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  1. No clue what is happening at all Here is a video of it happening - https://filebin.net/ixizcrprnljm71oz Error in console says "NullReferenceException" Similar issue I found on the bug tracker - https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26190 Mods installed MechJeb 2 StageRecovery DockRotate KoS Docking Alignment Indicator Will report the bug on the bug tracker if no one can help, just don't want to go through disabling all mods. Both ships are stock parts.
  2. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. Shielded PicoPort (SPP) This is the new thread. Original thread here. by zer0Kerbal Adds four (4) stock shielded docking ports to Kerbal Space Program Parts: 0.625m Shielded PicoPort Basic 0.625m Shielded PicoPort Female 0.625m Shielded PicoPort Male 0.625m Shielded PicoPort Plus Installation Directions: Use CKAN Changelog Summary See for full details of mod changes Requires: Kerbal Space Program v1.8.x, may work on earlier versions
  3. so my dad was sending a small crew transport to his space station and he got within several hundred meters so I tell him to use the lowne lazy method of docking and then I see something he switches hit square on the docking port he's targeting and aims his camera there and his cursor crosses over an eva hatch so I had an idea what happens if you eva a kerbal like this well as it turns out when you eva the kerbal it take control of said kerbal and then if one was to cause said kerbal to board a vessel it causes the kerbal to take control of said vessel bassicaly switching to said vessel witho
  4. I hate having to hunt down the docking port to release my ship, especially on larger space stations. So I give you: THE UNDOCKINATOR Push a button, it undocks. The part that will be undocked is highlighted in yellow when you hover over it (as in the image above). Supports DPAI integration, to both show the name and allow easy renaming. Supports both stock and Blizzy's toolbar Download for KSP 1.10: SpaceDock, Github, Curse REQUIRED DEPENDENCIES: Toolbar Controller, ClickThrough Blocker Download for KSP 1.9: old version at Github Download for KSP 1.7.3: ol
  5. DPSoundFX Simple as the name, it adds the sorely missing sounds of collisions docking in orbit! Motivation Simply put, I wanted to hear something when 2 ships docked. I was so used to it in Orbiter (an open source space simulator) that I sorely missed it. So much so that I jumped into coding (again) to make it happen. My effects are based on my perception that Jeb wouldn't dock so much as "participate in a controlled collision" Installation Be sure to have the latest version of ModuleManger installed! Upzip it into your GameData folder, as wi
  6. Updated for KSP 1.3.1 Once upon a time there was LAZOR mod from famous Romfarer, which included a useful docking camera, that displays the videostream a small window in the main flight scene. However, it has not been updated for a long time, and refused to work in recent versions of the game (or I could not start it). Nevertheless, I like it output style of information and I was bored without this service. That in turn has led me to attempt to revive the aforementioned docking camera. And YES, i know about Docking Port Alignment Indicator, HullCamVDS, cameras for RasterPropMonitor etc. Bu
  7. for KSP 1.8.x - 1.11.x (v1.1.0) About: Smart Docking Aid adds two new SAS modes to level 3 probe cores and level 3 pilots. Most KSP-players know the issue with aligning two docking ports correctly while docking two ships or station parts together. Smart Docking Aid's new mode aligns the player controlled ship's docking port to the target docking port. So you only have to translate your ship in front of the target docking port and move forward until it docks. There is no more weird camara movement necessary to see if you will dock properly or ram your target out of orbit. S
  8. I am trying to dock vessels on the surface (any body), the purpose is to transfer fuel from ISRU mining/refining equipment to spacecraft. Rather than trying to make all my vessels have docking ports at exactly the same height and orientation, I'm trying to use the robotic parts to facilitate docking port alignment. The problem is that there is a bug when docking rovers on the surface using robotic parts. The bug usually results in the total destruction of one or both vessels. The bug was reported on the tracker here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23177 There have
  9. It took me a while but my autopilot is finally finished. Download file here: https://github.com/Toukie/KSP/tree/master/GAPAPOV
  10. I am atempthing to dock but the station wont show up I know that it wont until 2.4k but i am at 59.0m it is a 6 way rockomax docking pice with a probe core and the bigest rocomax tank. If i switch to it i cant see my other craft. if i cant solve this i gues i have to hyper eddit up the station. bummer because i wanted to learn how to dock
  11. My discord server: https://discord.gg/4d7PSyG
  12. Well hello there im new here! Why do people never use docking mode?!?!? I Always use it when docking and also i dont even know how to use rcs in flight mode. Can you please tell me how to use rcs in flight mode??? Thanks!
  13. I am trying to dock my mining vehicle to a landing ship on Mun. However, after a successful docking, it starts to "jump". Here is the video: https://youtu.be/dKNikw3ewYU Can anyone help me please?
  14. Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of these by sharing their modding experience and hard work. All parts released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license ----------------------------------------------------------- == Non-Androgynous Docking Port Set == An early set of docking ports that only work with the opposite gender and only when aligned. Important Adaptive Docking Node has been made redundant! The parts have been updated for 1.0.5 Remember these parts dock only when aligned so plan your craft carefully
  15. this Is my modlist KSPIE Beyond Home Planetary Domes EPL KW rocketry IFS my docking ports will not release even when I click undock it disappears and the ships stay connected any fixes you have?
  16. So I was making a Asteroid Capture Scientific Drone (ACSD) and I tried to put a lander on a docking port in the Spaceplane Hangar, but when I had it on another docking port (how It would look if it was docked in space), it wouldn't let me detach when I started flying, how do I make a predocked part of my craft that I can undock whilst in space?
  17. Was curious how fast others can complete the docking tutorial. I found it a great practice for when I ever get anything large into orbit lol. Currently takes me 27 minutes. I made some mistakes today though so I have to try some more. Streamed the entire tutorial if interested. Here is the hightlight of my final approach. Check out this video "Highlight: Kerbal Docking Tutorial Speedrun" http://www.twitch.tv/kinslayer125/v/575860847?sr=a&t=1s
  18. I've been playing KSP for a couple months now and have progressed to docking multiple ships together to create space stations. I watched several different tutorials on youtube to learn how to reliably dock. However, I've noticed that no one uses the docking mode. I have tried using it, but I'm confused as to what it's supposed to do other than alternate between translational and radial directional keys. Nothing shows up on the little window when I click the docking mode button. I see the crosshairs that shift around as I adjust my trajectory, but what am I supposed to line it up with? If someo
  19. I haven't been able to find anything about this yet, and I haven't run any tests because it's easier in zero G. Has anyone attempted clipping different sized docking ports together to basically make a universal docking port? I already have a couple vessels in orbit with this concept but have yet to use them.
  20. Click here to download AR Docking from CurseForge! Tired of staring at the NavBall while docking? Don't want to get a mod that docks automatically for you? Try Augmented Reality (AR) Docking! Add this part to project an arrow from your ship to the targeted docking port. It will also display an arrow with your relative velocity, "right" and "up" relative directions, and an arrow pointing what way you need to adjust your velocity to line everything up. Included in the download is the part, source code and a Hooligan Labs flag! *** Tutorial Video ***
  21. I have two objects, a main station with no RCS, or engine, and a power plant part with a poodle engine, RCS, and about half a tank of fuel. They are both is a similar orbit but have a similar velocity and seem to stay the same distance away from each other. Any tips to fix this? Thanks and have a great day!!!
  22. I've been trying to use the new robotic parts to make docking vessels on the ground (rovers) easier. I'm running into some unexpected behavior, which is causing my ground-docking attempts to fail. Often, explosions are involved. I'm wondering if others here have had success with what I'm trying to do. Without robotic parts, docking two vessels on the ground is frustrating, as everything has to line up perfectly. Often, what worked during testing doesn't work on a body with different gravity, or if the mass of one or both vessels changes. I'm trying to use the robotic arms to make doc
  23. Hello, does anybody here know how to rendezvous and dock with spacecraft easily and efficiently? I'm building a small station at the moment - around 100km above sea level, and when I managed to dock the second stage (comms and power) to the main parent module, I was quite proud, and I decided to go ahead and try attach the third and fourth modules, (crew and research modules) but then I nearly gave up completely when I just couldn't get a rendezvous with the craft again, even though I had a good 1.5k Delta V at my disposal. Also, anybody know how to directly insert a photo into these posts? So
  24. Different day, same recent topic for me. Docking vessels together is going to be the death of me or cause me to set fire to my PC in frustration. There has GOT to be a better way, without having a mod just do it for you. There is just so much to do in this game that I haven't even scratched the surface of yet. Never been successfully to a planet outside of Kerbin realm of Kerbin, Minmus, and the Mun, and I feel it is because I can't dock for nothing. What typically happens for me is that I can get my two vessels within around 50 meters apart from each other, and then it just seems l
  25. It's all experimental right now but here's the idea. Have a science vessel SSTO which can be used for Interplanetary transport of people and equipment. The equipment should be almost anything between two large docking ports. In this case I have designed a mining module which I launched on a rocket into a parking orbit. Now my SV-SSTO (Science Vessel) is going to try it out. First separate the command module. Dock onto the Mining module Then re-acquire the drive/science section
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