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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Kerbies, I've accepted a contract to scan a mun crater, I've built my rover but I wonder how to carry it to mun without damage it... Can you show me how do you do it? Best!!
  2. Skycranes are reliable vehicles to put a rover or vehicle on the surface. Obviously, I try to avoid them. Making a contraption like this one never worked satisfactory in the past, but I guess wheels have changed in such a way that now... it works! Not a McGuffin What's in the box?! What's in the box?! Prepare for landing The Box on the way to the surface Safely Landed Those tiny landing legs are good enough to absorb the landing shock Surprise! The front pops off, and out comes the rover! It's alive! Now I have a reliable way to get my rovers safely anywhere, protected from harsh outer space on the way there. The Craft File! There were a couple of requests for the craft file (linky), so enjoy! (all stock parts). Notes: The rover is attached with a coupler to the lander. The "hatch" is attached to the docking port at the front of the lander (use "control from here" for easy steering). Land with gear down to prevent unscheduled rapid disassembly, and then retract gear to bring the bottom to the surface. Stage to pop the hatch and to release the rover, and happy exploring! It shouldn't be too hard to attach small science gear, just be aware that you don't want to drop below the bottom at the rear or you'll get stuck getting out. There's no science gear on my version, as it's intended to scout out a good site for a base (flat, and all), although on econd thought I should have added a thermometer (for those occasional science data from the mun missions). and I added a thermometer for those pesky science data from the mun missions. I've tried this approach in previous versions but either the rover wouldn't release or get launched into orbit when detaching, whatever changes Squad made to the wheels (and we know there were many) resulted in it working now. I might try bigger ones too!
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