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  1. I just played KSP and when I logged in, it displayed the sandcastle on the main screen. It is considered an Easter egg because I think it has a 1/40 change of appearing. Let me know if you ever saw it in your game and do you have a screenshot of it? Here is my screen shot.
  2. Here is the link https://imgur.com/a/TUfNY6N
  3. I DID IT! NO JOKE So, As Im Writting This Post, After 1 Year Of Playing KSP I Unlocked The Mun Sand Castle Easter Egg, This is not joke After I Left A Luna Multiplayer Server This Happened, As I Researched This is Rare? Amazing 18/08/2020 - Thank You For All The Likes! 29/08/2020 - I Got It Again, in Just 1 Week, Its like They Raised The Chance Of Getting This I Did not copy and paste the picture again, you can see by opening the image link and see its different names. and no i did not rename the file.
  4. I was reading through the easter egg list for something, and i read this : "In a forum post from late 2013,Squad member Jeff C.(NovaSilisko) described an idea he had for connecting many easter eggs into a story concerning a civilization which predated the Kerbals. Experiments with interstellar travel resulted in the homeworld of this "precursor civilization" being flung out into an extremely distant orbit. Before they froze to death, they launched monoliths and other messages onto many planets and moons in hopes of seeding intelligent life. Instead, they created Kerbals, not-so-intelligen
  5. It is well known that there's a Duna pyramid that makes an SSTV signal(sound that can be made into image). Three years ago, it was found by @Holo that if you go 10,000 peta meters from kerbol, another signal appears. @holo was unable to do it again. It is possible it only works once per install- so have recording software ready. It also must be an actual vessel, not a part ejected by a bug.
  6. Can you get science or anything else from the black monolith near the Kerbin Spaceport?
  7. I noticed that near space center, there is a monolith with Squad's logo. I think it has always been there. But for some reason when I started the game, the monolith was visible from KSC, and I wasn't visible before.
  8. I wonder if Squad will add an easter egg for Opportunity in the next update. After all, how can we not forget that little robot who explored the Martian surface for 15 years - and when it was supposed to die after 90 days. "My battery is low and it's getting dark" (Opportunity's final words) If anyone else would like to pay respects, visit my "Opportunity Eulogy" post
  9. I have tried to get on top of a monolith through multiple skydiving attempts so I can collect a surface sample, but no luck so far. Has anybody already done this? It could be fun. You could easily get onto a Mun arch but I don't know where they are on the Mun and am too lazy to find out, so I'm still working on the Monolith near KSC.
  10. I saw this on the large map indicated in green. I thought at first it was another tracking station, until I got down low. I saved my game (since my landings are not always the best) and as I approached, I blew up in midair. The game claims I crashed into the ground. I tried 3 times on the same route...no luck. The 4th time I tried landing a bit outside the low level depression the egg was in. I landed fine, but as I tried to taxi to the easter egg I just blew up. Its like I hit a forcefield. There is a video and screenshot below. I hid it so as not to spoil this for others.
  11. I decided to expand what I suggested in this thread into a full-blown suggestion. Thank @linuxgurugamer for giving me the motivation to do it! First of all, here are a few new easter eggs, one per celestial bodies (except Kerbol). Yes, even Jool gets one, and now everything has more than just a green monolith. -Eve: a Venera lander... in the Explodium Sea. -Gilly: a crashed brown magic boulder -Minmus: very faint details on the flats, that are revealed using SCANsat or KerbNet. They spell "Cruithne". -Ike: The true, and best magic boulder is back, with a vengean
  12. Warning: Spoilers. For those of you who didn't know, 1.2 added a whole bunch of new monoliths. I recently found one by sheer coincidence on Gilly. I landed, and noticed a black speck. Turns out, I only landed 1.7 KM away from it! I know for a fact that there is one on Dres now, and two (one old and one new) on Minmus, as well as a few others. So I have a few questions: Has anyone found any others? And more specifically, are there any new ones on Ike or Duna?
  13. I've seen this done before, but not as a challenge. The challenge is to launch a rocket, with a probe payload, around Ike and then launch the probe into an orbit next to the magic boulder. Then fly the rocket back to Kerbin. Rules: Both rocket and probe must be made of stock parts, The probe MUST be stationed in orbit almost close enough to touch the magic boulder. While the rocket does not need to land at the KSC it does however, need to be landed in one piece. Both the rocket and the probe can be manned or a drone. The probe must have a communications link with Kerbin after the rocket i
  14. There should be an easter egg, or something at the center of Jool. The planet is so interesting and so... Kerbally. There should be something inside of Jool.
  15. Today I've been playing around with KSP and ScanSat, and I noticed something interesting in the map preview. I exported the elevation map, and it's definitely there! It's a smiling face I wonder if it's original KSP easter egg or ScanSat easter egg. Here's contrast enhanced photo: http://i.imgur.com/HyEeDOC.png And here's the original:
  16. I just started using the KerbalNet to look for Easter Eggs. I went here to see if it was listed in wiki and it was not. (http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/List_of_easter_eggs) Mun - Schiaparelli's Impact Latitude: -9.83569712969825 Longitude: 25.9216365170866 Altitude: 1470.4854433143 Images located here: ( http://imgur.com/a/Jbtfl )
  17. So I made a rover and I would like to take it to the UFO on the Mun to see it for myself but I can't find any coordinates online, can someone help me?
  18. Another video on my youtube channel from an awesome mission. It was so funny to record and edit. What do you think?
  19. Easter Egg Hunt By: Dr. Dank The Challenge: Visit each and every Easter Egg in the game. CHEATS are enabled! The fastest time wins! Categories: Legit Uses only stock parts. And, no MechJeb Modded Uses modded parts. MechJeb is allowed! Computerized Stock, but with MechJeb Rocket Engineer No cheat menu, stock parts Winners! Legit Category Modded Category Computerized Category Rocket Science Category
  20. I discovered 3 mysterious islands on Laythe when trying out Hyperedit. I teleported to Laythe to find these in the distance. As I inspected further, it became more and more astonishingly similar to an Easter Egg. The Islands are different from the rest of Laythe's landmass. They are perfect spheres all in a straight line. They are not part of Laythe's terrain! You cannot land on these islands, making it impossible to plant a flag on them. The Islands are at roughly the same coordinates as the KSC Launchpad back at Kerbin. They are not visible in the map.
  21. Just a short time ago I've discovered with the tracking station an asteroid of class A and I've sent an mission to grab the asteroid and something very strange happened... When I grab the asteroid I've wanted to take an screenshot for my desktop when I've saw a cube inside it If someone want the mystery images, please can someone teach me how to put a image on this forum? Please put below on comments
  22. With @HarvesteR leaving the development of the game after 5 years, and given it was his vision which kicked it off, it may be appropriate to add an Easter Egg monument somewhere. I would suggest in wherever his favourite place is. I know people have come and gone in the development over the past five years, but I think Felipe has been particularly important! Peace.
  23. Hi there. First time poster so please forgive any formatting errors. Firstly, the game version: Newest Demo at 9 September 2016 I was doing an EVA on the launchpad. I (the Kerbal) fell off the lader and hit the ground. Then, after lying on the ground for a bit, I sank to the ground. Right after I sank, the altimeter went crazy. It first showed 111111, then 222222, ... up to 666666. The abort button and the brakes button stoppd showing. After that, I took a screenshot (here) and the game crashed (crash log: here). Is this a known easter egg or is my computer possessed (completely plaus
  24. I recently was looking ino the 'scenarios' option on the ksp menu and looked at 'station one' al the way on the bottom. When i opened i was looking at the space station but i wanted to go back; and if you don't know you have to go to the space center first and then i pressed on the tracking station because i wanted to take a look. And there was this manned craft orbiting Duna with one Nuclear engine and a lot of fuel/rcs and a radial mount parachute. I was like; maybe this thing is setup to go back to kerbin but no- so i decided crashing in duna is always fun right? And there i went, but i act
  25. So i found this Easter egg randomly and i was looking through the easter egg thread and i didnt find it. Is this a new one?
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