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Found 2 results

  1. What if they went full bore into the career mode, and made it like a "single player campaign" type mode, and there were cutscene with the fidelity of the 2019 trailer. Imagine if all our wildest dreams came true? Also, while rewatching the colony generator parts, they had kerbals meandering around. Now that may have been just added for scale or what not, but i wonder if when you set up colonies there will be A.I. Kerbals that have like preprogrammed tasks that are just kind around. Like random ones welding big generators or just, well, walking around. Like when they said that when you do a supply run for fuel or ore or what have you, you only need to do it once, then its automatic afterwards. What if you choose some colonists to take control of the process after setting things up and you can actually see them doing their routine anytime you visit. I wonder how that will work. So much unknown about the game still, i'm seriously can't wait to see what they do, i really hope they go all out and just throw every cool idea at this. :3 what do you all think?
  2. "I once got lost in the ocean , nobody knew about me until 3 weeks later when Gene Kerman checked the Ongoing Missions list" -Jebediah Kerman- Oh My i landed back in the ocean from my trip to Duna , and i don't know how the hell can the KSC recover my ship from every single part in the planet, and in the same time that looks unrealistic to me . so after the KSC Managed to recover me with Magic . i came up with this idea. PRESENTING... THE ULTIMATE IDEA.... .... THE RECOVER DELAY! , CUTSCENE Well you may ask what the hell am i even thinking , this isn't a Adventure game or something but anyways i will explain both: 1- THE RECOVER DELAY You might already know what it means , but i will explain anyways . So for example : You finished your mission and your coming back to kerbin , you success in reentry and you land somewhere . for example you landed at the ocean NEAR KSC and when you press the RECOVER button it. Skips time 1 Hour later . and if you landed somewhere like in the antartic or something it skips 5 hours later or so on. Why i think this idea is smart because in real life during the Apollo Missions. The astronauts inside the capsule had to wait for the boats to recover them . Which takes them a while. Anyways into the Next idea. 2- THE RECOVER CUTSCENE Oh wow if squad ever does this . They are going to need some animators. But anyways , even though this might not get in the game or anyone would do it as a mod. Im going to explain it . So Basically : You finished your mission , you success in reentry , and you successfully land in the ocean . what happens when you press the recover button , Is that it shows a Cutscene where a boat is coming to rescue you , Which only lasts for 5 Seconds or so. And when you land on LAND a cutscene appears which it shows a Plane or a Jeep coming to rescue you , Which also lasts for 5 Seconds too. i figure out this might be a good idea , But if squad is going to do it . they probably need some animators. So this is all i got thanks for reading this please make this true! ... Cough Cough -Taco Kerman- 15 / Oktober / Year 114
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