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Found 22 results

  1. I'm trying to recreate this: (Source: https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/gallery/boeing-manned-interplanetary-spacecraft-diagram/2167658) And I need a linear docking port for the Earth Departure stage. I know I've seen one in a mod somewhere, but I'm forgetting what mod adds it. What it is is a rectangular docking port that can be placed radially. It only docks to other linear docking ports of the same size, and it only docks when the ports are parallel to each other on the long axis. Is there a mod that has this sort of docking port?
  2. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. by zer0Kerbal Docking Port Descriptions (DPD) This is the new thread. Original thread here. Adds to the description of parts with docking ports in Kerbal Space Program Patch adds docking port size/gender(if gendered)/and shielded (if) to part descriptions in editor for all docking ports. Parts: none adds docking port size / gender(if gendered) / and if shielded to description in editor for all docking ports. adds vfx and sfx to docking ports
  3. Simple question? I am writing a small plugin and I need to to get the part that is docked to a docking port. I have figured out how to get part that is Attached to the port in the VAB but if it has been Docked later the part doesn't show up (I think because "docked" is not the same as "attached", ...right?). This is my code to get the attached part: public List<Part> GetPartsAlreadyAttached() { cp.Clear(); AttachNode DockingAttachNode = DockingPortA.topNode; if (DockingAttachNode.attachedPart != null) {
  4. I have a craft that utilizes two Docking Port Juniors with same vessel interaction enabled. The example might be for a craft with a hinged door that uses docking ports to secure the door when closed. To close the door, the hinge motion is assigned to action key 4. When the door is closed, the docking ports are used to lock it in place. The problem I'm having is that I have tried assigning various combinations of "Undock", "Decouple Node", and "Same Vessel Interaction" to action key 4 so that when the hinges try to open, the docking ports are decoupled. ...but it doesn't work. I can
  5. So I am trying to create Space-X's Starship in the game. I attach the ModuleDockingNode in the part's configuration file but in the game I can't see the decouple node option. I can see all the other options just not that one. But I can see it on the opposite side docking port I have connected it to. So what seems to be the problem. As fas as I can tell everything is done correctly. I thought maybe it was the NodeSize because it was size3 but even with the same piece attached to one another it still wouldn't do anything. PART { name = superHeavy module = Part author = Rukongai mesh = Su
  6. I managed to assemble my brand new shiny space station. It has a Mk 1 lander can as the central hub, with docking ports (normal size, not junior or senior) on all sides and science modules hanging off the side of those. After the station was built I launched a ferry craft to bring up the crew, docked, and then found that I could not transfer any of the crew out of my command pod into the lander can. Should the kerbals be able to transfer from the command pod to the lander can through the docking port? If so what actions do I need to take to "open" the docking port to allow transfer - does
  7. So I'm currently working on a stock magnetic rail using docking port for their magnets. I only started some test and probably won't have the patience to push the concept very far, but I thought it might be a good idea to share the extent of my knowledge to spark some ideas, and to debunk others (I had a lot of misconceptions which once debunked makes Maglevs look much more easily doable). The setup I tested for now is one docking port facing downward anchored to Kerbin (the "rail") and one facing up ward (the "train"), at some variable distance, with some variable ballast. The
  8. I've had this idea that I was sure would have been brought up already, but I have been unable to find any indication of this. We all know that asteroids in KSP have no gravity, that is to say that they are treated like any other ship part, and just float around inside the physics sphere. We also know it would be very difficult both to create a mod, and for that mod to run computationally, that would add some sort of S.O.I to them. However, in the modding community we like to take ideas that are difficult, and sufficiently abstract them so that we can make a reasonable mod for it. What if
  9. Hello, I just launched a rocket into space trying to dock to my small space station. Now i managed to get there and also pretty much dock but i realised, that i put my RCS thrusters (Place Anywhere RCS Port) onto my Docking port on my Rocket which doesn't allow me to dock. I've tried it multiple times but it always got stuck with the magnetic force active but the vessels not connencting. Is there any way to solve this or do i have to do this mission all over again? Thank you in Advance
  10. Trying to test docking ports / mun base on kerbin before sending away - can't get them to dock for some reason.... Not sure why? Photo: I set the docking port on the right as target and clicked "control from here" on the left - so not sure why it says distance is also 11 meters. I've tried docking with and without ports near the runway - don't know what's up with this. I can dock in orbit as a reference (general gameplay speaking - not these parts)
  11. I docked a ship to a station and it stayed there through weeks of gametime and quits and restarts of the game. Eventually, it was time to undock and go home. So I right-clicked on the joined ports. Only the station's docking port had an "undock" option. I clicked it and the option went away, but the ships remained joined together. Trying to separate with torque rotated the whole assembly. Trying to separate with RCS made all thrusters on both ship and station fire. IOW, they were still functionally joined, not simply stuck together somehow. I looked in the persistence file and the
  12. Hi KSP Community.I have a problem: I have to dock two big fuel tanks (around 6-8m diameter) in orbit for a trip to Mars.Realism Overhaul gives you pre-sized docking ports and TweakScale can't modify them.So yeah , solutions?Mods that add more docking ports for RO?A cfg to add more different sized docking ports of the same type?I don't want to modify a pre existing docking port , since I'm already using them on smaller ships and I fear to break them by doing that.Thanks!
  13. I need some help editing a save file. I have a game where the docking ports are not working. So i removed all unnecessary mods, launched a new pair of vessels and the docking ports work on this pair. I then deleted all unnecessary craft from the save. So now I have a minimal save file, which uses minimal mods. The docking ports on the original pair of craft are still not working. So I need to do the following: 1. edit the save file to fix this pair of craft 2. figure out what the original game cause this to happen. Is there someone who can help me look at the save file to
  14. Does anyone know of a mod with a docking port that will mate with any size docking port? Either one-size-fits-all or adjustable on the fly in situ? I'm trying to reduce part count and trying to have one docking port of every size is frustrating. Is this possible to do with module manager? Following a suggestion I tried the following, but it disabled all of my docking ports. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]]:Final { @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode] { @nodeType = size0,size1,size2,size3 } }
  15. I'd like to ask the community for your ideas on how to design modular bases such that the docking ports easily align. I'll try to post photos of some of my strategies, but since mine never seem to work as well as I imagine, I'd like to hear what you do! I was inspired to ask this question after seeing a new "fork lift" that I hadn't thought of: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/5u6iys/a_simple_forklift_for_base_building/?st=iz7d0nx8&sh=92cf4f1b Hopefully this thread is not redundant. I did find some similar ideas in these threads: 1, 2.
  16. When the information panel is displayed for a docked docking port, include a readout of the current angle of the face of the docking port relative to its partner. Include + and - buttons to rotate the partner docking port (and attached structure) without undocking. This would allow a much greater degree of precision in the construction of structures and vehicles in-situ. For example, two short 2.5m vehicles with two Rovemax XL3 wheels each in mirror attachment could dock with Clamp-O-Tron Sr. ports to form a large rover. It would be much easier to ensure that the wheels are all facing in
  17. Can someone elucidate me as to precisely what condition causes the following warning in the Editor? Docking port is not facing or attached the right way. In this position it is considered useless. I have a couple weldments that include docking ports. The port it's complaining about docks fine (I tested it), with the minor exception that the distance is incorrect if it is the one being controlled. I've tried reorienting the port every which way, and also setting it as the root part in my preweld. I've also tried to edit the referenceAttachNode. In fact, whenever I attach a docking
  18. I'm taking a ship from a 1.1.2-era .craft file to Munar orbit. In addition to experiencing intermittent OrbitDriver issues consisting of the ship staying on the rails outside of time warp after crossing Mun's SOI - which I will be reproducing once I rescue this ship - I have the issue of the Undock command doing nothing and disappearing. I've also observed buggy staging compared to 1.1.2. The same issues seem to fail to show up when not crossing SOIs. Have attempted to remove KJR and Docking Sound mods; no effect. Have tried editing the save file to render the command Active; no ef
  19. I am using the docking port junior for my orbital refuelling station but when docked I can not get it to perform a fuel transfer. The cross feed is enabled on both ports and I have fuel in the tank. I think I am using version 1.1.2 is there something I am doing wrong? Please help.
  20. Have an real irritating problem then assemble complex payloads from probe dispensers up to interplanetary missions with bases and landets its nice to test each component and add control from here on bottom docking port, load and merge or use it as an subcomponent and add to launcher. and the rest of the payload. This worked nice in earlier version of KSP, however in 1.12 it reset back to the original control from here node on load of craft, this creates a lot of problems for me especially small probes with high twr. is this an known issue or caused by mods? Is it any fix?
  21. docking ports don't have a physical model, they don't collide with anything. as a result, they don't connect does anybody know how to solve this problem? there is my gamedata folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw0JYTg0gGuETk94WHdpYXAzUVU/view?usp=sharing
  22. Hey guys, I have a strange and quite annoying problem. I have KAS and KIS (among a ton of other mods) installed and everything seems to run smooth and seamlessly. Except this small thing: Whenever I'm in space and have one of my engineers attach a docking port (any kind of them) it becomes flagged as debris and is rendered useless, even though it appears to stick on the surface attached to. I can attach other thing just fine - like lamps and other stuff - just not docking ports. It kinda makes it near-impossible to build space stations. Anyone have the same problem, or has
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