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Found 3 results

  1. It is now live on Spacedock. https://spacedock.info/mod/2991/T.A.K.D.I.S License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 GPLv3 My models are using the CC-BY-SA-4.0 licence. The "Rocket Sounds Enhancement" plugin uses the GPLv3. This is my version of the TARDIS and K9 from the Doctor Who television series. It has only 4 parts. The TARDIS and it's engine, K9 and it's motive wheel. I will bundle the plugin "ROCKET SOUND ENHANCEMENT" in this mod for those who don't have it so that there is sound when K9 drives. BOTH THE TARDIS AND K9 HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE CONTROL DIRECTION, WITH THE DEFAULT SET TO UP. FOR PLANET FLYING AND DRIVING YOU WILL NEED TO SWITCH THEM TO FORWARD. I will include a CRAFT FILE for the TARDIS in the main folder with it set up for flying over the surface. The RCS is powerful enough to fly the TARDIS without the engine but the SAS goes a bit mad when you have RCS that is very powerful so generally you will want it down at 20% or less in the thrust limiter. The engine is very powerful so about 1 6th is enough to hover on Kerbin. K9 and it's wheel can be packed into the TARDIS and assembled by an engineer. Make sure to flip K9 upside down with the rotation keys before placing (USING THE ROTATION TOOL SEEMS TO GLITCH AND DESTROY K9) and do the same for the wheel, it is noded and should click into place for assembly, do the same for disassembly. Once assembled and you have switched to K9, click "control from here" and "forward control" to drive comfortably. Hope that covers it. Enjoy.
  2. I had an idea for a mod that would give you a TARDIS that could actually teleport, complete with blue flashing and fading away. I know there's a TARDIS mod already out there, but it just accelerates really fast. Is there a way one could make a teleportation feature based on the hyperedit plugin? To clarify, teleportation in the game would work like this: The TARDIS' teleporter would be controlled with a UI similar to Hyperedit. After picking the coordinates, be it an orbit or on the surface, and hitting the teleport button, the TARDIS would do its trademark fade from the first location until it becomes invisible, then the camera switches to the target location and the TARDIS fades in. I'm not a coder, though. Just an idea I'd love to see.
  3. I am going to start making a weekly fan fiction series based on the hit British TV series, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Every week I will add to the story, but I plan to write them from the perspective of the doctor and also try to do the series well as he and his companion(s) travel across time in space. This is to fill the gap between the current season and the next. So enjoy what I have written for you! I would suggest a good background song to add to the environment if you can, but that's just a personal suggestion. Enjoy. I will release a Doctor Who episode every other week on Mondays. Torchwoods will also be posted at the same time. One week I will post Doctor Who, then the next Torchwood, and so on. I will be following the same format as when the new series began in 2005, I will release 12 episodes and then take a month long break, then return. This will also happen to Torchwood, however there will be a season climax, always. Author's Note: The Doctor Who stories will be rather erratic as I will shift from one doctor to the next (hence why it follows the doctor and not a companion). I will try to keep it linear, I plan on having past doctors adding depth to the story in stories which will almost be flashbacks. You can tell which doctor is which as I will identify at the start of every episode which one is in use (1st regeneration, 2nd regeneration, 3rd and so on). I may also use new companions which I have made, I will provide backstory for them, however I may stick to ones from the show. The Torchwood series will be a split timeline (as explained in the story), where timelines split after season 2. One timeline is the one which we see in the TV series (seasons 3 and 4), the other is the one I will be writing on. I will release more details the episodes are released. So Ianto, Jack and Gwen are still active characters in the stories. I will be avoiding any graphic or otherwise inappropriate material, but I will try to keep the same grittiness the show created to the best of my abilities. The story will shift between characters, similar to a screen play as the story goes on. It will take first person experiences from each character. Doctor Who- Season 1- Episode 1 "The Heart of Time" -To be released on 2/8/16-
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