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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there, I'm writing a new ModuleManager.techtree file, and I'm trying to figure out how the icons in "icon = RDicon_filename" are loaded because that line doesn't always match the filenames of the .png files its referring to. So far I've only figured out how to set the node icon to any of the R&D_node_icon_ files in GameData/Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons/. Is there a way to link to any of the other .png files either in that folder or anywhere else?
  2. RocketChimp

    Custom EVA Reports/Samples?

    This is something I just thought of. Custom EVA reports or surface samples... Some of the mods I've had gathered don't include these, if any. The normal surface samples such as the one on Duna seem low in detail. I want to know if there is any way to edit or add surface samples or EVA reports. Not a suggestion, really.
  3. reifsnyderb

    Custom Control Panel

    I've been enjoying KSP since at least 2013. While I haven't posted much (only once, Intrepid E Series Interplanetary Ship) I have spent a lot of time lurking and reading these forums. Recently, I was looking at all of the neat control panel designs and decided to start my own. I decided to make it modular so that if I want to change something in the future, it will be as easy as removing one set of controls and replacing it with another. Today, I finished up some gcode and milled out the main panel. While it is only 12 inches by 6 inches, I can envision stacking them. Here is the panel still on the milling machine:
  4. ModerndayLink

    Minecraft texture pack

    so I started making my own MC texture pack and I want to know what other people think. ores: tools:
  5. Hello. I would like to ask if there's a calculator or a spreadsheet that can calculate all the things Alexmoon's Calculator does but for the RealSolarSystem. I would like a spreadsheet or an online tool, please. Because the calculators for KSP (e.g. Alexmoon's, Olex, etc) only work for stock KSP. I've tried abrhmsanchez's one but he doesn't have the Moon. Also, I would like to have the real names of the objects. Also, I would like it to have custom values. E.g. radius, gravity, possibility to add new bodies, in short, that you can modify everything in it. If someone could do this for me, I would be eternally thankful to that person or people. Hope you can do this for me. Or direct me to something that does what I'm asking for. Thanks in advance, Nexus24680
  6. Hello. I would like to ask if there's a calculator or a spreadsheet that can calculate all the things Alexmoon's Calculator does but for the RealSolarSystem. I would like a spreadsheet or an online tool, please. Because the calculators for KSP (e.g. Alexmoon's, Olex, etc) only work for stock KSP. I've tried abrhmsanchez's one but he doesn't have the Moon. Also, I would like to have the real names of the objects. Also, I would like it to have custom values. E.g. radius, gravity, possibility to add new bodies, in short, that you can modify everything in it. If someone could do this for me, I would be eternally thankful to that person or people. Hope you can do this for me. Or direct me to something that does what I'm asking for. Thanks in advance, Nexus24680
  7. WIP TEASE (pic from March 2018 - getting ready to get back to it in September, I promise!): A year ago, when @Sam Hall updated his fantastic Kerbonov mod for 1.2.x, I knew I had to make a 1940s-style RPM IVA. I always loved the KN-2, and I based my cockpit layout heavily on pictures of DC-3 and C-47 cockpits, both from the 1940s and some modernized ones. I decided to kitbash autopilot props, as the DC-3 did historically have a gyroscopic autopilot. Thus began my IVA craze. More Pictures: Airplane Plus MK1 Supersonic cockpit (X-1): Airplane Plus Mk1 Viewer's Cockpit (Bell 204 / Huey): SXT Clyde (insp by Twin Otter / Aero Commander 500): SXT Bonny (insp by Piper Cub) Kerbonov KN-2 Vintage Cockpit (insp by DC-3, An-2): Mk1 Inline Warbird Cockpit (insp by P-51): All the autopilot props are modified versions of ASET props, and require the Pilot Assistant mod to work. The "Vintage" version of the KN-2 does not replace the standard KN-2, but adds a new cockpit using the same model earlier in the tech tree. I plan to make an "Updated" version. For the bomber controls, you need Firespitter's props folder found here, as well as the most recent firespitter.dll, and for the fire extinguisher (nonfunctional), you need Airplane Plus. All other instruments are included or require the ASET Props and Avionics Packs. Obviously you will need the Kerbonov itself, and Raster Prop Monitor as well. IMPORTANT NOTE: I play way too much FSX, so these cockpits are meant to be slightly more realistic than most KSP cockpits. The instruments WILL NOT WORK if you do not connect your battery and have electric charge on your vehicle, and various instruments have a chance to give screwy results if you don't turn on the pitot heat. Changelog: SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD If you prefer SI units for your instruments, rename warbirdSI.txt in GameData/Galen/WarbirdCockpits to WarbirdSI.cfg Requirements: modulemanager by Sarbian Raster Prop Monitor by Mihara and MOARdV ASET Props and Avionics by alexustas Recommended: Kerbonov by Sam Hall. Required for Vintage KN-2. Firespitter (dll and Props folder) by Snjo and RoverDude. Required for Vintage controls in KN-2 cockpit. Airplane Plus by blackheart612 KAX by keptin and SpannerMonkey SXT Continued by Lack and linuxgurugamer. Speed Unit Changer by Ittito. The readouts on the gauges are in Imperial units (feet and mph rather than meters and m/s), and Speed Unit Changer can make the UI readouts in the same units as well. Contains assets from, and derived from, @alexustas's excellent ASET Avionics and ASET Props assets (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), as well as a couple from @Mallikas's Aviation Cockpits mods (CC BY 4.0).
  8. How do I make custom sounds?
  9. How do I make custom sounds?
  10. I copied and modified the Stratus-V Monopropellant tank (leaving the original intact) to make a LF/OX radial tank. Everything works as intended, except the tank doesn't inherit the texture from the original part. The cfg file references "mesh" and so I've left it alone where it resolves as "model". I assumed this just looks to whatever model shares the same folder as said cfg file. Except it isn't doing that, and the tanks just have a standard grey scale texture, in-game. Something tells me I'm missing something obvious.
  11. Hi all, up till now, my biggest concern has just been making stuff that works. But seeing some of the stunning ships folks are now putting out, I've realised I can ignore this no longer. The starting point is my Penta Star mk2 spaceplane, an existing design that's probably my best all rounder. The first flight in this incarnation reached orbit with >1500LF. A second flight went better, with 1700 remaining. Please note, it's not a true SSTO in that there are a pair of Whiplash booster jets mounted to the back of the NERVs with decouplers. It can launch from Laythe and from Kerbin without them at lower gross weights, but it really goes a lot better with them. There's a small delta wing section attached to each Whiplash (0.5 lift rating) keep the relative CG/CoL the same whether Whiplashes present or not. A major consideration was to have the middle of the cargo bay over the plane's CG, that way the balance is the same full vs empty. To get it there, we can only have one rapier at the back, with the weight of the cockpit balancing that out. The two nukes have to be mounted alongside the fuselage close to amidships. In turn, this means the wings have to be mounted to the outside of the engine nacelles in order to be outside the exhaust plume. Appearance wise, this is something of a disaster, and creates what appears to be an obvious weak spot in the structure. It's not the only part of the craft that's aesthetically challenged however. I'm not convinced about that shock cone nose. The four pairs of canards make it look like a UHF aerial. We have a patchwork quilt of wings with the outermost set with gull-wing dihedral to provide a bit of roll stability. Decent min-maxing but it looks like a badly assembled model, I eventually hit upon the idea of using modular wing connectors to box enclose the engine area, demoing the technique on my self launching, SSTO "skylab" aka "flylab". The rectangular sections at the top of the engine tunnel are flat, and the main wings shifted up to mount flush with them. The rectangular sections enclosing the engine tunnel from below are canted upwards to meet the main wing. This provides the dihedral and roll stability a design needs without "gull wing" outboard sections like a Ju87 Stuka. The additional lift from these modular wing sections means we can drop down to just two big S delta wings, which is good because beyond the back to back "rhombus" arrangement i am not sure of how to include more, sensibly. Elevons at the front of this "engine tunnel" eliminate the need for a "UHF nose". When applied to the original Penta Star design, the shallower mk2 fuselage meant incorporating a flat bottom plate : Now that looks a lot better ! Like a cross between a Venture Star and a 5th gen fighter. I had to leave a "slot" in the bottom of the aft section of the engine tunnels so our Whiplashes can decouple without the whole ship undergoing self disassembly. Of course, we're now using fewer "wet" Big S wings and more "dry" modular sections to get our lift. This means that we've got less LF capacity for no reduction in dry mass. To an extent, this is compensated for by the use of big - S strakes agglomerated into rectangles rather than rectangular wing connectors to form the top of the engine box. Big S strakes hold quite a bit of fuel. Also, I had to add another two pairs of strakes to the trailing edge of the wing to get the CoL where it needed to be , and also supply sufficient fuel capacity aft of CG (the craft would become increasingly nose heavy as the tanks were filled). This version made orbit with 1931 LF out of 3550. However, it now had a fairly major handling problem. The engines are mounted exactly halfway between the top and bottom of the fuselage, but the wings and strakes are all mounted above them. When fully fuelled, CG is well above the engines causing a tendency to pitch up under power. This is not so noticeable on the deck, but at altitude the air becomes too thin for the tendency to be suppressed by aerodynamic stability. In fact in orbit, it was impossible for capsule torque to overcome this effect and going to 100% on the NERVs would cause the ship to tumble end over end. To compensate, I decided to build the bottom of the engine tunnel out of stakes as well. Not having cargo doors to worry about enabled me to fit 4 pairs of strakes ahead of cg, but only two pairs could go aft thanks to the space that had to be left for engine decoupling. Still, we now had some kind of balance, in terms of strakes - Above & behind CG |Above and ahead CG 8 strakes |2 strakes ------------------------------------ Below & behind CG |Below and ahead CG 2 strakes |8 strakes The fuselage tanks are also perfectly aligned, height-wise, with the engines. That left just the 2 pairs of Big S delta wings , mounted above the engine, to cause a problem. So, I used the new feature of 1.2 to give these a higher fuel tank priority, meaning they drain first. By the time you're getting up to altitudes where off-axis thrust is more problematic, these tanks will be mostly used up. Final version - Umm, what the heck ! Where's all this extra delta V coming from ?
  12. amankd

    custom engine fx

    i have a little mini project to make a rather cool little engine (all hush for now) but i was wondering what the process is to create my own particle fx for then engine and import it into the game?
  13. Benji13

    Custom Flags!

    Hey guys! I can't find a topic where you post your custom flags, so I decided to make one! If there is already one, please let me know. I thought I might start it off with my new flag, The Galactic Industries Flag! Feel free to use it if you want. Any others?
  14. Hi everyone, I am wondering how to add custom sounds to parts you have created. so far I have only been able to find some outdated information on the WIKI, and employing this doesn't seem to be working. Any help or link to recent tutorials would be great. Thanks everyone.
  15. FASTCORP is back, and it's back in style. Last updated Feb. 16th, 2016. FASTCORP proudly presents PimpWheels, a modified TR-2L with slick custom rims to show all your friends that you've got funds in the bank. Using InterstellarMeshSwitch, there's a grand total of 16 different rims for tricking out your vehicles, all in one low-impact part! Click the spoiler to see the catalog. Are wheels not enough? Want something else to show your friends you've got phat stacks? No problem! Just take out 100k from the bank, slap on your shades, and cruise downtown. PimpWheels comes with a special KIS-only part, a stack of bills worth 100k, for you to show off with. Cha-ching! Glasses are from Locob's Pro Props mod. Other Features ModuleManager config for adding a KashCorp Racing Wheel with PimpWheels if you have Rovers n' Roadsters installed. Download This mod redistributes Sarbian's ModuleManager and FreeThinker's InterstellarFuelSwitch, and includes their respective licenses. Download from Curse Download from SpaceDock - The new KerbalStuff! They are just getting started. Help them out! Known Issues Wheels cannot break. This is due to the way Interstellar Fuel Switch works. (Well, they do have a broken model, but there's no rim when it breaks. It's best to make them invincible.) Credits to Squad for the original TR-2L wheel. License CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Questions? Feel free to PM me
  16. spacemandude10

    mini Mk2 plane parts

    Earlier today I had an idea concerning Mk2 parts while thinking of a mini seaplane (external seat, Mk0 main fuselage) and somehow that turned into smaller Mk2 parts. I was thinking Mk0 with 3 wing connector d's angled into each other on each side and offset slightly into Mk0 fuselage. They could possibly fit into normal Mk2 cargo bays, but I cannot try it now. Tell me what you think about it.
  17. Ever wanted to add a custom flag to your missions in Kerbal Space Program? Check out this quick video tutorial:
  18. So, with the support from the original developer, I took over this mod, and added quite a bit of functionality. Make a smart, courageous Kerbal, or a dumb coward. Either way, these Kerbals are 100% custom. Images: How to use: Hit Alt + K while in the space center to open the window, fill out the information, and click Kreate Kustom Kerbal. Video: Change Logs: Download Get it on SpaceDock Source Wiki Have a bug? Ah, just put it in here, or ping me on the unofficial KSP Discord server. One note on CKAN: CKAN is now fully supported again, and I'd like to thank all of the CKAN people, especially @politas for helping me out. Thank you all! This mod uses Mini Add-On Version Checker by Cybutek License - MIT:
  19. Suit set now finished up, will probably add onto it in the future when I have time, files are currently jpgs but if somebody could convert to DDS then that would be a great help! Will update to png again when I have time. There's 3 tiers of suits, with a custom IVA and EVA and 3 diff variants for each, also includes a range of male/female head variations. Enjoy! Download link: Curseforge download link: And a couple pics to show off some detailing