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  1. RedOnion and Kerbalua A joint effort of Evan Dickinson and Lukáš Fireš to create unrestricted scripted environment inside Kerbal Space Program for all players and even modders wishing to control the game, vessels, anything, with own script. Current Features: Repl/Editor with intellisense. Scripting engines that can interact with Classes from any loaded CLR assembly. Lua scripting engine called Kerbalua that uses a slightly modified version of MoonSharp. Powerful custom language/engine (RedOnionScript) built by Lukáš Fireš. API's for do
  2. KSP suffers from the low-symmetry syndrom. No CKAN-compatible mods (that I could find) can do it and I know that 5-way symmetry is something the community wanted since forever. If we have 3-way, why not 5-way? The upper limit of symmetry should be configurable in the menu OR in the UI, with a slider under the symmetry button, so that players can set maximum modes they want to use (for example, a maximum of 6, but including 5). After all, a per-user customizable experience is always better. The default could be 6 or 8.
  3. Asparagus staging is awesome, but tedious. So, I built a plugin to do it for me! The plugin can create fuel lines if you have none, or it can use your existing fuel lines. Based on the fuel lines, it will put decouplers and sepratrons into proper stages. For KSP 1.10, download: NexusMods, Github, SpaceDock, Curse or via CKAN. REQUIRED DEPENDENCIES: Toolbar Controller, ClickThrough Blocker For KSP 1.9, download old 2.3.0 version For KSP 1.7.3, download old 2.2.17 version For KSP 1.6, download old 2.2.16 version For KSP 1.5.1, download old 2.2.15 version For K
  4. Download on SpaceDock, Github or Curseforge. Available on CKAN. by zer0Kerbal Docking Port Descriptions (DPD) This is the new thread. Original thread here. Adds to the description of parts with docking ports in Kerbal Space Program Patch adds docking port size/gender(if gendered)/and shielded (if) to part descriptions in editor for all docking ports. Parts: none adds docking port size / gender(if gendered) / and if shielded to description in editor for all docking ports. adds vfx and sfx to docking ports
  5. Greetings! I can't speak for everyone else but personally I find the VAB controls excruciatingly painful to use, especially in comparison to those in the SPH. Being able to move my camera to any space on screen rather than being pinned down to the center far more versatile and lets me place parts with far more precision. I would love a mod that simply gives the VAB the same control scheme as the SPH. Is this doable? I am aware that WASDcam also changes camera controls, but what I am wanting is a bit different, just unified controls so that I don't find myself building both planes and rockets i
  6. This thread can now be used for development discussion. Release thread is now here instead.
  7. The issue happended Three times in a row, i load my savegame, go to SPH, and when it got loaded it just freezes. First Time: Crashed as soon as i got in SPH Second time: I could build the main body of a Space Shuttle, when putting the rudder, crash. Third time: Same as first one Here is the KSP.log
  8. Is there another mod/way to have those little information panels (craft resources/info) in the editor scene without using KER? I like KER, but this is practically all I currently use it for.
  9. I NEED HELP : In a video (i don't remember the name), someone build a plane, AND! a moment, in the editor, in the hangar, he click on a button, and his plane FALL in the hangar, but he can't pilot it, or use it, its just for see if the wheels are right (the plane can't even take damages (sorry for my english, i am french))
  10. So... FIrst things first: I have no idea where this should go. Why? I have no idea what #autoloc is and what it means and if it pertains to a subcategory in the forums. I just started a Career game yesterday and had just gotten to SPH level 2, so basic action groups were available. This was everything except the custom ones, of course, as well as all the flight input stuff under the #autoloc action groups. I wanted to set an action group to Action01, but that was not available, because it was only SPH Level 2. Despite this, I got curious and clicked on the Action01 in the #autoloc he
  11. I have a relatively heavily modded install of 1.6.1, every few seconds in the editor it freezes for about a second or so, it is making the game basically unplayable and i dont know how to fix it Edit: now happens pretty much every half a second Edit: It only lags if i have a part in the editor, if it is empty there is no lag
  12. Overview When in the editor (VAB or SPH), and placing a part with radial symmetry enbled you have access to the Radial Symmetry Space Option, which is supposed to let you switch between having the symmetry mode be relative to the vessel, or relative to the parent part. It appears that while this option has a hotkey, as well as an on-screen button, its toggle state does not actually currently affect object placement; The part placement always defaults to using the vessel as the axis of symmetry and not the parent part. Details Given this simple vessel which has two ta
  13. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this before I concluded you just can't: Alter the score based on multiplying or dividing by another measurable value the mission builder knows about. i.e. "add (leftover funds / 10) to the score", or "subtract (distance from vessel 1) from score". The problem is that the closest I can get to this is to make "buckets" of score categories and then add fixed score amounts based on them, which gets really tedious and clunky. i.e. "if leftover funds > 100000 add 500 points else if funds > 90000 add 450 points else if funds >
  14. I remember there was a mod that let you scroll through the part categories in the VAB/SPH. Does it still exist, and is it updated to 1.4?
  15. Hi! I was wondering if there's a way (or an existing mod already) that makes it possible for Engineer kerbals on EVA to change some settings on parts that only can be set in the editor for now. For example: Thrust level on SRBs, your engineer walks up to it, and is able to set the thrust level slider. Is there any way of accomplishing this? A smart MM patch perhaps? Any idea or addition is welcome! Cheers
  16. I've found an interesting (and very annoying) bug that affects "tweakable" sliders on various parts in the VAB and SPH. (Imgur link explains what I'm trying to express much better) After attaching a part using either radial or vessel symmetry, I'll occasionally attempt to change a tweakable, be it the thrust limiter, authority limiter, or otherwise; and then I see its twin is unchanged. Exiting and entering a save file doesn't fix the issue but a full KSP program restart does fix it (temporarily). Imgur Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/otFHV Any help would be greatly
  17. I'm updating to 1.3.1 from 1.2.2. I vaguely recall something like this being added in patch notes so it could be vanilla. In any case it's kind of in the way and I'd like to get rid of it. Should be an image of it below. Modlist (excluding those with sounds and parts only), bolded what I think are likely culprits. I don't have version numbers since I deleted all the zips lke a pleb but they're all current as of the date of posting. AT Utils (I don't recognise this) USI Tools Audio Muffle Redux B9PartSwitch BetterBurnTime BonVoyage Chat
  18. I want to edit the name, description and categories of my subassemblies. I tried directly from the .craft file but it decategorize them if change the name and is not really helpfull being editing text files outside ksp There is any mod for this? I searched here and in ckan, but I don't find anything.
  19. For some reason, in the VAB (or SPH), some of the part thumbnails show a white quad in the location of where the flag decal would normally be placed. This isn't happening for all parts (most of them don't show the flag in the preview thumbnail, as expected). This is happening in a fresh, un-modded install. What's causing this? Here's a screenshot exhibiting the behavior:
  20. So I was planning to manually uninstall my mods and manually reinstall them, so I did that and i was careful not to uninstall the Squad Folder. I installed the mods and created a new Save file and started up the editor and encountered a weird bug i've never seen before. I had clicked on a part category and selected a root part and i tried to switch categories and it wouldn't switch. I mean i could click it but it stayed that part category. I tried everything from restarting the game, restarting my computer, and updating my software. IT DID NOTHING. Quick Note: I am on a Mac running
  21. Hello, I saw several people moved surface attached parts far from their parent part, where offset limit would never allow. I want to know how to offset those parts. Is it just a trick, like node attached clipped parts which eliminates the limit? Or are they using mods? (I know there are mods for this; But I want to do it in stock)
  22. Introduction Part Wizard is a vehicle design utility plugin that adds a few conveniences when building your next strut/booster carrier. Provides a list of parts with part highlighting for easier identification. Allows deleting of parts from the list on eligible parts. Allows complete control of symmetry on eligible parts. Allows selecting parts for Action Group assignment. Shows either all parts or only those that are hidden from the editor's Parts List. (Helpful in finding obsolete parts when mod authors make updates.) Shows unavailable parts in career
  23. I'm looking for a modder to make a simple tool which would be able to edit part position and rotation in-flight. With simple UI and part highlighting (code for part selection is available in mods like Part Commander and Action Groups Extended) Basically a mod which will change and update these values in real time: excerpt from a save file PART { name = engineLargeSkipper cid = 4289663140 uid = 927870594 mid = 409881460 launchID = 51
  24. Hi everyone. I'm trying to retrieve a value of a part, used in an edited ship For example, i'm trying here to retrieve CURRENT 'deployAltitude' value of the 'parachuteSingle' part, used in the currently edited ship (VAB): Notes: GetVesselPart and DebugFunctions.SendLog are working. public static string GetAttribute(string partName, string parameterName) { Part part = GetVesselPart(partName); string value; foreach ( PartModule module in part.Modules ) { foreach ( BaseField field in module.Fields ) { DebugFunctions.SendLog("Checking field " + fi
  25. Haven't seen this reported before, sorry if it's a duplicate. I have installed quite a few mods (only ones officially updated for 1.2), and have started to notice a problem in the editor scene (VAB, SPH): the mod applications (the "buttons" for the mods) are randomly invisible - they are still there, but not drawn/shown on screen. Observations so far: 1) I cannot trace it down to a single mod, it rather seems to occur after installing a couple of mods. 2) no single mod is misbehaving - they all work as expected. 3) Only editor scenes (VAB/SPH) are affected - all mod ap
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