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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I just created an account here to post this question so I apologise if it's not in the right place or formatted correctly etc. I am trying to do my first Mun landing in Career on Normal. I wanted to do an Apollo-Style mission where my lander is docked to a command module and re-docks after Munar landing and ascent. I couldn't quite remember how Apollo did it so I ended up placing docking ports on my lander and CM and connecting them up in the builder, so the lander was upside down. I'm not sure how to post a picture since I'm on console and posting here from mobile, but I think you'll get the picture. Fast forward and I manage to build my biggest and most complicated rocket ever, the launch goes surprisingly well and I'm in low Munar orbit with plenty of delta-v on each craft. I messed up the staging as the port was one or two stages up from my CM engine and I didn't want to risk messing it all up, so I tried to manually undock the ports. It would only let me highlight and bring up the context menu for the CM port. There was no 'undock' option, only a 'disable docking node' or something to that effect so I selected that. Something went wrong as the craft would not seperate and were ocsillating very weirdly (my scientist had transferred over, the lander had SAS enable and a probe core on it so control wasn't the issue, it just moved the CM as well). I reloaded, moved the staged port down below the engine and staged and the same thing happened. I reloaded to a quicksave halfway to the Mun and adjusted my trajectory to a free return to Kerbin. When I got there I manually activated the decoupler below my CM so I ended up with the Mk2 command pod and a lander docked above it. Curiously, when I got to about 30km and the rest of the lander had exploded (only a lander can attached) I found that the docking port had an 'undock' option and it worked, thus leaving me with just the command pod and able to activate the chutes, and land safely. Can anyone give any insight as to why this happened? I assume it's something funky happening with the fact that they started off docked but I didn't imagine that should create any issues. I'm going to tweak the whole thing to make it more accurate to Apollo 11, where my lander is stored beneath the CM and I flip the CM, dock to and extract the lander en route to the Mun, but I was just curious where I went wrong. Also, any build tips for pulling off the above? I haven't started yet but can't quite figure out how I'm going to configure the craft correctly. Do I need to attach the lander to the stage below or will it just sit within the fairing/assembly? How do I make sure I can extract it once the CM is docked? Many thanks and sorry for such a long post. Edit - think I figured out the lander stuff. Lander is attached by the port to a decoupler attatched to CM engine. Once in orbit decoupler below lander is staged, and the CM and lander decouple via custom action group (just to make the staging abit simpler). From there flip around, dock the two craft, and do Trans-Munar injection burn. Hopefully there won't be issues with the ports not handling the acceleration? Can't imagine so. Very excited as this is the craziest build I've done so far and it seems like it's going to go well. Never thought I'd get here, up till now the most advanced things I've done on my own are returning science from low Munar orbit and rescuing a Kerbal from a pretty crazy inclined Munar orbit. I'd never even used any parts bigger than the 1.25m ones. Now I've got a pretty stable 155 ton, 32.5m tall rocket that can comfortably put at least 13tons of payload into a high Kerbin orbit. Tutorials help of course, big thanks to these forums and Mike Aben over on Youtube. That guy's the best.
  2. Hey, I've been working on my Space Station in Kerbin Orbit and wanted to add a tube to connect the two outer halfes of the Station together. The big Part in the middle won't allow any transfer of crew or resources so I need to add the tube part. Its really just some structural tubes and a docking port at each end. when I wanted to dock the tube it docked on one side. I then used the EVA construction option to aligne the second port but it just doesnt want to dock. I tried wiggeling the Station with the SAS but that didnt help. https://imgur.com/a/NVqCPjc Do you guys have any idea what causes that or how I could fix it? Thanks DarkHawk
  3. I've built a station that's meant to be for a long-term mission to Duna. I want to add an extra docking port to it, so I docked a rocket to it with an SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit containing a Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port. I have an engineer on the station, but for some reason I can't take it out of the storage unit to place on the side of the station. How could I go about doing this?
  4. How would I make the docking port from the DECQ Soyuz and the tantares SSVP compatible? I've tried docking them several times after editing the cfg files, does not seem to work.
  5. I'm creating a mod and want to disable a docking port. I found out, that they have a "disengaged" state. As far as I see it's the mode the shielded Clamp-o-Tron goes into when the shield is closed ... that's why I think that I know that it's possible to disengage a port. But... I didn't find a way to do this. Nothing works... any tipps what I can do? I do have the ModuleDockingNode object... can I trigger an fsm even? how? I tried fsm.RunEvent(on_disable) ... doesn't work... do I have to do more? Rudolf
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