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Found 11 results

  1. Once upon a time(Read:2 years ago), When I am reading Moho article, i found a picture about a Red moho.This picture show me a totally different moho that is red, hot, and have an atmosphere. So i became interested about this version, determined to find this planet that ''vanished''. But before reaching my ultimate goal(moho return), I looked up Youtube to find some easier interplanetary returning mission to help me plan my moho return. Then I found a Laythe return mission trial, showing a successful laythe landing and orbit returning and a failed Kerbin returning. I tweaked his craft then started the exploration of 0.17 Ver. Watch more↓
  2. The idea: Make a manned mission that is capable of landing on ALL the inner solar system bodies (Eve, Gilly and Moho), and return back to Kerbin safely with all Kerbals alive and well! Similar to the infamous Jool 5, building things in Kerbin orbit with multiple launches and refueling them in LKO is allowed, but no ISRU's, refueling outside of Kerbin orbit, no glitches/Kraken drives and no major part mods (you can ask if a specific mod is allowed). Images/Videos are necessary if you want to prove your success.
  3. What was the hardest thing you've done in KSP? Was it a Jool 5 mission? Was it building a station around Kerbol? Share here! For me, it was getting to Eeloo. Funny thing is, the mission only was intended to go to Laythe, but somehow I screwed that up and decided Eeloo would be easier. Sad thing is, the hatch was obstructed by an RCS port, so I had to cheat and destroy the RCS port. Anyway, once again, post!
  4. Intrepid Kerbals are in distress! Flash: During Valentina's 78th attempt to land her Mk3 capsule-based Eve 3000 Challenge lifter from orbit, engineer copilot Bill finally fell asleep and spilled his coffee all over the console! The resulting short circuit caused every action group to go off simultaneously, instantly jettisoning all but their uppermost stage! Legendary pilot that she is, Valentina was able to safely re-enter her historically significant, record-setting command/service module "Jeb" under power, but it required every resource she had, and left her and the now wide awake Bill bobbing in the Drink, totally helpless, and miles from shore. In light of this emergency, your mission, fellow Kerbonauts, is to Rescue Valentina, Bill, and Their Historic Ship from the Eve Ocean and return them to Kerbin! The debate in Mission Control on how to accomplish this was lively, and unfortunately no consensus on the best approach was reached. Some argued that getting the rescue accomplished ASAP was the highest priority, while others reasoned that Valentina and Bill still had plenty of snacks according to the ship manifest, and moreover that since they had just blown the most incredible amount of funds jettisoning their massive Eve lifter, their rescue should cost as little as possible. In the end, Werner couldn't really make up his mind either, so he decided to fund both projects... So! While your mission in either case is to return both ship and occupants to Kerbin, there are two ways to play: You can get it done either as quickly or as cheaply as possible. For the "quickly" challenge, money/mass is no object and you just need to do it in the shortest time possible, from launch to recovery on Kerbin. For the "cheaply" challenge, there are two three sub-categories: lowest launch cost, lowest total cost, and lowest launch weight. The rules: What is required: You must return both the stranded Kerbals (alive), as well as their ship (in one piece, without staging, burning, or breaking anything off) from some location at least 10km offshore in any of the major seas of Eve to the ground on Kerbin. The ship to be rescued must include a MK3 capsule and two Large Ore Holding Tanks, and have a dry weight of at least 10 tons and a total weight at the time of rescue of not more than 20 tons. The cost of this vessel will not be charged against your overall mission cost. Pretty much anything within those constraints is allowed, with the proviso that it must not have any resources on board that are consumables for control or locomotion, nor can it have the intrinsic capability to create those without docking to another craft. That means all on-board fuel/RCS tanks must be empty, and all reaction wheels must be either deactivated or without power. You may furthermore not have any solar panels, RTGs, or ore converters on board the vessel to be rescued. Having said that, you may place ore in the tanks of the vessel to be rescued, but any ore that you actually convert after docking to the rescue craft cannot be counted as part of the "dry" weight of the craft to be rescued. The point here is that the rescue craft must actually bring the capability with it to create these resources, and that no matter what you start with, you must lift to orbit and deliver to Kerbin a craft that weighs at least 10 tons during all phases of this process. As long as you obey that rule, you may actually use unconverted ore purely as ballast. What is not allowed: For me, the goal of this challenge is to elicit the broadest variety of competitive solutions possible, so the rules are pretty loose. However, having said that please don't cheat. I define cheating as anything that violates the intended physics of Stock KSP. This obviously includes exploiting any and all clear bugs in the vein of Infiniglide, Ladder Drive, Kraken Drive, etc. This also includes non-Stock parts that violate the basic Stock parameters in terms of mass, TWR, ISP, etc, as well as any part clipping into non-hollow structures that significantly cheats the drag model. That is, you can clip batteries, reaction wheels, etc. into hollow adapters and nosecones, so long as they are not clipped into each other, but not into fuel tanks or other non-hollow parts, nor can you clip non-hollow parts into each other. If you want to clip backwards intakes into engines to reduce back-end drag, I guess that's OK with me. As to Alt-F12/Hyperedit, that is totally OK for testing, but for submission I expect all key phases to be fully flown and/or driven by the submitter and duly documented. That means that using MechJeb, etc. to fly the hard parts for you is expressly forbidden. Having said that, if your mission depends on some repetitive resource extraction/conversion/refueling process that would take an eternity to execute by hand, you may demonstrate just the first cycle of that explicitly and then refuel your craft fully using Hyperedit, etc. Lastly, ore extraction/processing can only be carried out by any particular launch package after it reaches LKO. What is allowed: You can place the vessel to be rescued any way you want, so long as it is floating at least 10 km offshore. Any and all purely informational mods such as KER are also fine. You may use any strategy within the constraints spelled out above to get the mission accomplished. This includes all sorts of detachable rovers/ships, reaction wheel-powered copters/ships, etc. Any way you can transport the vessel to be rescued back to Kerbin in one piece is OK, provided it does not violate Stock physics. You may use whatever engines/tanks/wheels/etc are present on your rescued module to get back home, provided that all the consumables required are brought/created by the rescue craft. The Categories: At this point, I am scoring four categories: Lowest Launch Cost: The lowest cost on the VAB indicator right before you launch, combined for all the separate modules you may launch. Lowest Total Cost: the lowest total net expenditure of funds, meaning that whatever parts and/or resources you may recover on Kerbin at the end can be deducted from your total launch cost as defined in the previous section. Lowest Launch Weight: Smallest combined mass of all modules launched from Kerbin, at the time of launch. Fastest Rescue: The shortest time elapsed from the first Kerbin launch to touchdown of the rescued craft on Kerbin, regardless of any other parameter. Note that the vehicle to be rescued itself does not count towards any of these measures. My submission: Since AFAICT this challenge is clearly possible given past challenges, I will not be submitting my own entry immediately. I will instead work on my entry in parallel with (hopefully) those of the other contestants. If there is any clear objection about feasibility based on the posted rules, please post it to this thread and I will address it as warranted. Leader boards will be created as appropriate when submission are received.... One more thing: Given that this contest will (in most cases) require at least three major design exercises, please feel free to post any intermediate steps that you're willing to share!
  5. Hello! I have a new challenge that I would like you to try called Extreme Career Mode! As it sounds, its like a hard career mode but more extreme and difficult. So far I've only done suborbital flights in the extreme mode, but I will try orbital flights soon. The 2 most important things you need to get in this custom settings mode in extreme career are funds and science. Here are the settings you need when starting a new career to attempt my Extreme Career Mode: Re-entry heating: 120% Starting Funds: 5,000 Science Rewards: 20% (1/5 of the normal science you'd get) Funds Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 of the normal funds you'd get) Reputation Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 normal reputation you'd get) Funds Penalties: 300% (3x average penalty) Reputation Penalties: 300% (3x average reputation penalty) Decline Penalty: 4 (Bigger losses if you decline a contract) As you play through this challenge in career and attempt it, tell me below how its going (via pictures or a reply)! I will also update you on how i'm doing in Extreme Career Mode as well, I hope you try it! Also, like Iso-Polaris said, I recommend you do this challenge with these mods, to make it more fair/balanced:
  6. It is now Val's turn in the pilot rotation. Her mission has been classified Top Secret. Kerbodyne has designed a new ISRU that will speed ore conversion by 300%; without an engineer. She is to travel to the low-g world of Gilly to test the new converter. The mission is straight-forward and confidence is high. Safety risks are minimal. Mission is considered to be routine. The stage is set. Take Val to Gilly, land, drop your drills, and test the new converter. What could possibly go wrong? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dHFY9n-rVrXEAV7lfJX8DVfIaKPlcEJ7 This is my first mission, and I've been working on it for awhile (mostly testing). Some of the functionality in the Mission Builder is not quite right yet, so I couldn't do everything I wanted; and had to find some workarounds for others. Overall, it turned out pretty well, I think. I used creator-built vessels to help expedite things. The mission is somewhat difficult in a couple of places, so I thought it would help speed things along if you didn't need to spend time in the VAB working on your design. Also, I thought it might be fun to fly somebody else's ship (something I've yet to do; gonna start delving into other people's missions now that mine is complete). Anyway, I hope you guys dig it. Any questions or comments are welcome. And any feedback (either good or bad) would be appreciated. As I said, it's my first mission, so I'm eager to improve however I can. Thanks, Cpt Kerbalcrunch
  7. So, lets build a plane. Stock. That fits in a mk3 cargo bay. A jet, naturally. So the wings MUST fold. Say they tilt forward 90 degrees and then move back flat against the fuselage. Then it moves on powered wheels. I know. It's absurd. But it's a challenge. Get building!!! Any suggestions, @Azimech and @selfish_meme? Because you two are good at building hinges stock. Is it even possible with ksp physics?
  8. For a long time in Kerbal Space Program, I have been wondering, is it possible to get into orbit in an SSTO in Real Solar System? I have done it myself with some certain mods, and I think that it is possible, but just barely. RULES: No Alt+F12, No Hyperedit, No editing the Save file Vacuum TWR cannot be greater than 0.8 for all possible engine combinations. (I want you to use Jet engines to get into space) Must Have Apoapsis and Periapsis above 140Km. Solid Rocket Boosters are allowed, but only to get you off the launchpad You may also have up to six radially detachable fuel tanks, but they must be decoupled before leaving the atmosphere. Proof that it is possible to get into Space in RSS with a plane SSTO: Edit: I actually have made it into orbit before with this, I just had some problems with it this time around. SCORING: 500 Points - Getting Into Orbit 300 Points - Bringing a Payload Into Orbit which weighs more than 1/3 Ton 500 Points - Bringing a Kerbal Into Orbit -400 Points - Dropped any parts over the course of the mission (An SSTO should not have any staging) 200 Points - Landing again +100 Points - Landed within 100 Km. of KSC +500 Points - Landed on Runway 500 Points - Getting into "High" Orbit 400 Points - Flyby of moon 1000 Points - Landing on moon +600 Points - Returning From Moon +700 Points - Planting Flag on Moon 300 Points - Escaping Kerbin's SOI 1000 Points - Per other Planet's Soi Entered 2000 Points Landing on another Planet +1000 Points Returning from another Planet 400 Points - Using Realism Overhaul Parts (The whole package including limited Ignitions) 601 Points - Using FAR (Aerodynamic failures are a hard workaround) 1000 Points - Using Stock Balanced Parts 2500 Points - Not having any mods except RSS If you do anything else that I consider point worthy on your mission, I will give you a variable amount of points based on how hard what you did was. HIGH SCORE BOARD: Me: 100 points MODS ALLOWED: RSS or any other planet packs that add to RSS (Duh) Realism Overhaul and all parts that come with it (Don't use it with other part mods though) Instell Incorporated Experimental Technologies B9 Aerospace Firespitter (Like you'd Need it) Mech Jeb or Kerbal Engineer (Flight Guidance is allowed on Mech Jeb) Venn's Stock Revamp Tweak Scale RLA Continued Raster Prop Monitor (Used For Iva Runs) KW Rocketry All Near Future Mods Ferram Aerospace Research Any other Part mod that is Stock balanced, and doesn't add any engines or fuel tanks that are more efficient than already existing parts. NOTICE: If you think any of the Rules should be changed, or that a new mod should be added to the list post it with your reply.
  9. Easy Mode: Do a manned flyby of every body in the Antares system found in this mod. You may only use stock parts and stock game mechanics. The only other mods allowed are visual aid mods such as Kerbal Engineer and Trajectories. Then return all astronauts safely to Kerbin. Normal Mode: Do a grand tour of the Kerbol system on the way home. Hard Mode: Land on everything except the stars and gas giants. Do atmospheric flights of the gas giants. Extra Hard Mode: Do the same with the Kerbol system. Ultra Hard Mode: Impress me. How to Impress Me: Figure it out. *BTW This must be done in KSP 1.2.2.
  10. Try to make it into orbit with the PE and AP at 100 km with only a Stock Xenon Engine. If you're up for the challenge post it on Utube.
  11. For quite a while i've been trying to create 3 kerbals on a SSTO spaceship that is able to refill itself by use of Ore / karbonite With a goal of visiting multiple planets / muns beyond minimus and mun. I've been very close of making one so i believe someone eventually will make it. Mods you might use near future tech (electrics/solar/nuclear/ ... FAR (if not mention that it wasnt used), because its more realistic to use it. TweakScale (if you need it) USG robotics (if you need it) Karbonite (if you need it) Asteroid recycling tech (if you need it) Mods for different cockpits are ok to use if you want so. no objections to other mods if they dont contain extreme engine hacks or extreme lifting wings Space plane should contain (besides the other stuff). Mining (ore or karbonite ) to fuel converters Drills Tools to scan so you know where to mine (or else you endup lost in space). Electrics might be based on Nuclear / Solar No tanking by other planes or bases allowed, its SSTO Most likely flight path is, to aim for mun or minimus first, start drill and refill fuel operation there. From there visit some other planets or their moons to mine, then fly safely back on kerbin What makes it hard is the first part, takeoff from kerbin and still be able to reach mun/minimus and to land there As you will need a larger SSTO design to house the mining parts, while larger planes have more mass and make it hard to reachout to other planets and land safely. So this is quite a balancing act. You probably start of with air breathing engines and fly to Minimus using your inter-planar nuclear / electric engine. So show your ships builds or youtube if your able to do it.
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