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  1. I suggest or would (very much) like to see procedurally generated planets. So that the player is able to keep exploring endlessly on different planets in/with different positions (orbits). My second suggestion is to add adequate objects such as (moving) volcanoes and cryovolcanoes. I really like the easter eggs, but this will be a more frequent special features of a planet or moon. I would like to know how/if this is do-able in KSP, and what does the community think about this? (have I spelled everything correctly? ) Apart from that: A lot of real life planets have unique features that make them special such as Tritons young surface and Titans cryovolcanoes. Some moons even have a very thin atmosphere and/or retrograde orbit. That is what I like about space, and I think Kerbal Space Program has this too but at smaller scale. Yet I love it.
  2. Ever since I saw the first videos of gameplay from KSP 2 I noticed how much better the sound design is in it, and I felt like that is a huge missing thing of KSP 1. I'm not sure if I'm just unaware but I can count one mod that tries to take care of that, it would be Rocket Sound Enhancement, but as of now that mod has some SERIOUS performance issues and I would consider it a very demanding mod for how little it gives back, I remember I constantly crashed while using it so that's out the window for me. I think just replacing the sounds would be easier rather than trying to make an entire new sound physics system, isn't that what they did in KSP 2 anyway?
  3. "Broken, but I love it." That's my review, left with a thumbs up on steam. Short, and simple. Here on the forums however, I'd like to go in to even more detail about my feedback at about 8 hours or so of gameplay. I'm also going to break this feedback up in to sections, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (Threats simply mean competition and other issues that could threaten the viability of the project. Not actual threats.) Strengths * Visuals - Far and above KSP1 stock, and (while some would argue) at or at least on par with "Remastered" KSP1 (EVE, Scatterer, Parallax & TUFX) * User Interface - A strong solid start and foundation, missing some critical features but over all a clear and easy to read UI that seems to have accessibility for those like me with vision issues in mind. * Sound - A solid home run and absolute 10/10 here. Absolutely amazing sounds design in the UI, RCS pops, SRB crackles, tire noises, etc * Dynamic Music - Yet again, an absolute 10/10 home run here. The dynamic sound track changing music on scene change is just downright amazing and I want to buy the soundtrack please. * New Parts - 367 total parts puts KSP2's part count well and truly above KSP1's at 333 * New Parts: Proc Wings - Procedural Wings are here to replace dozens of "modular wing" parts and in doing so, give us even MORE creativity and power in vehicle construction. This is just an amazing addition. * Workspace and Vehicle Assembly - Far and above just flat out better compared to Stock KSP1, could use some work, and some better camera controls, but still a solid foundation. * Planets - What a giant step up! Axial Tilt? Actual rings? Ground Scatter on a per biome basis? Easter Eggs galore, and so much potential. Well done. Leaps and bounds above KSP 1. * The New KSC - Just amazing. The new KSC is sprawling and massive and just feels like a real life space center and campus. * Customization - Part coloring and customization is a fantastic addition. * Load Times - Another thing I see pointed out and also matters to me, load times are vastly improved. * VAB Updates - Part Manager, Trip Planner, Action Group Planner and Kerbal Manager, as well as the Change Anchor Part are all fantastic additions or overhauls to existing features. * VAB Updates Part 2 - Snap Mode updates, as wel las symmetry updates and orthographic view, all good changes and refinements. * Tutorials - These are adorable, and well suited for teaching new players, and young ones, getting in to space flight. * Aerodynamics - Fantastic feeling new aero, love flying and gliding planes. Weaknesses * User Interface and User Experience - The UI is missing several critical features and functions, The most disappointing of which, for me personally, is the Dv tools app in KSP 1. You've given us a trip planner, but that trip planner is lacking critical features such as allowing us to calculate Dv based on body, atmosphere and more. This needs to be in the game sooner rather than later. * No KSPedia - Massively Missed Opportunity that needs to be in KSP 2 to reach feature parity for UI/UX. * No Missions and no Mission Builder - Another massive missed opportunity. * No scenarios that are not based in tutorials. * The Kerbolar System was Not Expanded - Another opportunity here to add planets akin to OPM and bring in analogs of the gas giants and pluto. Sad to see the same kerbol system without new worlds to explore. * Water - Buoyancy issues, water rendering issues, parts floating and parts sinking and no way to tell why... the water looks pretty, but it's going to need a lot of work. * Missing Thermal parts and thermal dynamics at launch - This was a mistake. This is a CRITICAL part of spaceflight and the absolute wrong decision to make. It should have been a priority to get in for 0.1.0 including radiator parts that we're missing from KSP1. * Even without science mods and science parts, we're missing the basics of Kerbnet including comm net lines, and planet scanning features that make exploration even more fun and rewarding by sending out mapping probes to find landing spots and easter eggs. I have no idea why this was left out, and if it's coming back or not, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/KerbNet - Get this back in the game please. * Orbital UI/UX - There are a lot of issues here with maneuver node planning and ui elements not showing more clearly intercepts, approach distances, etc. * No Custom Flag Support - Please get this back in, it's crucial for player identity and connection with the game. * Lack of Ease of Access in regards to Craft Sharing - This needs to be looked at as well, sharing craft is tedious and needs to be integrated into the steam workshop just like KSP1. * Noodle Rockets - This is a CRITICAL issue that needs to be the single largest priority to fix and it needs to be fixed in the first post launch patch. We shouldn't have to resort to day one or day to mods to fix this. Large vehicles are very unfun to fly and struts seem to do nothing. This is heartbreaking to see back in KSP2 after the lessons learned from KSP1. Auto Strut needs to be back ASAP. * SAS - The SAS bugs out incredibly often and causes lots of flight issues. * Total Control Input loss - this happens far to often and destroys the gameplay experience. * Terrain Mesh issues - Floating Scatter, Kerbals Floating in the air above the terrain, and scatter sprites are broken. * Flight Camera - The camera is unfortunately completely unusable at times, bugging out, or just failing to respond. Opportunities The opportunities here are massive. We know that with Orbital Vehicle Construction, Colonies, Delivery Routes, Interstellar Travel to new star systems, multi player and dedicated in-game mod support... we stand to see this game not only grow to meet feature parity with KSP1 but surpass it in terms of stock supported content. Building this game on a new architecture will see KSP 2 becomes the Skyrim of space modding, surpassing it's predecessor in mod functionality. The modding and community engagement aspects at play must not be forgotten about or underestimated. I might be biased as a community manager for several games over my career, but you're on the right track with your community engagement on the forums and social media. Threats (Things that could hurt KSP 2 as a project.) * Price Tag - This was a mistake. It's incredibly high for an EA game and has no doubt cost a lot of sales. I worry about the future of the project if sales targets and goals aren't met. * Lack of Communication before Launch - The communication we got was good, but we simply needed more open communication from the team. I hope we get more as we move forward * Direct Competitor - Other direct space flight simulation games are coming to market and releasing out of EA and competing with KSP 2 by offering better features in some areas. * Not only is the Kraken not slain, it's back with a vengeance and I would argue worse than KSP 1 at its current version and this can end a gameplay session outright through frustration. I think that's about it from me, and while I might have more, I think this gets all my points across. Overall, I'm happy, excited, optimistic and hopeful. The future is bright and I look forward to another grand adventure in KSP2. Working on KSP 1 was the entry point and absolute highlight of my career and I got to meet wonderful people, in Mu, Harv, C7, Nova, CptSkunky, Marco, etc. Talented, lovely, dedicated people that gave their all to KSP 1. I see that in this team, a group of people who truly care and I wish for your success in every possible way. I'm glad to be along for the ride again as a player and lover of KSP and a lover of space. -RC
  4. Just a thread I thought this forum needed. Is Pluto still a planet? Kindly and respectfully share your thoughts about Pluto. I think @Pluto_Is_A_Planet might want to join in. (Sorry for "pinging" random users, but it's sort of for a reason)
  5. This quickly became a hot topic in another thread, so I’m creating this one for a dedicated discussion. Keep in mind that most of this is hypothetical as the developers have already chosen not to implement such a system in KSP2. And are unlikely to retroactively change the core physics of the game.
  6. Hey all, just curious what everyone else has seen in terms of the future of moded star systems and planets. I was working on a KSP 1 planet pack some months back and had to step away, but if it's going to be easier in KSP 2 I'd like to come back to it.
  7. the color manager is one of the few satisfying experiences in the game's current state, being able to color parts individually makes our rockets look so much better! however it can get a bit cumbersome when trying to work with multiple colors, so i would suggest adding the ability to save multiple color schemes instead of just 1 (the agency color). in addition it would be nice to have an input field for hex color codes for easy sharing and importing of colors. also, having like an eyedropper / color picker feature would make things alot easier.
  8. Disclaimer: While I have not yet purchased KSP2, I have been following the development and launch though the dev’s own promotional material and player reviews. The following are just some personal views and observations. Being a long-term player of KSP, I was excited at the announcement of a sequel. But I was also apprehensive as to the direction the game would be taken. I had been playing flight sims on and off since 2004, so when I came across KSP it was the perfect union between a simulation game and physics sandbox I didn’t know I needed. KSP2 has the potential to take that unique formula and expand it, unshackled by it’s predecessors roots as a simple unity project. It is my understanding that KSP2 was written from scratch, and does not borrow source code from KSP1 (please correct me if I’m wrong). This should have left the doors wide open for a radical re-imagining of what KSP (and space sims as a whole) could be. Instead, the developers chose to make Kerbal Space Program, again. Albeit, with some very welcome quality of life improvements and graphical upgrades. Because of this approach, I’ve seen bugs and physics problems have either been solved or alleviated in the original for years, re-appear in the sequel. For example, wobbly rockets, which is an inherent problem of a vehicle made from dozens of interconnected parts, was worked around in KSP1 using struts and later auto-struts. KSP2 presented the developers with an opportunity to redo the vehicle assembly and parts physics from the ground up. But instead, in an attempt to stick with the familiar ‘pick and place’ building method, they have given themselves the same obstacles they already overcame years ago. The tutorials, while not a big deal for plyers like myself, are an important part of making an otherwise technical game accessible. But if the developers felt that the accessibility of the first game is lacking, I see no reason why that tutorial system could not have been added in an update. The feature set to come to KSP2 during its early access development are exciting, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that most, if not all of these features are already available though KSP1’s modding scene. And while I’m sure that these feature can be well implemented by the devs, to me, it still doesn’t justify the sequel on its own. I would have liked to see an overhaul of the vehicle assembly system, including: Fully procedural parts like fuel tanks, engines and even habitation and command modules. N-body physics instead of sphere of influence orbital mechanics (even if it is just for the currently active craft). And maybe even control of kerbals inside spacecraft and habitation modules. But It's looking like we're not going to get the next generation space sim we've been hoping for. Thanks if to made to the end of my ramble, I needed to get this off my chest. Fly safe!
  9. So, how do you think multiplayer, a thing we've all (or some) of us wanted in ksp for some time and are now getting in KSP 2, will work? My idea is that there might be a create server thing and after you create a server you can invite players to the server and build with them in real time. Maybe there will be a space-race mode where you can play against someone else and try and beat them to the mun or another moon or planet. But that's just my idea, what about you? (Edit: I guess this has now turned into a discussion thread, you can express your thoughts about the addition of multiplayer)
  10. After some consideration and community discussion, all of my previous concerns have evaporated. I sincerely apologize if I sounded rude to the KSP community and developers. This was not my intent, but I believe I came off as such. Would a moderator delete or discontinue this thread, please? Thanks.
  11. Concern about the level of surface detail on celestial bodies in KSP 2 Today, I watched a KSP 2 gameplay video with beta footage of a ship landing on Vall. Below is a screenshot from this video, which was posted on Kerbal Space Program's official Twitter page: When I first watched this video, I thought the footage was from KSP 1. Vall is a jagged ice world, yet the terrain showcased in the video is surprisingly smooth and flat. Considering that boring celestial body surfaces are one of KSP 1's biggest gameplay problems, the lack of terrain detail here is extremely concerning. Other KSP 2 screenshots and gameplay videos demonstrate the same issue. Consider this image, which was taken directly from Intercept's KSP 2 website: No surface scatters are visible--just smooth, procedural hills. The sand and rocks the Kerbal is standing on appear to be merely 2D textures with normal mapping. Here's Bop: Bop's surface looks better than the other moons because of the terrain scatters, which are spread across the ground in random, uneven clumps. These rocks are simple and samey in appearance. KSP 2's celestial body surfaces are certainly improvements over KSP 1; however, I don't believe they can be described as having "unprecedented detail" and "variety" at this point in time.
  12. Hello everyone! Gear up Kerbonauts, engineers are required for some in situ reassembling! Stack up your inventory with parts and tools in order to prepare for any contingencies. With a reimagining of the game’s inventory system and the introduction of a new EVA construction mode, KSP is here with new content for everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is the game’s latest major free update and with it, we’re adding some significant and game changing elements that give players added flexibility and a more immersive KSP experience. Pack an inventory for your missions and modify your crafts or even assemble a new vehicle on the spot with the help of your engineers, or bring an EVA Science Experiment Kit and have your Kerbals undertake fun animated experiments. In addition to some new parts, visual enhancements, and some bug-fixing, Some Reassembly Required continues to enrich the KSP experience. Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: EVA Construction Mode This mode gives your engineers tools similar to what you find in the VAB/SPH to manipulate parts in their inventory or within their range while on EVA in any location. Need to make some adjustments to your Vallerian SSTO, or build an improvised Munar rover in situ? Now you can! Inventory System Changes This update expands upon the inventory system and gives it deeper meaning and functionality! These changes include the option to carry and stack various parts in your craft’s inventory and adds to the ability of Kerbals to carry an inventory of their own. All while making it easier to get access to and manage all of the inventories on a craft. Just remember to think wisely on what you want to bring with you on a mission… New Lights and RCSs Some Reassembly Required adds new lights parts to the game, including some smaller, physics-less lights as well as a couple of deployable lights that work without the need for an attached craft or EC power source. And not only that, two new smaller Reaction Control Systems are being added to the part repertoire! These smaller RCS are perfect to make your probes, drones or smaller crafts more mobile and versatile. Joolian Moons’ Visual Improvements With this update, we will continue with the overhauling of the rest of the Joolian satellite system with Bop, Vall and Tylo. These moons have been popular destinations for intrepid space explorers and now they will look better than ever before, with high-quality texture and graphic shaders. And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.11.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Improve version checking for save files to prevent incorrect compatability messages. * Added game setting to enable Ghosted Navigation Markers. These let you see targets behind you by presenting a faded marker on the navball as if you are looking through the navball. * Text in action group labels now moves if truncated so the text can be fully read. * A notification is displayed on the Fairings PAW when it has a flag attached and the sides and edit Fairing options are blocked. * Robotic Controllers like KAL can now be accessed by EVA Kerbals to Play and Stop the Sequence. * Revamped Vall! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Tylo! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Bop! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Launchclamps will now default to the earliest stage on a craft. * Added a speed slider to the Axis Groups Binding so players can control how fast a binding will move. The value shown is in % of full axis range per second. * Expanded on the Warp to Sunrise button functionality. It's now available in flight and Tracking Station whenever it makes sense. * Added onscreen tab to Map Filters panel to make it more obvious and changed the behaviour to be click to toggle like the navball tab. * Implemented Menu Navigation on the Action Groups in Flight. * Added new Color Picker for the Kerbal Light Color during Flight. * Parts of the same type and variant can now be stacked in a single inventory slot. Each part has a maximum allowed stack amount. * Change PPD-10 Hitchhiker and Mk3 Passenger Module mass to align with passenger/mass ratio of Mk1 Crew cabin. * Change PPD-12 Cupola Cost and Mass to align with cost/mass ratio of Mk1 Capsule. * Change Mk2 Crew Cabin mass to incorporate wing mass. * Don't put parachutes in the first (launchpad) stage by default. * Crewable part masses revised to account for crew mass and their cargo. * Crew now have mass when on IVA (inside parts) along with their cargo. * The Flag browser now categorizes flags into groups. * Added RocketLabs and Electron flags. * Added EVA Construction Mode. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Some large parts cannot be put into cargo containers but can be manipulated in EVA construction mode. * Players can no longer assign the Undock node Action. This has been removed as it was causing confusion with the Decouple node Action in some parts. Crafts with the action assigned can still fire it. * Construction Mode provides CoM CoT CoL overlays. * Kerbals stop climbing on reaching the end of a ladder. A new toggleable game setting Check ladders end enables/disables the behavior. * SEQ-3 and SEQ-9 Cargo Containers are now Stock parts. * All Cargo Parts can now be searched by the tag cargo in editor and mission builder. * Flight Info debug window now shows the angle of the surface the vessel is currently on. * Asteroids have new textures and shader. * New rover construction contract for career games. * New vessel repair contract for career games. * New satellite upgrade contract for career games. * Improvements over the Kerbal jittery movement. * Comet visual FX performance improvements. * Added a repair kit part. Now repairing broken parts uses up repair kits, be sure to have some in your Engineer's inventory. * Added new EVA science experiments and animations. * Kerbal Jetpack and Parachute are now cargo items that kerbals must carry in their inventory to use them. * Kerbals in EVA use EVA propellant from EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks that they are carrying. * EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks are refilled when they are transferred back into a vessel from a kerbal. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Make render probes fade in better when a new render probe is added. +++ Localization * Removed line breaks in the Orbit's Ejection field tooltip. * Fix missing localized text in the Robotic controller name input field. * Multiple bug fixes for all languages. * Navigation console had missing space for the field IZQUIERDA which affected only Spanish. * Fix fairing variants having wrong language on textures in English and French. * Multiple string additions and corrections for some languages. * Fix spelling of BepiColombo and Rosetta. * Multiple KSPedia fixes all languages. +++ Parts * The LFB KR-1x2 Twin-Boar Liquid Fuel Engine now has the correct diameter. * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Removed the gaps of the FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank when attached to other tanks. * New SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit and new SEQ-1C Conformal Storage Unit. * New Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port. * New RV-1X Variable Thruster Block. * New Repair kit part. * Added new EVA science experiment kit. * EVA Fuel Cylinder cargo part. * Fix gap in the Mk2 Cockpit IVA. * HG-5 High Gain Antenna is now placed correctly in mirror symmetry. * Fix LFB KR 1x2 'Twin Boar' off placed surface attach underneath. +++ Bugfixes * Revised the instructions on several tutorials regarding the recent changes to the flight UI mode toggling. * Fix issues with fairing shaders when width/height ratio is extreme. * Craft file name is now independent of command pod vessel naming, preventing accidental overwrites when re-naming command pods. * Fix flickering orbit lines in mapview. * Fix an overlap in some languages between the Header and vessel stats field in the craft browser dialog. * Fix part joint failure including autostruts when target RigidBody is same as host RigidBody which can occur in some edge cases. * Fix tourists from being EVA'd from a command seat. * Fix steep textures shaking on lower quality shaders after reentry. * Fix payload inside fairing not being released when decoupled and fairings are still intact. * Fix resource transfer failing when opening and closing a parts action windows several times. * Fix inventory part tooltips lingering on the screen when changing Camera Mode. * Fix EVA Kerbal walking animation sync, timing and bounding issues. * Fix EVA Kerbal sliding issues. * Fix menu navigation issues when navigating between columns in the Action Groups menu. * Fix craft thumbnails not showing fairings. * Fix Female Kerbals not walking correctly on some low g bodies. * Fix Incremental speed sliders now update on symmetric parts on the Action Groups Menu. * Fix Comet Sample contracts not completing if comet is renamed by the player after the science sample is taken. * Fix AOOREs and flow on effects that occur on vessel markers for vessels that use ( as the first character in their name. * Fix issue with flags on parts that are set flipped that also have variants set not flipping the flag textures. * Fix AOORE on temperature gauges when parts explode. * Fix NRE on adding any action to action groups. * The crew inventory initialization doesn't break the kerbal roster initialization on the astronaut complex. * Fix alignment in action group text in the action group editor window. * Fix localization of tech tree node names in UI. Including Part Upgrades. * Fix Camera controls are now enabled when the Action Groups panel is open during Flight. * Fix Staging is now Locked when Action Groups panel is open during Flight. This could cause firing unintentional staging while having the panel opened. * Fix issue with SEQ-3 search tags. * Fix inconsistency in the detection of hatch obstruction. * Fix click-through issue occuring with the main menu expansion dialogs. * Fix Action groups UI becoming non-functional on pressing the KAL's Action Groups button more than once. * Fix Kerbals rotating when walking on hills. * Fix System set to Time Zone that KSP can't handle from crashing the game. eg: Hong Kong. * Fix the Comet and Asteroid showing up in the Size3 Bulkhead filter. * Fix issue that prevented fairing panels from exploding when colliding. * Fix mistake in the 1.10 section of the changelog. * Fix the white rectangle showing in both Advanced Grabbing Units when rotating in the part picker. * Fix multiple comet comas blotting out the sky when a comet breaks up on reentry. * Fix lighting issues in Terrain System. * Fix issue with forward axis not updating properly. * Fix Fuel tanks could get stuck with no references to transfer resources when opening and closing PAWs while a transfer was being done. * Fix Kerbals neck showing when swimming. * Fix Grand Tour contracts need a new vessel to be built requirement. * Fix default helmet and neck ring settings not applying on first EVA. * Fix KSPedia continues to work as expected even after closing it abruptly while a slide was loading. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. * Fix comet science contracts failing when sample has been collected but not yet transmitted or returned. * Fix the kerbal ladder sliding. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix camera being too far from vessel when exiting map view in some situations. * Fix the Kerbals hands on fire idle arms shrinking at the end. * Fix Paws are automatically opened when hovering a cargo part over an inventory in the Editor. +++ Modding * Inventory system is now persisted as a list of protoparts instead of a comma-separated string of names. The old system is still there for compatibility, but the new one is preferred. * LightOn/Off events have been replaced with a toggle event on the PAW to reduce PAW redraw. The events still exist and can be triggered, but are hidden from the PAW. * Tech Tree now correctly reads all TechTree nodes from gamedata folder. * QuaternionD now supports LookRotation. * Implemented FlightVesselOverlays class to implement the Center overlays to be displayed in flight. * New pre-generated craft and locations capability for contracts in career games. * ModuleInventoryPart.allowedKerbalEvaDistance obselete in preference to GameSetting.EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE. * Parts now have a minimum Rigidbody mass minimumRBMass which affects how small the rigidbodies mass can be. Does not affect part.mass - which is whats used to calculate force, etc - but does affect rigidbody collisions. =================================== Making History 1.11.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added the option "All SAS Modes on all probes" to the Mission Builder Start node Difficulty options. The same option found in Sandbox games. +++ Localization * Fix mission validation report dialog not displaying validation options text in Chinese and Japanese. +++ Parts * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Fix the LV-TX87 Bobcat Liquid Fuel Engine's attach rules, no more surface attach. +++ Bugfixes * Engine plates now shroud parts attached to nodes inside shroud from airstream. * Fix user is was unable to switch the GAP Vessel Token from Aircraft to Rocket after saving a mission with the Aircraft selection. * Change the error message when you try to launch a vessel in the SPH with the same name in the VAB or vice-versa. * Fix issue with Mission Builder when animating parts are toggled when the flight scene loads. * Fix the seam on the Making History suit helmet. * Fix active vessel not switching when explode part node fires in missions. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.6.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added toggle to enable or disable a KAL controller. +++ Bugfixes * Fix InventoryModules adding mass to a part even if there was no cargo in it. * Fix floating Mun ROCs by adjusting the meshes. * Fix NRE in deployed science when retrieving experiment parts. Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required. Happy launchings!
  13. It always struck me in a bad way how in KSP 1 Kerbin is an always sunny, dry and life-sustaining planet, because realistically, any planet that can sustain life, especially advanced life, is going to have rains, thunders, snowstorms, etc, but Kerbin doesn't even have seasons, it's always sunny and the perfect weather for playing sports and launching a rocket which I think makes it too easy and boring in my opinion, even if I still like KSP 1. Another thing that would be cool for KSP 2 to have is renderizations of other lifeforms or animals, at least on Kerbin, and I don't mean bird noises at the space center like in KSP 1, I mean animals that you can see while launching a rocket, like birds, insects, carnivores, herbivores, more varied plant life, etc, it certainly would make evolution and life on Kerbin much more interesting, especially if some of these animals could interfere with your perfect launch or reentry, although that is more of an ideal dream of mine, still, even animals that you can phase through would be an improvement compared to the empty, vast grasslands of KSP 1. What do you guys think?
  14. How do you all think the modding scene will look in KSP 2? Which of the current master modders will be the ones to start to port over the old mods?
  15. I think we can all agree Pluto has and always be big chad (also look at one it's moons https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/moons/pluto-moons/kerberos/in-depth/)
  16. Hello, my name is Autochrome. I know this forum has a great community, so I thought I might put this modern alternate history server out there because we are looking for kind people to help build it more. This hub of alternate history discusses the early 20th century, the world wars, and the Cold War/beyond scenarios in different channels. We are going to host events and make daily alternate history scenario questions, so it would be really appreciated by me and the people on the server if you joined. https://discord.gg/aK4U9PryQN (If the link doesn't work, just PM me and I'll invite you if needed)
  17. Figure I would get this particular topic rolling With lots of modders using custom categories, we're starting to bump into each other. Is there interest in establishing, similar to CTT and CRP, a Community Category Kit (CCK)? If so... What categories are you currently using? How are you placing your parts in those categories? (Paging @Angel-125 and @Nils277 since those are two off the top of my head where we may have conflicts). Discuss [Heads up - will move this to a proper release thread, but here's the current Github link for interested parties :)] https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityCategoryKit/releases
  18. Post all of your new information about KSP2 that you have found in the livestream, and I will list it here.
  19. I got 2 methods. 1. Just put a letter before 1 for the first one, then put 2 instead of 1 after the letter for the second one... boring route. 2. Name it either after an Egyptian god, Greek god or just think of a random word off the top of your head and hope it doesn't mean "lol it failed". That's how I got the AR-1 Commodore and the BR-1 Frog. It just needs to sound cool. What do you guys do?
  20. Just want to invite some friends that likes space themes, but don't want to start gaming. How to get my friends interested? And what hooked you the most about the game?
  21. I'm just wondering what the oldest version of Kerbal Space Program you have is . For me personally, I'm pretty sure the oldest KSP Version I still have on my computer is the 0.90 Beta from December 2014. What about you?
  22. Me and my friend has been discussing lately the various things we can do in multiplayer when ksp 2 comes out. Whats the first thing you will do in multiplayer?
  23. Hello everyone! Put on your seatbelts, Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee is here, and with it moar explosions and fun! With our 3rd major update this year, we are thrilled to continue with our goal of advancing KSP and improving our players’ game experience by delivering substantial releases. To Vee or not To Vee is filled with new features, beautiful revamps, a number of navigation tools, and a whole lot of bug fixes. We’ve also done some tuning work that includes stock craft improvements and the rebalancing and fine tuning of a number of Making History parts, particularly the engines. From the very beginning KSP has been shaped by the amazing community around it and we hope that To Vee or not To Vee serves as a testament to our appreciation of our players and our commitment to continue supporting, updating and improving our game. Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights: Delta-v per Stage and Delta-v Tool App Plan missions better and find flaws in your ship staging setup with this long requested feature that will let you visualize the Delta-v values along with a range of other technical data for each stage and the vessel overall. Plus, a Delta-v App that will allow you to see a vessels Delta-v information while you’re building it in different situations. No Kerbal will be left stranded now… or so we hope. Part revamps To Vee or not to Vee includes 20 fully revamped parts that have been optimized, re-shaped and re-textured, plus more than 40 color variants to make your craft look sleek and beautiful! Navigation Icons to Launch Sites A quality of life feature that will help stray pilots find their way back to any Launch Site or Runway. From the Map View players will now be able to activate navigation waypoints to get direction towards the KSC or any other launch sites. Helmets Off! You can now remove Kerbals’ Helmets, as well as their neck rings! But be careful, there is a reason why Astronauts wear Helmets for space travel… Click here to see an animated gif showcasing this feature. And much more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.6.0 ============================================================ 1.6 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * DeltaV Readouts added to Stage Icons/Groups as well as DeltaV App. DeltaV available in Editor (VAB/SPH) and Flight scenes as well as a more detailed Debug menu option. * Stock and mobile launch sites are now navigable in all game modes. * Performance improvements for DV calculations that are used by Burn Indicator. * Recommended UI Scale for the current resolution is now checked on the Settings Screen, working the same as the mini settings where a not recommended UI scale will turn the text red. * Performance improvements for craft browser menus. * Craft browser menus now check for craft compatibility. * Added keyboard arrows navigation for main dialogs and menus. Highlight items with the directional arrows, Accept with the Enter and Space keys, and Cancel is Escape key. * Generate reflections of the environment to be displayed on shiny parts. * Improved part search in the editors to give more relevant results with short search terms. * Adjusted shadows from The Sun to be more precise. * Add new idle animations when the kerbal is standing in the ground. * The command parts now have an option to change their 'forward' direction in the PAW. * Kerbals helmet and neck ring can now be removed by right clicking the Kerbal while on EVA if it’s in a breathable atmosphere. * Automatic warp to next maneuver node now takes the player to a margin before the start burn time rather than the node itself. Said margin can now be overridden from the default 1 minute via GameSettings.WARP_TO_MANNODE_MARGIN. * Allow wheel spring and damper advanced tweakables to be set up to a value of 3. +++ Localization * Localize the phrase “Advanced Message App:” in the Mini-Settings dialog. * Some Community feedback for localization strings applied. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * Mk2 Lander Can * 48-7S Spark * RE-L10 Poodle * LV-909 Terrier * FL-A10 * FL-A5 * ADTP-2-3 * Rockomax Brand Adapter * Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 * TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler * TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler * TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler * TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter * TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter * TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter * Small Nose Cone * Aerodynamic Nose Cone * Advanced Nose Cone - Type B * Advanced Nose Cone - Type A * Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 Color Variants: * Mk2 Lander Can (New “Lander” and “Rover” color variants) * 48-7S Spark (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants) * LV-909 Terrier (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants) * FL-A10 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants) * FL-A5 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants) * ADTP-2-3 (New “White”, “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Rockomax Brand Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler (New “White”, “Dark” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Aerodynamic Nose Cone (New “Black and White”, “Dark” and “White” color variants) * Advanced Nose Cone - Type B (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants) * Advanced Nose Cone - Type A (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants) * Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 (New “Black and White”, “Orange” and “White” color variants) Other Part changes: * Fixed the normals maps on the Stayputnik. * Fixed the normals maps on the Okto. * Fixed the visible texture seams on the Rockomax X series fuel tanks orange variant. +++ Bugfixes * Fix SAS on all probes in Sandbox and Science game modes to operate as per their config files. Game setting allows player to toggle SAS functionality on probes in these game modes. * Fix handling of docking ports and multiple nuclear or ion engines for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix handling of stages with multiple engines and asparagus staging for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix flashing Burn Indicator and display of DV when vessel are prelaunch. * Fix Vernor Engines now correctly use Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on the Engineering report. * Fix all engines now say "Engine stops under: xx%", instead of "Flameout under: xx%" on their part extended info tooltips. * Fix Tutorials unable to proceed when the player has a part selected (attached to the mouse) in the editor scenes (VAB/SPH). * Fix fuel being drained from tanks when fuel availability icon is double-clicked. * Fix partially executed maneuver nodes gets the closest approach to the same orbit parameters. * Fix double quotes in stock craft descriptions. * Fix Contract/Parameters not updating for vessel ownership (such as rescue kerbal) when not in flight mode. * Fix Drills can operate and generate ore only when deployed and proper surface contact. * Fix Kerbal IVA crew mass calculation on crewable parts where user/mods have changed IVA crew mass to be > 0 (the default). * Kerbal IVA crew mass now reported in DV and Engineers report mass totals in editor (VAB/SPH). * Fix TVR-300, TVR-300L, Moving parts in symmetry works correctly. * Removed unnecessary horizontal slider in the mini settings UI. * Fix Summary window no longer appears empty when recovering a vessel with the UI scale at more than 150%, when in a non recommended UI Scale range. * Fix flickering of fairings in editor scene. * Further tweaked the sun behavior to stop it from dimming unnecessarily in the Jool Airbreak scenario. * Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial does not require confirmation when loading the required vessel. * Fix NRE is no longer generated when rockets crash on the Launchpad. * Fixed a shader issue that caused the Mk16 parachute to become transparent when within Aero FX. * Fix cost of fairings shells now is included with initial vessel load. * Landing gear LY-01, LY-05, LY-10, LY-35, LY-60 and LY-99 can no longer be the first part when you are building a ship. * Fix last part of interstage fairings not having correct variant applied when vessel is loaded. * Assigned the correct category to the cfg of all engines. * Limited the amount of undo/redo steps in the editors to prevent excessive use of memory while building large, complex vehicles. The amount of steps can be adjusted via GameSettings.EDITOR_UNDO_REDO_LIMIT * Fix Vessel without name cannot be saved in the editor and no longer generates an error. * Fix part hover highlighting no longers shows from inside IVA or Internal camera. * Fix inverted interstage fairings not being able to activate when a decoupler below them has activated. * Fix KSC building upgrade text padding on KSC Building marker UI for scroll bars. * Fix potential NRE when completing an orbital survey. * Fix Words no longer duplicate on contracts. * Fix Burn Bar and Orbit stays the same when a new target is selected. * Fix An NRE is no longer generated when trying to select the last save game in the save game menu after deleting previous saves. +++ Mods * Call OnWillBeCopied and OnWasCopied for children parts when their parent is copied in the editor scene. * Variants can now disable animations and events. * Alternative control point orientations can be configured on ModuleCommand. * Kerbal Helmet check values are controllable via cfg using stock rules or an extra step by overriding code methods: CanSafelyRemoveHelmet, WillDieWithoutHelmet, CanEVAWithoutHelmet * Kerbals now EVA with a set initial temperature equal to “room temperature” - I mean they were inside with no helmets - can be reverted via GameSettings.EVA_INHERIT_PART_TEMPERATURE +++Miscellaneous * Personal parachute kerbal unlock level requirement is accessible for modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point for Engineers and Scientists. * Stock craft have been revised so that they no longer use deprecated parts. The revised vessels are: Aeroequus , ComSat LX , Dynawing , GDLV3 , Ion-Powered Space Probe , Jumping Flea , Kerbal 1 , Kerbal 1.5 , Kerbal 2 , Kerbal X , Learstar A1 , Orbiter 1A , Orbiter One , PT Series Munsplorer , Rover + Skycrane , Science Jr , Slim Shuttle , Space Station Core , Super-Heavy Lander , Two-Stage Lander , Z-MAP Satellite Launch Kit ,Rocket-power VTOL , Satellite Launcher , Stratolauncher. * Kerbals who board a command seat will make the command seat the vessel reference point only when no other part has control of the vessel. * The flight camera near clip pane is automatically adjusted when in IVA to correctly display external visuals. 1.6 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Open mission menus now check for craft file compatibility. +++ Localization +++ Parts * The following LFO engines were rebalanced : Wolfhound, Cheetah, Kodiak, Mastodon, Cub, Skiff, Bobcat. * The following Engine Thrust Plates were rebalanced: EP-25, EP-37, EP-50 * The following Structural Tubes were rebalanced: T-25, T-37, T-50 +++ Bugfixes * Removed the text “Not played yet” from the tutorial missions buttons in play missions dialog. * Fix to remove the add button in the Modify Score and Change Score nodes if there are no more options left. * Fix Kerbals now appear swimming in the correct position on the water when spawning. * Fix undo function will no longer ignore copied nodes in mission builder. * Fix handling of engine plates and self-decoupling parts for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix NRE in Mission builder : Changing the "Location" settings in the "Spawn Vessel" node with the described procedure does not generate an NRE. * Fix Localization description of craft Valkshod 2 on trouble in the Void mission. * Fix Localization name and description of craft Soy-Ooze 10 on Sally-Hut 1 mission. * Fix Localization name and description of craft SWM-94 Communications Satellite on Trouble in the void mission. * Fix Copying Spawn vessel nodes with specific crew creates nodes without crew so they are not cloned. +++ Missions +++Miscellaneous Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee. Happy launchings!
  24. I noticed that If you look closely in the "show and tell" video you can see some sort of shadow in the middle of puf's ocean. Maybe it could be some sort of underwater alien structure or a natural formation, or maybe a deep ocean trench. It could also just be a rendering bug. What do you think?
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