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Found 2 results

  1. I just loaded in my 1.1.3 save, there was no errors , I went to a craft that had docked parts and I am not able to undock them. There is an 'undock' option, but after I select undock that option, the crafts do not separate. There is no errors in the in the console when I undock. Any suggestions?
  2. About This Mod This is a small MM patch that integrates JSI Radar and JSI External Camera from RPM into all of the stock docking ports. I love RPM and the features it provides, but always wished the external camera viewer was integrated directly into the docking ports. I then discovered the JSI Radar feature when I used the FASA Gemini RPM IVA from Flight Systems Redux and just loved it. I decided to integrate both the radar and the camera into the stock docking ports so that no extra parts were needed with the added advantage that they'll always be centered. Dependencies: Modul
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