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Found 4 results

  1. Collision FX Add some drama to your rough landings! Collision FX adds sparks and dust, with sound and lighting effects when you collide or scrape your craft. Landing gear also has a rubbery screech on contacting the ground. Click for full album Downloads CurseForge | GitHub Requires Module Manager Download packages, binaries and libraries licensed All Rights Reserved. Sounds assets used under licence individually, see Readme for details. Source included, project also available on GitHub licenced under GPL v2.
  2. How difficult would it be to add particles to rover wheels that could simulate the dust being kicked up on a sandy/dusty celestial body? Could it be applied by biome like CollisionFX does it?
  3. Previously we have had the discussion here about the hazards of space travel. http://microcapmagazine.com/2016-03-12-researchers-found-that-ancient-dust-found-in-meteorites-actually-came-from-exploding-stars/ This article discusses the origin of dust. The authors found using fingerprint Isotopes that particles in the meteorite, basically dust grains, prolly did not form in space, but formed in a classical Nova (reaction of a binary star companion with a dwarf) shooting essentially grains of dust into space. Previously people have been thinking that gas ejected from nova slowed d
  4. http://www.cosmosup.com/hypergiant-red-star-vy-canis-majoris-is-going-to-die-soon/ VYcm is a very large red giant that is heading toward its immenent demise. The star is ejecting cuurently mass from its outer layers into the surrounding media, when the corona loses enough mass it will begin to collapse. The scientist of this article have found that the star is beginning to produce increasing larger dust grains. I speculate these are prolly being turned up from the radioactive core. They also claim that the larger dust grains would likely survive the pending explosion being accelera
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