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Found 4 results

  1. How do you all think the modding scene will look in KSP 2? Which of the current master modders will be the ones to start to port over the old mods?
  2. Before, there was the KAC - the first mod I ever used, and for many years the only one. In the recent KSP update, a version of it has been added to the stock game. What are your experiences with that stock alarm clock, guys? How would you compare it to the KAC mod? Which one (if any) are you using now?
  3. Title is as says. Discuss with me, I'm bored. Any topic really, but I'll start: Why don't they add more official planets in the game? Wasn't the last one Eeloo in like 2015?
  4. Guest

    New mun arch texture?

    Does this mun arch texture look new Here is my mun lander from last november and @Matt Lowne's Lander from December 2018.
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