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Found 12 results

  1. Project: VERITAS Those were the words that started it all. A quest. To find out all there is to know about everything that we could, and then some. Now we Have a Discord so you can access unused pics and discuss Project: VERITAS. Mod List: Hi, there! This is what I'll be doing during the downtime in my other mission report. It follows my career game using the Career Evolution contract pack and the Community Tech Tree. Project Status: PHASE I - Suborbital, Early Orbital, and Basic Probes PHASE II - Complex Orbi
  2. Optional Atmospheres Revamped ' Some people may not appreciate this, but I have a few ideas for this, and I didnt want @SamBelanger to kill OA. As of the time im writing this, the mod is exactly the Same as it used to be, but I am currently working on adding a help screen(for those users who need it), which shall remain until @Mrcarrot has finished on the KSPedia page. I hope I can begin to help this mods reputation improve. Optional Atmospheres Revamped(OAR) is a mod that allows you to toggle the atmosphere of ANY Celestial Body. It has been tested in stock, but should work for
  3. Feel free to Join the KSP Planet Mods official Discord! Features: Live support Screenshots Voice Chat Fun System(ic) Body Colection Now looking for volunteer to translate into Russian. If you would like it in another language that English, French or Russian, please tell me, or volunteer. No volunteering anyone other than yourself. A Small Planet Pack. It only contains Iontopia, a minmus like object orbiting Kerbin at 35 Mm. It is very rich in a strange new substance called Zenon, which can be relatively easily refined
  4. Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds atmospheres to those planets and moons which don't have atmospheres of the Kerbol system (and also in the future WITH YOUR PERMISSION that adds atmospheres to your planets and moons that have no atmosphere ) Advantages (+) Game Improvement More resources (With the mod CommunityResourcePack) More graphic More science! Disadvantages (-) Incompatible Mods It's harder Overheating (Only in non-existent atmospheres) No time warps Statue : Picture : Video : Project
  5. ATTENTION: The Curseforge link has been removed since I no longer have the time to maintain it. Anyone who would like to maintain the Curseforge page, please PM me. This is mainly a repackaging and expansion of DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack. It consists of 11 flags by me and 14 by @cratercracker. Now compatible with Decal Stickers by @blackheart612. blackheart612 had no role in this mod's development. If you encounter a bug, report it with the Github Issue Tracker. If you don't, it will be ignored! You can use it in 1.3, but it has not been tested. cratercracker's flags are marked w
  6. Have any life stories you want to share? Want to know your favorite forum users stories This is where to do it. By stories, I mean anything that's happened to you that you want to share. Stories can be as short or as long as the poster wants. I will attempt to keep score of the 5 most liked stories. RULES: 1. Follow all rules at all times. 2. Do not encourage someone to share a story if they don't want to. 3. You don't have to share if you don't want to. 4. If it gets too crazy, then I WILL have this thread locked. An example: A long ti
  7. Ecliptic Science! So I decided to make a science project related to the eclipse. Does barometric pressuer go down in an eclipse? I dont know. Is anyone else "doing science"(taking pics/vids) during the eclipse? I will use a Raspberry Pi and Sense HAT to take barometric pressure measurements for 6 minutes. This will encompass all of totality. I will then take the resulting .csv file and turn it into a graph. PSA: Remember, when doing anything before or during the eclipse, do not look directly at the sun. The total phase is safe to look at, but the moment the sun start
  8. THE GREAT TECHNICALITY A STORY OF MY URGES So, there's something about me that needs explanation. I like to finish everything I start. It's one of my many interesting traits. I wanted to do the space shuttle challenge, but my PC was broken and by the time it was fixed, the challenge as over. Now, the design you are about to see is legal under the challenge, even though it may not seem so. Here is my justification. It doesn't say anything about the orbiter being radially attatched, does it? We have Liftoff! Getting some heat Kessler
  9. Insert Duna Reference Here I was planning a jool mission when I realized a Duna transfer window was opening soon. I'm decide going to duna instead would be a good test. I guess you could call it a reference mission. This is not story based at the moment, but it is being split up into Chapters. Chapter List: EDITOR PICS IN THE FUTURE The Cast and Contraptions - Part 1 I created a new LV for this mission. The NP-1H(NovaPunch-1 Heavy) NP-1(NovaPunch-1) --------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. DeltaDizzy's Flag Pack This thread has been moved and renamed at @cratercracker's request. The new thread can be found below.
  11. The Physics Conundrum, or I hate 1.0 Aerodynamics So, I was doing the scenic route challenge, you remember, right? *FLASHBACK INITIATING* Today I rage quit. Here's a recap. Scenic view challenge attempt 2 going up *FOOTAGE MISSING* (99% of payload outside fairing, leansing at 85 degrees) Why you little [REDACTED] [REDACTED] impossible unless autostrut [REDACTED]. That's what I get for using SpaceY. Try again tomorrow with a smaller rocket.
  12. NFSS "Interim" (Formerly KSS Intrepid) This is a continuation of my space station originally built for the Space Station Week challenge(ON A 4GB LAPTOP), which can be found here. An album: -Delta
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