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  1. I'm having a weird bug with drag being produced by parts that are stowed inside a cargo bay. The weird thing about it is how inconsistent it is. I designed my plane in the SPH, when I launch it it takes off, accelerates, goes supersonic and to orbit, no problem. If I revert to launch and try again though, this time the parts inside the cargo bay are producing excessive drag and this time my plane won't even pass the speed of sound. I had the bug once during testing, I sort of dismissed it, put a short fairing on one of the things inside the cargo bay just in case, and proceeded to send th
  2. Do you put access ladders on your craft as required[1], or do you omit them due to scalaphobia[2]? Here's the poll you've been waiting for. [1] you know, "by passengers" [2] "fear of ladders"
  3. I have tried changing the minimum and maximum drag but they dont seem to make any difference. I am playing 1.11
  4. A while ago there was this excellent discussion on air intakes and drag in KSP: This is still an important topic (would be even more so if the dev's could give us some larger airbreathing/jet engines, so spaceplanes are actually useful without massive engine-spam!) and I wanted to continue to draw attention to the idea, discuss it, and see if anything has changed. Also, there were some nuances to Right's graph (re-posted below for convenience) that I don't think really got any proper discussion- and couldn't be discussed there now without nero'ing a very old thread... Note
  5. I'm trying to make small craft for Laythe. So i decided to make it with external command seat. But when I tried to ascend my kerbal ate plenty of dV by a huge drag. In fact my kerbanaut is covered up with another part from the airflow and should not be the most draggy thing on the craft. So, I know that if I put seat to small service bay it's some kind of solution, but cargobay is quite heavy and has some drag too. Is there any other ways to reduce kerbal drag by some covering?
  6. Hi All! I've been trying a little more with SSTO spaceplanes recently. I've done some in the past, mostly small ones with stock parts, but in this heavily modded career game I wanted to try big, so I built this one using moslty OPT parts, which I wanted to use for a space camp mission (bring 15 tourists to orbit). It actually has a pretty decent TWR, not a lot of DeltaV probably, but I haven't tuned it yet...mostly because I can't get it past 370 m/s or so. In the picture attached you can even see that I'm pitching down, but even pitching down, my speed was DECREASING... So. I'm
  7. I currently have a whole bunch of mods installed and have recently updated to 1.7.0 and my parachutes no longer work. When I deploy my chutes and set the full deploy altitude to max it seems fine at first. But when fully deployed they act like they’re not even there. The parachutes do nothing and I end up hitting the ground at ~160 m/s. Ps I don’t have realchutes installed. Any ideas?
  8. Does anyone know how to work out the safe opening conditions for parachutes? I found this interesting post from @Gaarston calculating terminal velocity with chutes but can't find anything on the safe limits. Presumably the safe limit is based on a maximum force, which will come from drag, so as the Cd and Area will be fixed for a given parachute type it'll be directly proportional to Dynamic pressure, Q. However I can't find any info on it. Using kOS to track Q of a fairly speedy capsule (3 mk1 capsules and a Stayputnik) as it re-entered, I found the Q peaked at about 3
  9. Is there a general rule of thumb as to the optimum altitude/velocity/pressure (Q, I think) to jettison fairings-- where the aerodynamic drag reduction is no longer worth the weight/gravity loss? I don't really need the exact equations-- just a general "feel" for the right timing/altitude. Thinking of firing off a series of sounding rockets to test, but I imagine someone else has done a lot more thinking about it already...
  10. I've noticed a HUGE difference in my Mk2 spaceplanes, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't something I was doing, so I made two identical craft in 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 and launched them with a launch testing script I adapted from the kOS tutorials. The difference is huge and makes pretty much all of my Mk2 based spaceplanes no longer viable. I hope this gets fixed. I loved some of those. Craft file here: https://github.com/quade-ksp/KSP_Craft/blob/master/Testing.craft kOS launch test script here: https://github.com/quade-ksp/KSP_Craft/blob/master/launch_test.ks Video here:
  11. Right now im still learning the mechanics of KOS, and while doing this i was trying to use air drag to calculate throttle during ascent. But when i started searching online i coulnd't find any proper scripts to do this, apart from the ones before 1.0. Everyone was saying that you couldnt calculate it now because we don't know the Cd value of ships anymore. But you can actually calculate it on the fly using: Thrust vector + Gravity Vector + Drag vector = total force on ship(Vector). After puzzling for a while with vectors i managed to come up with this script which returns the drag as
  12. As the title states, I am using a mechanics bay to shield some science instruments. I've also used a regular cargo bay from 1.25 and the mk2 line for planes. The items contained within them, when aero debugging is turned on, are not listed as shielded, and as expected for random objects hitting the atmosphere at mach x, the drag is insane. Anyone else experienced this? Its killing my plane game.
  13. I'm making some really big truss segments, but the procedural drag cube treats each part like it's clad in plastic. When falling through the atmosphere, it basically drifts down like a feather. I could just make the parts super heavy, but they're supposed to be made of lightweight materials. Anyone had a similar problem in the past? I could use the help
  14. KSP Version: (Windows 7 x64), fresh install, fresh sandbox savegame. I keep this particular KSP install for such testing only. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Description: if there is a long enough part inside a cargohold that consists of two shorter ones, then drag is applied to the payload. (I think its because the game thinks that payload part is clipping through the cargobay. Although visually it is only clipping through its front or its back as it is longer than the cargobay.) I also think the problem is known. But I'm not sure. Also I'd like to know if it's gonna be fixe
  15. In a plane the Centre of mass is just ahead of the centre of pressure, so it is stable. When elevator movement is given, it does go nose up but it doesnot climb. Instead in it tries to come down. How to make it climb. P.s Rhodes34 airfoil if used inclined at 8deg Basically I want to know what affects the rate of climb and vertical velocity
  16. Just wondering. Can you land using drag alone? Parachutes don't count here.
  17. EDIT - partially solved: although nothing ever shows as "shielded" in the debug menu (under fairings OR in cargo bays), parts properly stowed in STOCK cargo bays are showing no drag once the craft gets going. Looks like an issue of bays added in mods (as far as drag actually being applied to stowed parts). I don't know how to delete a post, but someone who can may want to knock this one out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I posted this o
  18. EDIT - partially solved: although nothing ever shows as "shielded" in the debug menu (under fairings OR in cargo bays), parts properly stowed in STOCK cargo bays are showing no drag once the craft gets going. Looks like an issue of bays added in mods (as far as drag actually being applied to stowed parts). I don't know how to delete a post, but someone who can may want to knock this one out. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've searched and cannot find why my cargo ba
  19. Hi, im wondering wether i should put all the solar panels for the Magnetoplasmadynamic's needs. Im considering overcovering the spaceplane with flat solar panels or just the typical Gigantors XL Would the plane oversuffer from drag if i overcover it with the flat solar panels?
  20. So I'm making a spaceplace in the 50-60 ton range, and I don't know what I did, but some relatively minor change now causes it to no longer go to space. I can't figure out what happened, but I think something is causing massive drag that shouldn't be, as it now feels sluggish and underpowered, and this is compared to another fairly similar spaceplane that's 15 tons heavier, with the same engines, it it goes to space just fine. Even worse, I just now forgot to retract the landing gear, and it still outperformed the lighter plane. So something's very wrong. I've tried to figure ou
  21. I am playing KSP with a bunch of mods. the game was running fine and then i had a game crash. i had to re validate, update my drivers and restart my computer to be able to get KSP to load again. when it did finally load and i tried to launch a plane from my hangar but i was unable to lift off as my speed couldn't go above 13m/s. i know it was working before because i had no problem gaining speed and flying with the exact same plane i was using. i thought it could just be the liquid engines but when i loaded up my rocket fueled plane it had the same effect. i could not gain speed its as if the
  22. I've always hated the way drag is shown in stock KSP. I have no idea which parts are causing the most drag, and by how much. All i get are a bunch of long red lines overlapping each other so they are impossible to distinguish from one another. Is there a mod that changes the way drag is shown in the aero forces overlay view? I'm looking for something stock compatible that's not going to actually change drag, but just show it easier. Thanks in advance!
  23. So, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but ladders have a ridiculous amount of drag. I've had them create as much drag as a Big-S Shuttle Wing on some occasions. Now, is there any nice way to make drag cubes check for other drag cubes existing in the same space, or would this be an absolute nightmare for anyone to code? I don't know a thing about modding on KSP, so I am posting this as a request, but if anyone knows some of the basics on how to do this, I'd be willing to try my hand at it.
  24. Hello, I was wondering if the parts that are radially attached inside the Mk1 Structural Fuselage are dragless and protected from reentry heat. I've noticed that with angle snap off, you can radially attach parts inside the fuselage, but when doing a reentry, things inside were showing temp gauges and some of them were destroyed. Do I need to use the fairings for that? Or was it that the fuselage was getting heated up(and resisting it fine) but passing that heat by conduction to the parts inside?
  25. I was playing ksp coming from minmus, but on re-entry, something wired happened. It refused to simulate drag. The spacecraft was at 900 m/s and accelerating at 2 km. Therefore, I couldn't deploy the parachutes.. Anybody else have this problem?
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