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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy Everybody! First off, I want to thank @Pudgemountain for this idea. He recently posted the results of an ai program attempting to recreate images of the Saturn V rocket. The results were...something to say the least. However, the images provided interesting ideas for rockets. I invite everyone on the forums to create spacecraft based on their own ai images! Post ai images for others to springboard off of, post images of your KSP creations, even both! I will also be posting ai generated images of my own so that folks can pick out ideas they want to bring to...reality?...kerbality?...whatever. Just a few rules: 1) Any craft that are created must be functional. Rockets need to be able to get off pads, spacecraft can achieve proper orbital spaceflights, etc. 2) If you decide to post your own ai inspired craft, show the original image that provided your inspiration. 3) Whatever ai generation software you use, be sure to provide credit to that site. On that note, make sure they allow public usage of images you create (shouldn't be an issue, but you never know). Above all else, have fun! Let your imagination run wild! If you want to provide a mission report or a short story for your vehicle, by all means! Below I have the original post plus examples I worked up today. Above is one of the original images that gave rise to this idea. Again, send your praise @Pudgemountain's way! Here I recreated the last rocket on the right. Then I decided to check out these ai image generators myself. Which gave me more ideas. Also I started typing a lot of random and "what-if" ideas to toy with. One of my KSP saves, 101 Rocketry, is a US-inspired private aerospace company with a bit of a Taiwanese/ROC flair. I recreated the top center rocket (at least my interpretation). Almost forgot, I have the craft files for these two rockets if you want to mess around with them: https://kerbalx.com/ManateeAerospace/XN1-Tallcom-A https://kerbalx.com/ManateeAerospace/Salamander-II
  2. Yes, you read it right. The challenge is, to build a fully stock hanging base under one of the Münar Arches. If you think it's hard, yes it it. If you think it's impossible, no it's not. Hanging base (mostly short description): A special kind of artificial structure, which only can be built on the surface of the Mün. The basic idea of a hanging base is, that it attaches itself somehow to one of the three Münar Arches, and hangs down from there. It doesn't really fit in the categories of the surface base or the space station, so it „hangs” between them. However in the Tracking Station from the gathered data, the tracking computer says it's „Landed”, but in fact – as the name suggests – it hangs over the surface, from the top of the Arch. This kind of base doesn't have more benefits than the „normal” bases or space stations, but it's a great challenge to build one. In the next coming parts I'll show you how I built my own, very first stock Hang-O-Base. But I also admit that I'm not the only one who ever built a base like this. If you look up TheSpacePirate on YouTube, you'll find that he also built a hanging base, a year earlier (14.04.2018 ) than me (10.02.2019), but both of us used the KIS/KAS mods. We also used different ways to build our bases. He used SSTO's and docked all the parts together in LKO, meanwhile I used one single rocket to launch the whole in one. Now, when the 2 DLC's are ready to support any kind of mad things you want to build, I decided to do it once again, without mods, fully stock... The rules: You may use ONLY STOCK parts (Making History and Breaking Ground dlc's are allowed) You may NOT USE any mods which adds parts, moving crafts (like Hyperedit, Warp drives, Vessel Mover, etc), or add "connectors", like KIS/KAS (visual mods - like Scatterer, EVE, etc - are allowed) You may NOT USE any of the cheats from the Alt-F12 cheat menu. You can launch the whole base in one launch or in parts. The ideal solution is up to you. Photos and/or videos about the named challenge from participants are necessary. To give you an idea, I share you a video and a photo about my base to prove it can be done.
  3. Good evening everyone, and I hope everyone has see ' Worzel Gummidge' because I need you to bring your best thinking head with you. I have just started designing aircraft and cargo aircraft in particular. Most are just very basic designs until I get the hang of all the parts, but what I need is some help with refining anything I do build. If any of you have built, or do build, aircraft then I would like your help with the process of improving the design. What do I look at? What should I start with when trying to improve the performance of a design? (beyond just using bigger engines, etc,) What needs to be tweaked? What should I always have? You get the idea...any help would be appreciated. No jerks.
  4. Even though KSP is an absolute amazing game, I would (at this stage) like to see a greater hand in the research aspects. The ability to actually design a rocket and its capabilities would be excellent, I think. To decide what kind of fuel flow versus power output versus price versus fail rate. This could be for many of the modules. Command modules with greater battery life at a cost of propellant or price tag. Construction materials that question price over durability or even the number of hard points for adding other modules. If a player doesn't want to construct their own KSP produced products, they could always default to the many companies eager to peddle their wares to them.
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