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Found 8 results

  1. I'll take a booster... and ADD IT! Here are the rules: Kill the kerbal whose name is written in the post right before yours. You can either: Use pictures. Write in detail what happens that causes the specified target to die in the specified manner. (IF YOU ARE DARING ENOUGH) Make a video which involves the target dying in the specified manner. Write the name of your next victim and the desired manner of death; and no, you can't use "heart attack." This is Kerbal Space Program, you have to be a bit more creative than that (within physical possibility, of course). Don't get too specific; it's up to the person after you to describe exactly what happens. Kill ONLY the intended target; no additional deaths in your scenarios. Bystanders/crewmates wounded or knocked out okay. No double-posting. Manner of death is okay, but you can't use the same exact scenario twice. No derailing the game by posting irrelevant material. No inappropriate stuff (PLEASE!) EXAMPLE Person 1 Target: Jebediah Kerman Manner: Plane Crash Person 2 The guys at the SPH forgot to add control surfaces in the new supersonic jet prototype. As a result, Jebediah Kerman lost control at the runway and crashed into one of the corner lights. His plane flipped over and blew up; the resulting explosion killed him instantly. Mark Kerman – shot Person 3 One of the interns splashed coffee on the central computer controlling the KSC’s automated defense systems. While the intern was trying to fix it, he inadvertently triggered BDArmory’s heat-guided laser targeting system. Since Mark Kerman was returning from his run around the facility perimeter, the laser’s system mistook him for an intruder and opened fire. The first shot killed him. Valentina Kerman will die from poisoning AND SO ON Have fun, everyone. I'll start us off. Bob Kerman - explosion
  2. Early this morning, my dad died. I admit it. Im only 13 years old. Why did it happen so soon?...
  3. Dust Storm Chapter 1- Grains of Dust After arriving at Dunian base "Red Dawn", Bob and Jeb settled in the main habitat module, to take a rest after a difficult night.. But we all know that there is a kerbal, that never sleeps, you probably guessed who it is. The journey starts here... Bob crawled out of his bed, arguing about his lost sleep, putting on his dusty space suit.. Airlock opened and he looked at happy, energetic face of Jeb. Jeb got himself to the rover, that he was super happy to drive, since they arrived.. So did Bob. Bob knew, if Jeb is going to do something, there will definetly be at least one of these things- Casualties,Explosions and weird bugs.. So, Jeb to kill of all the chances of Bob escaping, switched on the electric engine and rushed though the sandy dunes of Duna! After a little trip, Jeb found a little plain, he wanted to take some pictures from there, but he forgot his camera, altough the urge to stop there, was still there. And we all know.. That if there is an urge, there is a reason... But his idea to troll Bob a bit, quickly turned into hell for Jeb.. Bob walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil and over and over again.. Jeb couldn't take it anymore and just called back, saying that they are losing time here.. Bob went back to the rover, with tired, yet satisfacted face... And then, Bob felt asleep... Jeb didn't payed much attention to that, he just carried on riding the rover! But then, when he almost arrived, Bob suddenly was woken up, just to make a company for Jeb. Bob, opened his eyes lazily, looking at excited face of Jeb.. But than, he looked around and saw the beutiful glazing sun of Duna.. But then, disaster striked... Suddenly, the wheels suddenly stopped moving and scared the landscape of Duna, with a weird line... Jeb's frozen gloves quickly slipped.. Jeb fell off the rover, hitting the ground hard.. Bob hold on for his dear life.. Jeb was thrown out! Bob, unlike Jeb, reacted quickly and have hit the manual brakes.. Bob mumbled into microphone.. Hearing the dead silence.. Feeling the worst thing-being abandoned.. The freezing desert that is Duna. If takes, never gives back... It took Bob's faith in his good future.. Bob raged in his weakness over situation! Jeb feared, he was never familiar with this feeling, now he is, more than that, it was the most powerful feel he ever had! But then he looked back and then gazed at the wall of sand and rust... Jeb and Bob rushed to the most covered place-behind the rover! But then, the rover begins to be shaked by the wind.. Jeb, now was a real being.. You know he is usually thinked as a person who can only act, but not feel.. Now, he was fearful, just like any kerbal out there.. My grandfather used to tell to me.- You know how to understand if you are dead or alive? Pain.. If you are still in agonizing pain, you are alive.. So, yes. Life is pain. Calm is death. But Jeb, had something every living being has....The power to not give up! This is the strongest power in the world! So he stood up, in pain and blood, but alive.. So, Bob pulled motionless Jeb to the rover.. His plan was to push the rover, that was broken all the way to the base.. The sandstorm stopped.. Bob was already tired.. But he tried anyway.. Trying when you can't is like bashing your fist over a stone wall, at first it seems useless, but it has result if repeated lots of times.. Although, Bob lost it.. He suddenly turned.. Suddenly both Bill and Bob understood.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the atmosphere: (neccesarry to listen) That is it for now folks! I am especially interested in opinions of @Kuzzter and @KSK! And i am interested in all the opinions you have! GGLmao i spent 13 hours on this... Me If this thread won't have attention:
  4. ---------------------------------INTERLUDE In the middle of the day, Jeb put on his suit and opened the hatch, covered in dust, after another sandstorm on Duna.. His aim was to find the rover and take it back to the base, so it he and Bob wouldn't need to walk over the desert at freezing night.. But somewhere in space, similar actions were done.. Bill was ready to take his guests.. ---------------------------------------Nightcall After a long journey, kerbonauts are heading back to their home. (Switch on the music, optimal volume-80% of the scroll bar) They drove though the lands they left their blood on, their previous path, crossed again, in calm and prosperity. They decided to make their last picture, here on Duna. Bill approached them, ready to dock... They headed back home, without accidents and landed in a mountain range, they were recouvered and are happy to be at their home, with their friends. The end---------------- It was a great jouney for me! Thanks for watching! I am planning on making another one, but with the Bill's point of view (he was stuck at the Ike) Now, don't forget to leave your thoughts here, in the comments! One question: "Liked your headphone experience?"
  5. Stock Super Speed Jets What is this challenge you may be wondering my fellow kerbal comrades. Well it is.... basically just go fast and not die under 30,000m using stock parts provide screenshots Do you dare to accept First Place: Second Place: Third Place:
  6. Personally I would love to do a permadeath series where you bring back Kerbals as descendants or clones. So you could have Bob the 3rd or Bill the 16th or Jeb the 4,013th. Instead of having a name change you could probably have a new field in the character stats called GenNo for Generation Number. You could see how many times you killed the Fantastic Four. Maybe have a memorial wall for all the Kerbals that died too. Yes it is fun to blow up Kerbals but it is even greater fun to save their lives... and having a memorial to all those who you failed to save would make those saved Kerbals lost in the black even more profound.
  7. One of my brave Kerbonauts, Katbe kerman, died today from unknown causes. A week of mourning has descended upon the KSC and the fledgling Munar colony she had briefly called her home. Caroletti, Katbe's closest friend asked for a flag to be placed in memory of Katbe at her favorite flying sight, the old airstrip. All kerbonouts Stationed at KSC attended the funeral. Those abroad listened to the far well ceremony through their ship radios. Katbe's three good friends remembering the times they had together... The Sacred lines of the Stardwellers... the night long vigil... And the rising sun. A new dawn, a new day, a new light. Has anyone else given their departed a funeral or ceremony?
  8. Sure! We all killed kerbals at least once (and maybe intentionally). But this is way more than that 1 kerbal that died from lack of heatshield, or 5 who died from trying to land on the Sun. This requires "Massive Death". And you are the designer and tester of the machine that has to kill as much as possible. So let's break down the rules here. Rules of Death 1. No ALT+F12 unless necessary (also no config edits) 2. Use any mod (no Hyperedit, warp drive mods) possible in killing kerbals 3. Your device can be anything. Tsar Bomba, Christmas Tree, whatever! 4. 10 kerbals minimum on ANY craft 5. You can kill them in any way. Sun, Nukes, tanks. 6. Fun required 7. Astronuat Complex is allowed to be destroyed but the device MUST be stock, and under 50k Oh where's YOUR attempt HoloYolo?! http://imgur.com/a/vaxqd Have fun guys. Yeah I might've went too far but than again it's just pixels in a game. Score is by cost of killing device/weapon 1. Dfthu "Unknown Missle Launcher" 47,632V 2. HoloYolo "The Massive Death" 271,300V 3. McFarnsworth "KerbalKill 3000!" 522,430V
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