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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement cubemap support for planets into an update at some point. I really would love to see this, since the DDS format (a texture format used by most if not all unity games) has a max resolution of just 16k. This works fine if your planets are kerbin sized, but when you have bigger planets it can look somewhat stretched. With cubemaps in theory you could have textures up to 64k in resolution in addition to having no stretching at the poles. this would allow for much greater quality and clarity in the textures of larger planets. T
  2. What about parts made specifically to do oceanic explorations for places like laythe, eve and kerbin allowing for even more fun and discoveries and for example it would answer the question of what stabilizes the atmosphere for laythe, allow us to find (more) little easter eggs, just imagine it you could have parts that allow submersion, little propellers designed for underwater propulsion, parts designed to put up with the express purpose of surviving the immense pressures, going from little adorable probe submarines to massive underwater research stations capable of holding dozens of kerbols.
  3. Aside from bug fixes, there's really only one thing I'd like to see changed in the stock game (if only because I can't afford a computer with enough horsepower to run major mods, and including them into the game would make it unplayable on my computers). I'd like to see a more realistically ordered tech tree progression (wings and jets before rocket parts, RCS before reaction wheels, etc.) (yes, I know, there are mutliple mods for that), with the ability to research single parts. That is to say, if I need a retractable landing gear, but don't have the 90 science on tap to research that entir
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