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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, we all know that using [ or ] takes us along the list of kerbals or ships or what ever it is that happens to be in the area. Its fine when is just 2 or 3 things to swap between, but, when you have a significant number of things? Its a right pain in the booster. My search fu is weak, so, I may be doubling up, if so, mods, merge? If not? Why am I the first to think this up? I would love for the ability to be on say Bob doing what ever it is that has me EVAd as Bob, and instead of hitting [ or ] a few dozen times to get to say Bill who is near by so I can bolt that light onto my ship or what ever. Its cool is hes the next jump to when those keys are hit, but more often than not, its a flag or a lander thats not needed at that time and the list goes on. What I envision is this. You are on your primary vessel or EVAd kerbal or what ever it is. And you need to make a jump to a specific thing. You should be able to click on that thing <yes, I know in map view this is possible, but once a good number of things are stacked in the same spot, its impossible to single out the one you want> and the option to "Switch To" is there waiting for use. I think, I honestly think this would be a major quality of life improvement. Thoughts? Feelings? Did I just duplicate someone else? Happy exploring! side note, building a base, which is why this idea hit me. But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. As you see in the picture, I am in control of the base itself, I need to put Bill and his partner away, but, to reach them, I will need to hit [ or ] several times. Being able to directly click them, and hit "Switch To" would be a time saver.
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