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Found 3 results

  1. So, first: I know it is kind of selfish this thread, so I think that when you answer my question I will delete this, second: I wrote this here as I guess it fits well with "questions and gameplay" I guess. So, here there is what is happening: I need someone to calculate an absurd amount of Delta-V. And with absurd I mean a grand tour (actually not really "grand") of the kerbol system: a flyby of Dres, Moho, Kerbin, maybe Eeloo, and maybe maybe maybe a Moho lander. All in one. Without mining. I know, it is crazy, but what I just need the Delta-V, the craft I'll do it. Well, if you ask the reaso
  2. Thanks for stopping by to check out the Dres Love missions ... This is my answer to the "Dres Awareness, Show Your Support" challenge started by SpaceplaneAddict In addition to this, I started a challenge based on one of the many objectives I set myself to do in this mega-mission which is to land a probe or plant a flag in each of the 42 known craters on Dres (although the challenge I came up with lets you choose which celestial body) ... The Crater Cartographer Challenge The story so far ...................... 10th November 2015 at 13:44. In order to achieve one last mega
  3. So now that 1.1 has dropped I have started on my Dres Love Missions - Take 2 With over 2000 tons of the best 965 parts Kerbal-Kind has to offer ... Containing 48 GPS communications satellites each with an M4435 Narrow Band Scanner as well as an M700 Survey Scanner onboard the the main ship I now present for your approval (and @SpaceplaneAddict's) the GPS MAMA 965 to LKO
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