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Found 10 results

  1. It's all in the title already, so.... My top contenders are DaVinci Resolve 17, Shotcut and OpenShot. I want to record KSP videos, and I need a good editing software. What are the KSP community's recommendations? Note that I don't have a desktop. I am on laptop. Thanks!
  2. I love the mod, but I ran into some problems with it and I need help fixing it (can go into configs if needed) Problem 1: The shading effects make the game too dark Problem 2: When I come close to anything, it blurs and I don't want it to. Could you please give me some advice on fixing it? @The White Guardian could you help please?
  3. I am trying to make a model of a Boeing 747, but the "fat 455 aeroplane main win" is too small for what I want. I found a forum that told me how to resize it, and i did, but the problem is that it still has the same amount of lift, and I have not been able to find ANY article of the forum even remotely talking about how to add lift to an object. please help me out.
  4. Hello! Lately I've been playing around with making shuttle replicas, but I have a problem when making them, I'm missing orange tanks. Ven's mod has them but they are of a smaller size (2.5 instead of 3.75), so I'm here to ask you, is there a way to edit the interested parts (the CryoX tanks) to fit my needs? I tried installing tweak scale but there isn't the option to make them bigger.
  5. Here are the symptoms: I'm running 1.1.2, and using multiple backup savefiles which I transfer between computers, for ReasonsTM. Savefile A is at a Universal Time (UT) of year 1, day 1 and Savefile B is at year 7 day 45. Both of these dates show up in the savefile selection menu. Now, suppose I start in Savefile A and then load Savefile B, everything in B is as it should be except that the UT clock is at Y1D1, matching Savefile A. Examining the FLIGHTSTATE section of the .sfs I find that Savefile B does indeed have a UT of 56180909.2327814 corresponding to the correct date. But when I p
  6. Hi Folks, I've been thinking about changing the tech tree so that probes feature more at the start, as apposed to crewed flight first. I've looked at a few mods, but I'm thinking it might just be more simple to just adjust somethings myself by editing the parts. My only concern is that this might break the contract system in career mode and I'll be stuck, credit-less! Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  7. Hello all; this will be a basic guide as to how I managed to save my ancient Kerbals from doomed old saves, and bring them back to life again in my modern game. If I'm missing something, I hope others will add their knowledge below. I make no guarantee it will work for ALL previous saves; but this is how I managed to retrieve my own older vehicles, and I hope it will aid some of you to do the same as I wasn't able to find much information of how to do so, and had to work it out step by step myself! STEP 1: PREPARATION You will need the "persistent.sfs" file from your old save. Make a
  8. Hi all, I've spent an evening trying to bring some very, very old vehicles from 0.21 or so into the latest KSP, and so far I've managed to work out how to remove older parts from vessels by manually editing the files in notepad, and can now reload them in the VAB. However the next step has proven trickier; I want to return some old completed vessels around the Mun etc, but copying and pasting these (also edited) into the "persistent" file leads to issues where the vehicle appears correctly on the map, but I can't Fly them, and the game seems broken because I can't launch or load anything
  9. Hi everyone! I'm trying to work out how to adjust alignment/rotation of two modules currently docked together in space. I presume this must be possible to do within the save files. As you can see, the handle things are ever so slightly off, I don't think I could have got them more precisely aligned, given the circumstances (detachable rcs on orange tank - I've no idea why I chose to dock the orange tank to the command module rather than the other way round - also the orange tank is empty). So, does anyone know what I'm looking for in the save files to adjust? Will it be a simple
  10. After toying with SketchUp (for 3d modelling) I'm reminded of the snap-to stuff I've been using in editors since MSVC 6; as you move something past an item across alignment with another relevant line it sort of sticks briefly, making it easier to do - say - alignment of the nozzles of your engines (drag an engine placement down and when it notices the bottom of the bounding boxes line up, you get feedback without too much hinderance). Is there a mod that does something like this, already?
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