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  1. Once again @klond has inspired me with one of his KSP Engineering Designs and it motivated me more than ever. After seeings his design I came up with an idea and he joined with a few other ideas along the way. K&S Kerbal Drag Racing Note: More video footage after the credits Operations: Single Dragster Start with Full Thorttle hit space bar, use your driving skills to stay on the road X to kill Engines then space bar for the Chutes and B for brakes Duel Dragsters Start with Full Throttle hit space bar and hit right perethesis to switch to one of the Cars and enjoy the race! K&S Dragster Craft File: K&S Dragster Parts: 206 Mass: 26.804t Height: 5.1m Width: 5.6m Length: 13.2m K&S Duel Dragsters Craft File: K&S Dragster Parts: 439 Mass: 29.829t Height: 5.1m Width: 22.3m Length: 13.5m
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