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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All!!! I've been working on this mod on and off for about two months now, and I finally got myself to finish it. Dwarf Planets Plus is a mod that (absolutely definitely was not meant to shut up the vesta-lovers and) adds in five extra dwarf planets to the solar system! If you've ever felt that Eeloo and Dres didn't represent Centaur, KBO, and Asteroid Belt objects well, this mod is for you. DPP was meant to be a supplemental mod, meaning that it is designed to work with most planet packs created by the community (including my own mods). Note that the mod currently does not work if y
  2. This is just a thingy for discussion ATM. If anybody wants to they can make it into a mod. Also, credit to @Felsmak for the Voonian, Orbonean, and Naalean systems. CONCEPT ART FOR BODIES (apologize for bad drawings) New bodies are bolded, changed bodies italicised. INNER SYSTEM OBJECTS It appears this object may need ridiculous amounts of Delta-V, and radiators, to get to. Orbiting four times closer than Moho does to the sun, Heet is the closest object to the sun. Better plan ridiculous slingshots to get there, because it i
  3. Firstly, I need to thank all of the folks who made this possible: @Gravitasi - For making the original Trans-Keptunian mod (which I'm butchering... sorry.) @The White Guardian - For making the great tutorials that finally got my foot into the kopernicus door. @CaptRobau - For making the Outer Planets mod and creating a standard of beauty t work towards. @GregroxMun - For making RevSS and other planet packs which initially inspired me (and for setting another standard of beauty). @KillAshley - For providing configs for me to rip apart and repurpose. sorry. @Thomas
  4. The Kerbol system has always seemed a little small. There's so much room for more bodies, and so many minor bodies to put into Kerbal Space Program. In Outer Reaches, things will change. The outer Kerbol system will be a realm of mysterious, uncharted dwarf planets and Kuiper Belt Objects with unique characteristics and moons. Analogues will be made for the 4 outer dwarf planets, along with objects like Sedna and Orcus. There will even be an extra gas giant to keep Eeloo out of the fray and give it some use. Remember, this is an in-dev mod, so suggestions and comments are heavily recommended!
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