using Kerbal SerialIO's control functions. This means I have lost some functionality meaning a keyboard is still necessary however there are also a lot of pros of doing it this way. This completely removes the use of the Due. The keyboard emulation may return if the build gets an upgrade/increase in size. *** My KSP uses a mod called Kerbal Serial IO by Zitronen, the mod does nothing to the game but sends data packets to and from KSP to the Arduino via Serial communication. Way too technical for me but once I got mine working, it has infinite potential. I'm able to access data from KSP and either print it or use it as logic for warning lights. Their is infinite possibilities with this thing. I have also been able to get my code working with WIN10 as some people couldn't get the control packets working on windows 10, the bug has been fixed and I am now using the control packet to control KSP. I am using two DuinoTech 128x64 Dot Matrix LCDs as my HUD. Arduino has its <LiquidCrystal.H> library making it so easy to code for the screen. Controlled by four buttons to switch between different data sets relevant to different situations and a neat little protoPCB to make all the wires a lot neater. The whole build is designed on five identical sized panels to allow for easy modular use incase I rebuild the enclosure (thinking about a full seated simulator in the future, maybe) Current Stage Here's a few things I've currently got working Currently Built/Working: Staging Button and Stage lock Switch (Prototype) Toggle Switches emulating keyboard press (Controls SAS, RCS, LIGHTS, GEAR) Dual LCD Heads Up Display with real time Data from KSP (currently only displays speed) Fully implemented as of early 2018 Communication from KSP to Arduino (KerbalSerialIO Mod) with onscreen *LED connection Status indicator Control Packets sent from the Arduino to Kerbal via Kerbal SerialIO LED warning Matrix Apollo Style toggle switch guards Laser Cut acrylic panels Custom Enclosure surrounding Keyboard Planned: Custom Enclosure surrounding Keyboard ({Implemented Mid 2018) Joysticks for Attitude and for Throttle (Purchased but not coded and implemented) Controls for LCD Screen changing the Data printed on screen (Implemented early 2018) Possible second LCD for more Heads up Data (Implemented early 2018) Warning LED matrix (Designed and built early 2018) Laser cut acrylic panels with back lit text. (Implemented early 2018, no backlit text.) Possible custom analogue throttle Resources + Credit Ill post all my code but most of it for the Uno is Zitronen’s “Demo16” Code which I have modified. I'll make it clear in the Code what is mine and what was original. All code for my keyboard emulating Due is original. I will comment in code if that changes. *Due removed from build I’ll also make sure to give credit where it's due (in the forum or in the code) as I’m taking a lot of inspiration from other Build logs as I find the fascinating. If I miss something, I apologise. GitHub Code Not really updating anymore, will post final code when done, not posting every iteration Build Logs 18/12/16 For Rocket Use Only First Prototype - 27/12/16 Heads Up Display Screen 27/4/17
  2. I just thought I would share what I am working on. I normally hate posting a WIP because I tend to get super enthusiastic about a project and then never get around to actually finishing it. I felt that I had to share this though. I see so many awesome controllers for this game and I always wanted done of my own. I originally was working on a my own controller using a type of wood that was left over from when it was being used to make a child sized rocking chair. The wood turned out too thick to mount any switches or buttons to it. Everyone on here seems to have made, or at least started, their own controller and it always appeared to involve ordering custom printed circuit boards, CNC machining, 3D printing, and so on. I just don't have the access, or the financial means, to make that a reality, so I have had to go low budget. After finally getting fed up with all of my components collecting dust, I decided to take a trip to the local Walmart. After a walk through of the store, I ended up buying craft popsicle sticks and wood glue. It is actually turning out nice. The wood is pretty strong after you glue a brace to a row of sticks and let the glue dry completely. I also have access to a power drill and a Dremel drill that I managed to get my hands on when I attempted to make my own controller the first time. In the pictures I have the LED lights that are going to be the annunciator lights on the panel. They are very bright and clear LEDs so you can't tell what color they are, so I had to label each of them at the LED. This works out fine since you won't be able to see the writing after the entire enclosure is finished. I still haven't figured out what to do for the face of the panel. I used to work on military aircraft and I really liked the black plastic covers that had the lettering for the annunciation cut away so that the light shows through the lettering. Since I think that takes some kind of laser cutting and that just isn't going to happen, I will have to figure something else out. Maybe marking out some transparent sheets meant for stencils and then cutting away with an Xacto knife. I am seriously thinking of just making the entire thing out of popsicle sticks. It turns out to be strong enough to work with after the glue dries, and it just makes me think it is something that would be found at the Kerbal Command Center in the early days of a career play through. On a last note, I wanted to post this because I want to show that a controller is possible on a budget. The housing for the controller doesn't need to be super expensive to turn out decent. Put that extra money into the lights, buttons, switches, potentiometers, Arduino boards, etc. The code that makes it all work is the brilliance that is KSP Serial IO by zitronen. On a side note, holes were drilled in the sticks so the LED can poke through. Underneath that is a hole that the wiring is fed through. It is all coiled up just to make it easier to store it all. I have the wiring cut in order to accommodate connecting it to the Arduino board for testing. I didn't want to make it a permanent arrangement, just in case, so the LEDs are sandwiched together by two lengths of twist tie. As for the lighting: All the Custom Groups (CG) are blue SAS/RCS/Light is green Gear/Brake is red Fuel/Mono/Elec Cau (cautions) are yellow the two open are just blank spots on the panel Fuel/Mono/Elec Warn and Overheat/Stage Lock are all red. The layout was originally different so that is why Gear and Brake are in with SAS, RCS, and Light. I am currently working on gluing sticks together to give the lights individual compartments to avoid lighting up the wrong indication on the panel. I am gluing the entire length of the sticks to fill any gaps and I plan to cover or paint over that so it completely blocks all light that could come from other LEDs.
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