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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys:) I've made perfect triangle of a relay constellation The video shows how I've made it. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome to the release thread for the Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit! DSSHU Update 1.10.1 is now available for download! This was inspired by NASA's ground-based Deep Space Habitat Demonstration Unit. This pack consists of 3 deployable ground-based habitat units. All units have optional compatibility with Kerbal Inventory System, Tweakscale, Connected Living Space and your choice of life support mods; USI Life Support, TACLS or Snacks! Individual habitat features: Habitat Unit 1: 5m expanding habitat Science laboratory Functioning airlock Side docking tube compatible with size 1 stock docking ports WITH SNACKS: Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORTS: Provides habitat function WITH TACLS: Contains standard array of life support resources Habitat Unit 2: 5m expanding facility Expanding solar array Multi-mission RTG with radiators Telescopic expanding radio tower Side docking tube Functioning door WITH SNACKS: Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORT: Contains life support recycler and fertilizer / ore resource converter. WITH TACLS: Contains standard array of life support resources Habitat Unit 3: 5m expanding facility Functioning greenhouse Storage tanks Side docking tube Functioning door WITH SNACKS: Produces snacks Stores soil and snacks WITH USI LIFE SUPPORT: Agroponics facility with mulch, supplies, fertilizer and storage WITH TACLS: Mimics SETI Greenhouse Provides "nutrients" which handle resource management There are no dependencies for this mod, but if you choose to use any of the included optional compatibility configurations, you will need to also install module manager. There are no wheels on the bottoms of these units, so connecting them may end up being your least favorite part of these habitats. They have plenty of collision meshes, so you should have no problem using something like Konstruction with a forklift and shimmying the buildings into place. Alternatively, you may use something like VesselMover and simply position the building into place and it will dock accordingly. Please do not keep anything attached to the upper or lower nodes when you "Deploy" it. It will explode. I have not added plugin compatibility for moving a connected node while animated. Installation: Extract the contents of the GameData folder into your Kerbal GameData directory. Structure should then read GameData\DSSHU Optional mod compatibility patches included. CHANGELOG: Update 1.10.1 Re-compile for 1.10.1 Fixed hatches not working Fixed generic interior space to reference the 3 capacity version and not the 1 capacity version Update 1.8 Re-compile for 1.8 Added 1x Crew Capacity to connector hub Update 1.4 Re-compile for 1.4 New part: 4-way hub/connector USI Life Support Changes: Unit 2 is now the habitat unit Unit 1 is now the recycler Revision 1.1 -Updated optional config patches to use NEEDS: syntax (they will now detect installed mods and apply config files as necessary) -Fixed Connected Living Space settings (buildings should now be passable) -Added soil / snacks storage to HDU1 when using Snacks! Download SPECIAL THANKS TO @CobaltWolf and all the other mod devs and thank you for visiting!!! Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack is license CC-BY-4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  3. This tutorial, Setting Up A Commnet System, suggests placing 6 satellites into a 4Gm Kerbolar orbit, 12 into 25Gm and, optionally, 24 into a 50Gm orbit. To do this in a finite amount of time requires launching them all individually at specific time intervals. I've calculated the following: To launch 6 Comm Sats to a 4Gm orbit, launch each with 13.48 day separation. To launch 12 Comm Sats to a 25Gm orbit, launch each with a 59.30 day separation. To launch 24 Comm Sats to a 50Gm orbit (optional), launch each with a 20.69 day separation. The 3 formulae used in this computation are: v = sqrt(G * M / R) p = 2 * PI * R / v / (6 * 3600) dt = 1 / (N * (1 / p1 - 1 / p2)) where: v is orbital speed G is grav:6.67408e-11 M is mass of Kerbol: 1.7565459E28 R is orbital altitude p is orbital period (days) PI is pi dt is launch separation (days) N is number of satellites to occupy an orbital altitude p1 is orbital period of Kerbin (days) p2 is orbital period of the target orbit (days) Note: dt for inner orbits will be negative which merely indicates the satellites will arrive in counter-revolutionary order 1/p is angular speed expressed as radians/day and subtracting the speed of the target frame of reference form the launch frame of reference is the insight that makes this achieve a full orbit with even spacing (your mileage may vary depending on how timely your launches are) I plan once arriving at apoapsis to not worry too much about the orbital parameters or spacing but to have the exact same orbital period for all sats in the orbit. This will keep them locked in their relative positions over a very long duration. If you're more picky about getting exact spacing, this tutorial, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:Ideal_Orbits_for_Communication_Satellites, particularly the treatment of the Law of Cosines, is quite fascinating. It's most relevant to low altitude orbits, e.g. spacing N space stations around a body. [All of the above may have been covered elsewhere but I haven't seen it/didn't find it and I've just had to create all this from scratch; so I hope it's useful to someone else. Please let me know if you find any errors, as I have not executed this yet.]
  4. I've been exploring a lot of new things like the payload devices and Xenon engines, struts and using group actions. Got those things running pretty nice. My rocket is moving much more smoothly, higher speeds, lower, faster orbits. I've circularized orbits within a couple hundred kilometers, got my RCS working pretty well. I even matched my orbit somewhat to Eve's orbit and at no point did Eve's orbit cross my orbit. I had to tip my orbit pretty radically to be able to touch Eve's. Then I tried to get it even closer but I'm working from such a tiny circle compared with the distance and I'm just lining things up by eye with the sun in my eyes. This is from Kerbin orbit. Is it possible to go from Kerbin orbit to Eve orbit? Or is it required to hit all the objects in between? The orbital lines don't reach. I always get stuck orbiting the sun if I can't get an orbit with a node, but it seems like it should be possible with enough fuel to go from sun orbit to orbit another planet or at least make a tighter sun orbit. I've got quite a bit of Xenon fuel and 26 gigantor solar units for my 26 xenon engines. They can run for a very long time without running out of electricity. I did manage to get a descending or ascending node with Eve. Is that the point where I put another node and... I don't know. Sometimes with this game my brain just freezes up. Am I nuts to be trying to orbit these outer planets just by eyeballing things? Can I go from Kerbin to Eve or even further? If not what should I do first? I'm proficient at going to Mun and Minimus and back. Is there a way to make those orbital lines stretch out further or is there some other trick to know if you've got a chance to rendevous? What do you think of my long range space traveler with 26 xenon engines and 26 gigantor solar? Got rid of struts and am using the strut system that comes with SRBs. Attaching to grandparent. Does this method cause less lag or am I imagining? Which mods should I use and where are the best tutorials for those mods? I'm using Xenon for the phenomenal ISP. I think I managed to lift off from Minimus and get back to Kerbin but Minimus is very low gravity. I might have problems lifting off from bigger bodies like Eve and so I might have to complicate my landing vehicle eventually with stages or docking devices. I might even have to take things apart and put them back together again in space but that sounds like quite a formidable but attractive task. On the other hand getting to Eve and fiddling with the nodes just turns me off sometimes. Too much to go wrong and when you fail you have to go way back to the beginning.
  5. I've started to work with probes, and I can't figure out a good design for a comunications satalite that can talk to probes on interplanetary missions (thank god for kerbal alarm clock). Specificaly, where they should go, and the antenna I should use. Any advice?
  6. Hey guys, so I'm having trouble sending a probe to Mars in RSS. I'm using Stockalike RF and Kerbalism as my realism mods instead of RO. The problem I'm having is inconsistent, which is driving me even crazier. So if anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful. Basically, when I time warp at high rates for a while in tracking or space center, then go back to the probe, half the time it is in pieces. The engineer's report says there were "structural failure or linkage" between several parts, almost always topped by the jumbo fuel tank and its linkages. Any idea what could be causing this? If it's helpful at all, here's my modlist (KSP 1.2.2): CactEye Telescopes Chatterer Colision FX Community Resource Pack Contract Configurator Distant Object Enhancement Docking Port Sounds Engine Lighting EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (RSSVE) EVA Transfer Ferram Aerospace Research Flight Management for Recoverable Stages & Recovery Control Heat Pumps (RF) Historical Progression Tech Tree Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Kerbalism Kerbal Launch Failure Kopernicus Launch Countdown Modular Flight Integrator NavBall Texture Changer NavHud Orbital Decay & Solar Cycle System Precise Node QuickSAS & QuickStart Real Fuels & RF Stockalike Real Plume Real Heat Real Solar System Reentry Particle Effects RSS Visual Enhancements Scatterer Smoke Screen Solver Engines TankLock Texture Replacer Trajectories Transfer WindowPlanner Ven's Stock Revamp Module Manager of course
  7. I have my own orbital telescope fleet and i use it to discover distant planets and tell us what is further Eeloo's orbit. Our first hero is "Eclipse" telescope. It made a beutiful shot of distant nebula ET-12 Then we have our new hero called "Aleph" telescope. It dicovered 2 exoplanets recently- AT-1 Has dim but very wide rings. and AT-2 The closest planet to its parent star we've ever discovered. Both of exoplanets are very close to their parent star and as a result suffering from extreme surface temperatures. Next we will take a look at "Big Eye" telescope. It also found 2 exoplanets. And here is its discoveries- BEDP-1 A volcanic planet with a relatively normal distance from its parent star. BEPD-2 Gas giant. And also while telescope was looking at the planet we notcied small disc object around the planet. KSC thinks that it is the Rings of the planet. Our most modern, deep space telescope called "Scorpi" It found an amazing black hole thousands of millions AU away. SBH-1 Phew! Now i want all you Exoplanet lovers to share your critique! Should i continue? or should not..
  8. Today will be spent setting up a comm network and deep space probes for the inner and outer planets. Come check it out and give your opinion how to improve it. Find me at http://twitch.tv/tosclive
  9. http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/18/nasa-origami-solar-panels/ I was going to add this to a pre-existing thread that would have been perfect for this topic, but for some reason moderator locked it, if said moderator feels the urge to unlock the thread, then please merge this post with that thread.
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