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Found 4 results

  1. I just saw @Matt Lowne's video on landing a single-launch Dres Canyon base, and it got me thinking about new spots for my second surface base there. Can someone please send me the coordinates for the Dres canyon/s. I would also like a canyon landing spot that: Has a resource concentration of 5% or higher (my drills won't work at 2.5%, but I just want to be safe) Adequate landing space, especially for rovers/landing pods. It's kind of hard to tell what spots are canyons on Dres map view, and I don't want to risk getting too low if I decide to do a recon orbit (which can b
  2. Thanks for stopping by to check out the Dres Love missions ... This is my answer to the "Dres Awareness, Show Your Support" challenge started by SpaceplaneAddict In addition to this, I started a challenge based on one of the many objectives I set myself to do in this mega-mission which is to land a probe or plant a flag in each of the 42 known craters on Dres (although the challenge I came up with lets you choose which celestial body) ... The Crater Cartographer Challenge The story so far ...................... 10th November 2015 at 13:44. In order to achieve one last mega
  3. I recently got back from exile (on other Steam games ) and decided to do something related to Dres Awareness. I downloaded @SpaceplaneAddict's Mercenary rover and took it to Dres for testing. But driving around for testing only is boring, and I landed only a couple kilometers off of the famous canyon, so why not have some fun by plummeting over the edge? Well, until I got stuck in the end Also, the Mercenary is indestructible
  4. In the Dres Awarenes I proposed a Space Hulk mission. The original Proposal: To get this done, I use a pretty long Modlist, which at times results in extreme slowness, the inability to launch more than one ship in succession and spontanous crashing: So, Back to the mission. Or rather it's missian proposal paper in a nicely refined sketch: As of now, I am during the Phase 5 - supplying the shipyard. Docking there is really a PITA by now. Step 1: Getting a Factory ship into any orbit, then driving it to a circular a position where it can dep
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