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  1. Hello. I would like to ask if there's a calculator or a spreadsheet that can calculate all the things Alexmoon's Calculator does but for the RealSolarSystem. I would like a spreadsheet or an online tool, please. Because the calculators for KSP (e.g. Alexmoon's, Olex, etc) only work for stock KSP. I've tried abrhmsanchez's one but he doesn't have the Moon. Also, I would like to have the real names of the objects. Also, I would like it to have custom values. E.g. radius, gravity, possibility to add new bodies, in short, that you can modify everything in it. If someo
  2. How do I make custom sounds?
  3. I copied and modified the Stratus-V Monopropellant tank (leaving the original intact) to make a LF/OX radial tank. Everything works as intended, except the tank doesn't inherit the texture from the original part. The cfg file references "mesh" and so I've left it alone where it resolves as "model". I assumed this just looks to whatever model shares the same folder as said cfg file. Except it isn't doing that, and the tanks just have a standard grey scale texture, in-game. Something tells me I'm missing something obvious.
  4. Hi all, up till now, my biggest concern has just been making stuff that works. But seeing some of the stunning ships folks are now putting out, I've realised I can ignore this no longer. The starting point is my Penta Star mk2 spaceplane, an existing design that's probably my best all rounder. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/PENTA-STAR-REDUX The first flight in this incarnation reached orbit with >1500LF. A second flight went better, with 1700 remaining. Please note, it's not a true SSTO in that there are a pair of Whiplash booster jets mounted to the back of the
  5. i have a little mini project to make a rather cool little engine (all hush for now) but i was wondering what the process is to create my own particle fx for then engine and import it into the game?
  6. Hey guys! I can't find a topic where you post your custom flags, so I decided to make one! If there is already one, please let me know. I thought I might start it off with my new flag, The Galactic Industries Flag! Feel free to use it if you want. Any others?
  7. FASTCORP is back, and it's back in style. Last updated Feb. 16th, 2016. FASTCORP proudly presents PimpWheels, a modified TR-2L with slick custom rims to show all your friends that you've got funds in the bank. Using InterstellarMeshSwitch, there's a grand total of 16 different rims for tricking out your vehicles, all in one low-impact part! Click the spoiler to see the catalog. Are wheels not enough? Want something else to show your friends you've got phat stacks? No problem! Just take out 100k from the bank, slap on your shades, and cruise downtown
  8. Hi everyone, I am wondering how to add custom sounds to parts you have created. so far I have only been able to find some outdated information on the WIKI, and employing this doesn't seem to be working. Any help or link to recent tutorials would be great. Thanks everyone.
  9. Earlier today I had an idea concerning Mk2 parts while thinking of a mini seaplane (external seat, Mk0 main fuselage) and somehow that turned into smaller Mk2 parts. I was thinking Mk0 with 3 wing connector d's angled into each other on each side and offset slightly into Mk0 fuselage. They could possibly fit into normal Mk2 cargo bays, but I cannot try it now. Tell me what you think about it.
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