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Found 4 results

  1. I’m just I normal person with over 300 hours in Ksp (I’ve played for a year) and I think the tech tree is a little bit to small and needs more nodes and parts like a giant fuel tank and a engine with it. I think the giant parts already in the game are a bit small. It would be cool to have a giant engine the size of the biggest fuel tank
  2. The polls are pretty self-explanatory. Just say what you think will happen as we approach the release date and on a scale of 1-10, how good the finished game will be. Comment why below. I said that it would be released on time and be great. I think the devs will do a good job and will not disappoint us. I said the rating would be a 8. It would be difficult to not have a few bugs.
  3. Hey. I'm having a massive FPS drop near space stations or planetary bases since KSP wants to calculate every single unit, making the game unplayable (docking at 10fps with only the first docking port unlocked was a nightmare!) I was thinking about some solutions, and 2 possible solutions came to mind, although the 1st is a more definitive one: Disable physics calculation for every single object. We simply don't need the game calculating everything in a base or station. So if I already have a base built or a station in orbit and stable for x seconds, the game should just stop ca
  4. So, as many of you probably found out, while we were waiting for the forums to migrate, we were greeted with a loading screen that said the forums were being migrated. We also got some silly text that popped up, similar to when you start the game. I for one found these quite amusing, and watched them for quite some time. I also took note to start writing them down, as they would be gone after the migration was done. At first I was watching the website and furiously typing the text if I hadn't already seen it and typed it. After about 100 I realized it would be much simpler to just open the web
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