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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, i want to make my own docking port, because i have no idea how to stow a rover in a cargo bay. I can use a decoupler to release the rover, but when the rover returns to the garage again i just can close the doors and that's it. That is not satisfying me. So i am thinking of a small docking device, may be with magnetic power. I think the 1x1 Plate will do the job. I opened the cfg file of the Docking Port and copied the Docking Module into the cfg file of the 1x1 Plate. End even the node Attachements. But it won'work. Why is there no decouple function? I don't get it. I read in the wiki that there are much more functions like magentic fore implemented in the module? Why are these options missing in the docking port cfg? Thank you for your Help in advance. Bye Ulf
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