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Found 3 results

  1. Introduction The Aergia Space Agency is a leading international aeronatuics contractor to the Kerbal Space Program. Our mission is to supply the brave Kerbonauts with reliable vehicles to explore the stars with! Our catalogue includes everything from landers, crew capsules (coming soon), launch vehicles (coming soon), space planes (coming soon) and much more (coming soon)! Vital Info All our crafts so far require ReStock+. Though this may be abandoned in favor of fully stock crafts in the future. All our craft files are hosted to the tremendously useful KerbalX website. No plans currently exist to upload these crafts to the Steam Workshop. Finished crafts are posted directly on this page, while work in progress reports can be found in the reply section. Design Philosophy I've taken a lot of inspiration from the conceptual spacecrafts of the ESA and CNES. Few of the spacecrafts i build are particularly practical, as i lay most of my focus on aesthetics, but they all tend to be able to do their job at the very least. None of these crafts are made with career or science mode in mind. Any and all practical uses of the vehicles manufactured and designed by the Aergia Space Agency Group is purely coincidental. The Shop Landers: Launchers: I'd love to see what kind of adventures you people bring these crafts on. Feel free to share them!
  2. LAST CRAFT FILE UPDATE: 22 June 00:55 EST CHECK BACK FOR MORE CRAFT RELEASES TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Catalog Introduction/Description 2) SPH Craft File Download Links 3) VAB Craft File Download Links 4) Subassembly Download Links 5) Categorized Bulk Download Links 6) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 7) Videos & Tutorials 8) Most recent update listings THE CATALOG This thread is where I organize and present all the craft and subassembly files I currently offer on KerbalX for free download. First of all, I'd like to thank @katateochi for his administration and maintenance of the KerbalX website. It's a user-friendly, fan-driven site that allows community members to exchange craft files for use, modded or stock. If you're an avid user of the KerbalX site, please help support it by donating via links on the main KerbalX page. Any craft you see in this catalog has been thoroughly tested to perform as intended, and is accompanied by a graphical image to show other players how to use the craft. These graphics are meant to shed light into what went into the design, how the action groups are programmed, and other important tidbits. Additionally, if necessary, "Engineer's Notes" have been included next to each download link for critical information that may not be included in the respective graphic, or may not be readily apparent. Although I have been playing KSP since v0.13, I am not perfect. Whenever I (or other players) find issues or defects with my craft, I update and republish. Some of these designs have been around for several years, and have continued to evolve along with KSP and my personal build style and skills. All of the craft available for download are built using 100% stock parts and are designed/tested within the stock aero model. A lot of the craft are inspired by real-life designs or concepts, but they are not intended to be replicas. Rather, they are my personal analogues within the "Kerbalverse", just as Kerbin is the analog to Earth, or Duna is the analogue to Mars. My design philosophy emphasizes function balanced with aesthetics. Further, all of these craft/subassemblies I have personally used or continue to use in my own KSP career. In essence, they are in a constant state of testing. To browse for a craft file, expand the primary spoiler drop-downs (SPH, VAB, or Subassemblies) and then continue to work your way through the "catalog tree" until you find something you'd like. Then click the hyperlink below that craft file image and it will redirect you to the appropriate KerbalX page to download that craft. ________________________________________________ Space Plane Hanger Section ________________________________________________ Vehicle Assembly Building Section ________________________________________________ Subassembly Section ________________________________________________ Categorized Bulk Downloads Section ________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ________________________________________________ CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES ON DESIGNS AND NEW CONCEPTS IF ANYONE HAS SCREENSHOTS OF THESE CRAFT IN ACTION, FEEL FREE TO SHARE THEM HERE ALONG WITH STORIES OF SUCCESS, GLORY OR FAILURE For more in-depth instructions for the use of some of these craft, here's some tutorial videos I've produced: CisMunar Propellant Economy Part 1/Part 2
  3. i was wondering if anyone could help me out. if i have a mod witch is comprised of a few different "sets" would it be acceptable and/or reasonable to create space dock or similar mod pages for each "set" as well as one for the combined "set"? this is partly to gauge peoples opinions and to see if the are any complications with doing this or reasons why it cannot be done?
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