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Found 9 results

  1. Mission Controller 3.1 Build Your Own Contracts In Career Mode Update Released. Download below for Github Updated 7/13/2012 with new version. Quick Summery Of What Mission Controller Does. 1. You can Build your own contracts in game using the Mission Controller Mission Builder.. All in game. Want to send 6 kerbals to Duna? Well make a contract and than send it to the Finance committee and see a company pick up your mission and pay you! 2. Satellite missions. Mission Controller has its own satellite missions that give you a lot more investment into d
  2. The dead passenger plane of doomsday challenge It was an ordinary day in Kerbin; planes crashing and rockets exploding. The mayor of Kerbin was concerned about that, so he decided that a new kind of transport vessel should be engineered, to bring more kerbals to the Space Station from afar. He clearly stated "The vehicle must carry at least 50 kerbals and 30-70% of them must survive a 100km journey". As the commandment arrived to the Kerbin's Ambiguos Kompetitions and Khallenges Association, the rules were specified by a read-it-literally-wisedonkey-wannabe-
  3. Continuation of economy challenge 1.2 with rules changed. Categories There are 3 categories each for Stock and Modded. I. DISPOSABLE LIFTERS - Reliable Disposables II. REUSABLE ROCKETS - Reusable Vertical Launch Vehicles III. SPACEPLANES - Cargo Planes got to orbit Scoring Score is given by {Expense} / {Payload mass} for the mission, for given Payload mass. - Expense doesn't include the price of the payload. Recovery cost is excluded from the expense for categories II and III. - All lifters listed will be the most efficient one a
  4. Nice and straightforwards: land on Moho, come home to Kerbin, do it as cheap as you can. Three categories: Basic: land and return any vessel. No Kerbals required. Intermediate: land and return alive a Kerbal. Plant a flag while you're there. Advanced: land and return alive a Kerbal scientist (so a probe core or copilot will be required for SAS) plus one of every scientific instrument (ie: materials bay, goo pod, thermometer, barometer, seismometer, gravity detector, atmospheric sampler)[1]. Plant a flag while you're there. Stock parts only and Wheaton's L
  5. This is reboot of @tseitsei89's economy challenge, which was for 1.1. Categories There is 4 categories each for Stock and Modded. I. DISPOSABLE LIFTERS - Recovery doesn't count IIa. REUSABLE ROCKETS - No airbreathers IIb. VERTICAL LAUNCHED VEHICLES - Vertical Launch with airbreathers III. GENERAL - Anything is allowed Score Score is given by {Expense for the Mission} / {Payload mass(t)}. Expense doesn't include the price of the payload. Recovery cost is excluded from the expense for categories IIa, IIb and III. Rules
  6. What this mod does is: Buy tech nodes for cash Nodes in the research tree will now cost funds instead of science. Any science spent is refunded when you leave the R&D building. Get cash for science Turn science into cash at the click of a button Daily budget Every day at 4am you receive cash according to your reputation level. Use the "Warp to next morning" button if that node is just a few bucks away. Let you configure all the above Click the "$" button to change the multipliers for all of the above, values are saved with your save game But Why?
  7. So the idea is to launch a payload to LKO with as low funds/ton as possible. There will be 3 categories: 1. Disposable lifters. No recovery 2. Recovery allowed. No airbreathers 3. Anything goes Some general rules: 1. Stock only. Visual and informative mods are ok. 2. No cheat menu or other funny business. 3. You must launch from launch pad or runway. 4. You must achieve a stable orbit. Pe >70km. 5. Payload must be separated from the lifter once in orbit. Decoupler used for this can NOT be a part of the payload. 6. Payload can hav
  8. There have been a handful of threads recently about possible ways that colonizing Mars could prove economically viable. We haven't really gotten much solid consensus. In the near-term, it just doesn't seem like there is any slam-dunk reason to live on Mars. Why not look a little closer to home? Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that some entity was willing to build a space station in orbit for long-term habitation. What, other than space tourism, would cause people to move there? On a basic economics level, people will endure a higher cost of living if the income they can rece
  9. So, I was watching King of Queens with my grandmother not too long ago. One of the episodes involved playing the stock market, and I thought "Why not have that in KSP?" I mean, there are different agencies, and then there's your own agency, most likely named "Default" for you sandboxers. The idea I'm pitching here is a stock market in-game that mostly depends on the reputation system. If your rep is in the neg, then there is no chance for investment. The higher it is, the higher your chance. If you buy parts from another agency, they gain the profit for the sale, unless your agency builds
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