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Found 8 results

  1. becuase of the covid vaccines becoming mainstream, i was thinking that maybe the release date of ksp 2 will be earlier than anticipated. after all, the coronavirus was the main reason that the game got delayed so much. I would like to hear what you think though! also, this is slightly off topic, but tomorrow is..... FRIDAAAAAAAAY!!!!
  2. Hello its me DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE and i added this discussion thread so we can all express our appreciation to the developers of KSP2. if you didn't already know, its a good sign when devs. are in good spirits so lets keep it that way. You can simply type something nice for the devs. or give a shoutout to them, you can also give appreciation to the moderators who have to moderate the forums tirelessly day after day. and yes, if you want, you can give appreciation to someone in the forums. At the end of the day, We are all in this Together. So let's spread some Kerbal Kindness! Sincer
  3. Hello All! This months essential thought is: What is the greatest gift of all? How does Christmas affect you and what is a Christmas Story you'd want to share. this thread is about Christmas spirit and Christmas Kerballing. My story to share is One time when i was in my house with my mom and dad we decided to watch "The Polar Express" and we had an amazing time and we sat by the Fire with hot Chocolate And some beautiful smores we had! We made a christmas gingerbread house and then we ATE it! and finally, i went back to my room at 11:30 AM December 24th 2019 and played Kerbal Space Progr
  4. This is a topic to discuss things about weather in KSP2. For example, we know there will be clouds but will there be rain, thunderstorms, wind, Hurricanes, etc. Any questions or things you want to mention about weather can go here. Reminder: as always, please be respectful to other members, refrain from badmouthing other people, and spread kindness. That's all.
  5. Who are your favorite kerbals of all time (In your saves)? Of course, excluding Jebediah, Bill, Bob, Valentina, and any Kebals created using the cheat menu. I guess I'll start. On my very first save, I had this scientist named Donke Kerman, pronounced "Donk", or "Donkey". Of course, I just had to send him on an untested experimental SSTO and killed him. Cheers
  6. Okay, this has been going on for a couple of weeks now, but I have been trying to re-download KSP because my computer had a virus... Whenever I go to the KSP website and click download KSP 1.2 x64 Windows, it goes to "Server Migration" So I tried downloading the normal KSP 1.2 and that didn't work either. I was curious and tried to download it for Mac And Linux and it works for them... How can I fix this problem?? Is this happening to anyone else??
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