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Found 4 results

  1. This is a parts pack that adds a stock alike version of the SLS in 5m size as well as a few Space Shuttle specific parts that will allow you to build the Block I SLS with the complete Orion Spacecraft (CM, SM, and LAS), as well as a full Space Shuttle stack with an External Tank and SRBs that are 5m and 2.25m respectively to be in scale with the Mk3 Spaceplane parts. Note: Delete your old ShadowWorks Install before installing all Updates. Version Connected Living Space (CLS) Compatibility Updated to Version 2.0!!! A whole lot has changed with this update. Since it
  2. My Delta IV Heavy replica with Orion Spacecraft replica. The craft has approximately 7000 of Delta-V. I was very excited about this creation. https://imgur.com/a/GwLbYpC
  3. okay ever since the launch of EFT-1 I have been obsessed with the Delta IV Heavy rocket I mean holly crape that rocket is AWESOME! I plan on build a 3.25 meter radius replica using rhinos and as soon as I build it I will post pictures (@Firemetal I want to see your replica)
  4. Altitude compensation has importance beyond just SSTO's. It can improve payload even for multistage rockets. For the Falcon 9 the payload can be increased by approx. 25%. However, the increase is especially marked for triple-cored rockets such as the Falcon Heavy and Delta IV Heavy, in the range of 40%. Moreover, there is an especial synergy when it is used in conjunction with cross-feed fueling for triple-cored rockets. This is because with cross-feed the center core stage spends a larger amount of time at high altitude and vacuum conditions. So the higher vacuum Isp has a great
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