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Found 8 results

  1. I present to you my first parts mod, Bumblebee! A (re)stockalike mod based on NASA's Dragonfly drone, designed to explore Titan-like worlds! Includes a black colour scheme too: album: https://imgur.com/a/lFNv9dI Build Guide: https://github.com/Rodg88/BumbleBee/wiki/Build-Guide Video review from Kottabos: Features include: * Small electric propellers that use @Angel-125's KerbalActuators to give them spinning blades, mirroring, prop blur, and a hover mode. * An antenna that tracks the homeworld (in one axis at least) * A large science payload, including compatibility for some Bluedog Design Bureau and Coatl Probes Plus experiments if those mods are installed. * Compatibility for Near Future Electrical, the probe core will include a large capacitor if installed, to increase flight range. * A parachute/drogue combo with "fancy custom normals", that plug into the 2.5m aerodynamic back shell (which is designed to fit the Restock heat shield), or can be surface attached as a drogue/main set Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2428/Bumblebee https://github.com/Rodg88/BumbleBee/releases Also on CKAN V0.6 Updated deps and tested in KSP 1.12.2 Fixed prop sound on high power mode Fixed colliders on decoupler causing sticky aeroshell deployment Merge PR for Interstellar Extended support (thanks Shimomeitakatote) V0.5 Added variants to the decoupler with 0.625m and 1.25m bottom diameter rings, instead of just the specialized Bumblebee decoupler. Updated Indicator Lights patch to take advantage of new features in v1.7 (commnet connection indicator). V0.4 Added gold and silver foil textures to the Core, Antenna, RTG, and science Sensor. Updated all lenses to have a new reflective texture. Added carbon texture variant to prop parts. V0.3 New dual rotor part for light probes in light atmospheres, based on the NASA Mars Helicopter. Also a long variant of the single truss for the Duna rotor. Added Surface Sample experiment to the landing skid part (requires the Bumblebee Probe core on the same craft to work) Minor fixes to other parts. V0.2: Updated Prop parts. They now activate on Duna, but won't do you much good. Also enabled surface attachment on the single prop, and added ground FX. Also a low power mode for precision flight on low gravity moons. Added glowing LEDs, with compatibility for NFE (blue LED's brightness = capaciter charge) and Indicator Lights (Top Green LED goes yellow/red on low/critical charge). Added Hullcam Patch Download includes B9 Part Switch, Kerbal Actuators, CommunityResourcePack, and DMagicScienceAnimate, which are the hard dependencies, as well as CommunityCategoryKit which is optional (parts all appear in the Rover category). License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Bundles the following mods, which are covered by their own respective licenses: ModuleManager by Sarbian and Blowfish https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager B9 Part Switch by Blowfish https://github.com/blowfishpro/B9PartSwitch/releases Kerbal Actuators by Angel-125 https://github.com/Angel-125/KerbalActuators/releases CommunityResourcePack by Bob Palmer https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityResourcePack CommunityCategoryKit by Bob Palmer https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityCategoryKit DMagicModuleScienceAnimateGeneric by DMagic https://github.com/DMagic1/DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric
  2. The RQ-200 Widow Maker High altitude technology demonstrator [Block-1A] Download latest model here The RQ-200 Widow maker is the first of a long line of kerbal-less technology demonstrators. Taking several prototypes before reaching a final airframe design. Now upgraded to Block-1A. Development of the RQ-200 will be carried on in the pursuit of perfection. Several variants are planned and are currently being developed for release along with upgrades to the original version. The main variants will include and extended-range model, a high-altitude model, a high-speed model and a cruising model. Update log: (please check as new block upgrades come every few days) •The Widow Maker is a high altitude blended wing body design designed for high lift under all circumstances capable of reaching speeds above 1200 m/s at heights in excess of 30 000m •Stall speed is tested and is around 25 to 30 m/s remaining largely controllable throughout the speed range although loss of control can be observed at speeds below 40 m/s. The current Block-1 suffers from pretentious handling issues, largely but not restricted to extreme yaw sensitivity due to the lack of significant rudder surfaces. As a result flat spins can be observed through incorrect flying. Rolling either side will cause a pitching movement in the opposite direction of travel. In order to turn and avoid flat spins, a combination pitch, roll and yaw should be used. As always, a joystick is recommended. However in level flight the airframe is stable although SAS should not be turned off, it stays stable throughout the fuel range, from max. fuel to min. fuel. •There are two take off profiles, one of which considerably safer and easier than the other. Due to the sheer amount of crashes during testing, 2 sepratrons are staged on the nose to help lift the nose off the ground. •There are no special profiles for landing and landing this aircraft is considerably safer and easier than taking off. Beware that the aircraft decelerates EXTREMELY quickly when the engine is producing no thrust. It is recommended to stay above 60 m/s during final approach, flare and landing should be executed at 55 m/s, but never below 40 m/s. Gallery: Update: With Block-1A now available, Blocks-1B and -1C will be testbeds for Block-2. Block-1B should bring a boost in take off performance, the aim being to get rid of the separations and will be available in a few days. The aircraft is based upon these concept images of the secret reconnaissance drone RQ-180. The bigger brother of the RQ-170 Sentinel of which less than a dozen of photos exist. chomp chomp -Raptor
  3. AXON Robotics Hello, and welcome to, er, this page. I've seen several people do craft repositories for their creations, and I thought I would do the same At the moment, the list of craft is quite small, and it's all military, but eventually, I'd like to expand it to include pure stock craft, such as scouting drones or submarines. Currently, I 'specialize' in making naval ships and planes, though I daresay the planes are better than the ships Anyways. Enjoy the craft, and if you try them out, make sure to tell me what you thought of them Naval Forces Renegade-Class Corvette Frigate Additional Planned Craft: Aerial Assets (The Lancers are hands down among my best planes) Lancer ASF Lancer – Strafe Axblade ASF Axblade – Strafe Berzerker 2.0 Ground Support (Nothing yet ) Space Combat (Also nothing....yet ) Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask questions
  4. KerbalX ate my description... Alan Aerospace Recycling and Packaging is somewhat pleased to present its first drone aircraft. The Angry Gnat! It's slow. It doesn't climb very fast. It has minimal missile defenses. However it does turn smartly and it's packing twin Vulcan cannons. A development version with full fuel tanks, only two engines and less aggressive AI and control settings managed to shoot down a Falken at long range. Granted, the Falken was busy chasing a Cranky Delta... The revision on KerbalX stripped a Cranky Delta nearly to a bare fuselage in a head-on attack. Be wary of going face to face with the Angry Gnat, for it is a small target and your poor Kerbal is sitting in a much larger target. The best treatment for this drone is a few missiles fired from *way over there*. If there was a BDArmory radome for Mark 0 size I'd be tempted to mount an AIM-20 on it somehow. screenshot13 by g_alan_e, on Flickr https://kerbalx.com/Galane/Angry-Gnat
  5. Mini SR-71 Drone This little craft has been a Diamond in rough. I started testing it and shared it with @klond for further testing and he discovered that the craft can Circumnavigate! This was a shocker, further testing was revealing some takeoff problems. The craft was not holding very well to the center of the Runway, I've try a few configurations with the location of the fuel and this helped, also the amount of fuel was making a difference. I decided to leave the craft light on fuel for better takeoffs and performance. If you would like to Circumnavigate Kerbin you will need to top off the entire craft with fuel. The craft was looking a little fast paced so I decided to go with some classic rock for the video. Operations: Use SAS and the entire Runway. If your using full throttle you may need to give quick taps to steer back to the center of the Runway. Full Warp is ok. Landings are a little difficult but the craft will brake suddenly after touchdown. Klond's Test Flight Something had my curiosity Craft File: Mini SR-71 Drone Parts: 28 Mass: 1.726t Height: 1.8m Width: 3.7m Length: 5.8m
  6. Well, here's to hoping my first post is fun and exciting! Welcome, I have a challenge for you! (An interesting one at that.) I Challenge you to make a drone to the best of your abilities. The rules are: No cockpits Length of drone has to be less than or equal to 8 meters Thickness of fuselage has to be around the size of the Oscar-B Fuel Tank (It's okay if some extra parts are making it a little bigger) Make it as cheap as you can Flies well Has landing gear and can land correctly without problems No other mods than BDArmoury, AviatorArsenal, KAX. (I may consider allowing more if there are good mods I was unaware of) What I would like to see in a drone (but not important): Able to maneuver efficiently Can ferry from runway to island runway without the use of external fuel tanks Can maintain a very slow speed without losing altitude Able to carry munitions from BDArmoury (again, not important) I think that's it, if you have any questions, please comment below, and I will do my best to answer them! Provide a download link of your drone, please!
  7. Im make a self assembly drone in KSP 1.1.3 using infernal robotics and twealscale. Link for russian full article is under this video in YouTube. Video:
  8. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED - TESTING IN PROGRESS - 1ST AND 2ND ROUND RESULTS BELOW We at SMA are accepting applicants for the destructive testing phase of our Combat Drone Initiative. Concerns over high cost and potential loss of Kerbal life required us to move on to a short range, low altitude unmanned aircraft for base defense. As such we are testing outside contractor developed drones against each other as well as our in house "Doppelganger" drone in 2 on 2 tournament style elimination tests. Applicant craft orientation during set up will be semi-random based on whatever amuses SMA staff at any given moment. Applicant craft are expected to meet certain requirements: Applicant craft must be unmanned. Applicant craft must use no more than 1 of any variety of stock probe core. Applicant craft must have at least 600 Battery life. Applicant craft must mass less than 5 tons armed and fueled. Applicant craft must cost less than 20,000 funds. Applicant craft must use the BD Armory combat systems. All weaponry in the BD Armory system is acceptable; however, all weaponry must be forward facing and any turret mounted system must be locked. All counter measures are acceptable. Applicant craft must have "Minimum Altitude" set to 150m, these are expected to be fast take-off and engagement craft. Applicant craft must have detection range and angle set to maximum, because why would you want less? Applicant craft must be assembled from only BD Armory and Stock components. Applicant craft must be submitted via link and include a hanger photo displaying mass and cost. Applicant craft must have the BD Armory AI Toggle hot-keyed to the '1' key. Only 1 craft per contractor will be accepted for submission and submissions can not be altered once made. Only 7 Applicant craft in total will be accepted for this trial. Submissions are due by 1/1/2016. Trials are planned to start 1/2/2016. Trials will begin as soon as the requisite number of submissions is met. Video results will be posted. Crying is unacceptable. Good luck. If we missed something obvious please let us know. 1ST ROUND RESULTS Doppelganger vs. QF-1 The Bat vs. Jester Scrappy Doo vs. Dawson's Christian ROUND 2 RESULTS - Jester and Scrappy Doo tied Scrappy Doo Jester ROUND 3 RESULTS Scrappy Doo is the winner of the close-in defense phase of the Combat Drone initiative trials. Congratulations DoctorDavinci on the win, and thank you to everyone else who participated. The Scrappy Doo drone will be as an opposition drone in the next phase of the CDI.
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