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Found 12 results

  1. Surface Coordinates (Lat/Long) to Distance Calculator Have you ever wondered how far and long you would have to drive a rover to get from one place to another? Maybe you're planning a Science rover expedition, or maybe you want to place a base within driving distance of other bases or new Science biomes. Either way, here's a simple spreadsheet that calculates distance between two points on any planet/moon in KSP: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ahybKKvft5v7hfzkBEnTdFKhT_f-YsI3ITXKMeZDUw/edit?usp=sharing Make a copy of the sheet and you'll be free to make you
  2. I'm looking for some help/guidance on what is turning out to be a surprisingly challenging math problem: I'm trying to find the maximum possible separation between any two given planets. I think it would be useful, or at least interesting, to know this kind of thing when constructing comms relay networks, etc. I've got some idea how to proceed, but my efforts keep coming up dry (not least because of my merely intermediate math knowledge). Seems my problem needs new eyes and new ideas. I'm all ears!
  3. Hi all. I'have been playing a lot this game (1000+ hours) and i'm having a lot of fun, i already reached almost all the planets apart from moho and eloo and downloaded a crapton of mods. However a week ago i have probably messed up something in the settings and now i can't see the distance to the target and stuff like that, and that's make docking very hard, especially on the dark side of the planets ( and it's even harder with eve+scatterer) where you can't see anything. Especially where is the other ship that you are trying to dock with ( lukly right now thanks to Kerbal Alarm Cloc
  4. For my career playthrough, I built a small rocket to explore Kerbin. It would travel on a suborbital trajectory, and after reaching the target biome, release the scientific payload (a materials bay, mystery goo, thermometer), and land, to be recovered for science. On it's first mission, I managed to get all the way to Kerbin's north ice caps. on the second, I tried to get it to the big desert (not that far away from the KSC). Instead, I ended up in the highlands for some reason. I've been trying to reach the desert, but seem to fail. So, should I A) Add more fuel B) Reach a higher al
  5. This might be a fun challenge, see how far you can get from the Kerbin sun the end of one Kerbin year, which is a bit over 426 Kerbin days. There are varied considerations which could make this interesting, such as how you build your craft, whether you wait for an orbital refuel, whether you spend slow down to refine fuel at an asteroid, what combination of gravity assists you perform, and your final solar ejection vector. How to perform this challenge: Start a new Sandbox game on normal difficulty Build and launch whatever rockets you need, can be more than one Perform
  6. Challenge Is Closed - Go Reboot It! What, you thought you could just launch 10 rockets everyday and not wreak havoc to mother nature? Why do you think Kerbin is so barren? The KSC, in attempting to look more "Eco-Friendly" to the outraged population of Kerbin, has devised a challenge: Get as far as you can on only 100 fuel! To be practical, it must also carry at least one kerbal in a command pod of some type. Rules: Oxidizer counts as fuel too, so 100 fuel Total, LF and OX combined (Monoprop and Xenon Gas are fuel too) Must be manned with a command pod (no external se
  7. The challenge is simple. launch a rocket, land it on the VAB without exploding it, then land on the moon and get back. Land as close to the Launchpad as possible and upload a pic with the distance. (you can use launch clamps to know your distance). if you do it with mods I will put you on a different leaderboard. Good luck and have fun. upload the screenshots of the landing on VAB, the moon the final landing, and your distance from the launch pad. I will update the leaderboard from time to time. Have fun! Leaderboard 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Modded leaderboard 1.
  8. UPDATE: New thread created for 3D model that does everything this model does and more. Original post below: I've been exploring optimization solutions lately for my interplanetary communications network, and was having a hard time wrapping my head around some of the math and picturing the system in my head. So I did some research and learned some equations and relationships and found a nice free graphing software to bring it all together. I worked out the polar coordinate equation for each planet's elliptical orbit and plotted it. What came of the exercise was a scale model of the Ke
  9. Three of my trusty Kerbalnauts are taking an extended driving trip on the Mun. Is there a way to find out how far they travel in each session? I know you get details about speed and distance travelled on the info box that appears after a vehicle is destroyed, but I can't find it in game. My current method of keeping track is to simply place a flag every 40km, but that's the distance as the crow flies (assuming some kind of Mun crow that can fly in a vacuum!). Obviously the actual distance is further as you alter course to avoid craters etc. Are there any other methods for keeping track
  10. Hello guys. have a question, how do i change the draw distance of the objects like ships or big parts. I am making a death star mod, but the death star cannot be visible beccause my draw distance is small. I want to get to 750 km. Does anyone know how to do this?
  11. Hi guys! I love KSP (as I'm sure most people here do), I have over 1040 hours on it, yet I can't build to my full potential because of the render physics distance!! I have built a Low Earth Orbit Station (80km) with the 'USAF Airborne Laser' from the BD Armory Mod and I REALLY want to strike the KSC with the Lazers :D. Unfortunately, the KSP physics render range is not that far. Would ANYONE know of a mod that can help me with this? I'm not too good with coding and stuff so I can't really edit the game's....laws of physics. Any help would be much appreciated!! Cheers J
  12. Fly a plane around the world, Submit the mission report (F3) also show the plane you made it in, but the catch is, you have to stay below 14 kilometers ASL
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