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  1. The challenge was to make an entirely rocket based SSTO that launches vertically. I added another element of challenge which is that I only used 1.25m parts. This means that I can't get the same performance as if I used a Mammoth and a cluster of nuclear rockets, but this approach keeps part count and mass down. The rocket consists of a Vector engine for Kerbin takeoff and landing, and two Nerv engines for everything else. Inside the fairing are a command seat, reaction wheel, battery, and a bunch of Mk 0 fuel tanks. This rocket is very aerodynamic so I take a shallow ascent pro
  2. Just a biggest antena... My discord server: https://discord.gg/4d7PSyG
  3. Flew on Eeloo as Americans on the Apollo. No comment. Music only! Addons used: Astronomer's Visual Pack, CameraTools, Distant object, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, RealPlume, Reentry Particle Effect, Scatterer, TextureReplacer, MechJeb2, ModuleManager, Phoenix Industries (suits only) Thanks for watching!
  4. So, first: I know it is kind of selfish this thread, so I think that when you answer my question I will delete this, second: I wrote this here as I guess it fits well with "questions and gameplay" I guess. So, here there is what is happening: I need someone to calculate an absurd amount of Delta-V. And with absurd I mean a grand tour (actually not really "grand") of the kerbol system: a flyby of Dres, Moho, Kerbin, maybe Eeloo, and maybe maybe maybe a Moho lander. All in one. Without mining. I know, it is crazy, but what I just need the Delta-V, the craft I'll do it. Well, if you ask the reaso
  5. I'm planning building one with mk4 parts to hold 16 kerbals in it, but all I know is you need rapier engines that can get you to LKO, and then just nuclear engines to the rest of your flight... though should i calculate the delta-V with that little community map? or just test if the rapiers work, and then just off we go? I really would like to know if I would need to make any calculations with the nuclear engines...
  6. BILL KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y16D120 - 4H15M Perhaps I should start this log with some context. After Orange Squadron and their wingmen returned from Dres, I had the guts to propose to Val. Okay, I lied, Val proposed to me before we landed on Kerbin. I was surprised at first, as it was tradition for the male to propose to the female. However, Jeb warned me that I shouldn't be surprised that Val's doing it. After we married, we hopped on board the Pluto 1 and were in-transit to Eeloo for over three years. The two of us stepped out of the lander craft as soon as we touched t
  7. I have a launch window for Eeloo coming up in about 120 in game days, and I am considering sending a mobile ground base all the way out there. The question is would it be worth it. I've noticed there are a few new biomes that I haven't observed yet, and the dwarf's terrain is flat enough to make long range drives worth it, but the distance from Kerbol makes solar power useless. So to power the electric wheels I'd need either a metric f*ckton of NUK's and fuel cells, or need to experiment with alternative propulsion methods. As I'm typing this I just thought of using NERV's to push it a long th
  8. I made this mobile base a while back that could take seven kerbals along Eeloo's surface and get some sweet science points. As small as the base itself is, the delivery craft has the delta-V to make it all the way to Eeloo and safely land the rover on the surface. All I need to do is get some scientists to process the data gathered on Eeloo, and we're cooking.* * ironic since Eeloo is practically a giant snowball.
  9. Original Text After one thread (Which shall not be named) started the Eeloo, fake, society, I've decided to prove that Eeloo is not evil! Eeloo and Dres! We love both! Appreciation!
  10. *Minor Notification • The author is very unlikely to be familiar with English, so grammar is likely to be destroyed. • More than 95 percent of this article has been translated into Google Translator. •This article was uploaded during the writing due to a mistake by the author (;;;) ***Important Notification • I am not the "original author" of "this Craft" and the "original Korean text" of this article. The "original author" was a user named "HoDeok(호덕)" of Korean KSP Forum, and this article is translated into English with permission of the original author. • The a
  11. I'm planning on flying to Eeloo, landing there, and coming back home when the next launch window opens. I realize that I cannot send just one ship if I am to leave my mark and return; after all, I plan to leave some things in orbit before I leave, like: A space station A weather satellite An "Ultimate Relay Antenna" Below is a list of items I will send at the next launch window. I consulted this website and this one after I got my ships into orbit, checked my "Delta-V Gauge" with MechJeb, and I can reasonably say that the ships in these photos are gassed up and ready (exc
  12. So, say that i have a lander/surface base on Eeloo. Outer planets mod moves it so it becomes a moon of Sarnus. Would my craft just be moved with it, would they dissapear or would it corrupt my save? Has anybody tried that yet? Help, Lusbax.
  13. I have a launch window for Eeloo coming up in 39 in game days, so I'm preparing three relay satellites for launch to the frozen dwarf. These sats all have 36 Nuks and 7000 battery storage, but I still feel compelled to outfit them with 5 or 6 gigantor solar arrays. Satellite just don't look/feel right without them. Does anyone else include useless solar panels on extreme deep space craft?
  14. Got a comnet with complete coverage on Eeloo and planet is inspected. Im ready for the spacestation insertion. On jool system i use 14 xl solarpanels (bit overkill) , what is needed for eeloo to run 1 science module at furtest distance from sun. Ill add a lander and a ore craft aswell.
  15. even though it's cold out here, there's plenty of room for a base. Regular Challenge: send any kind of base to Eeloo that can return to Kerbin if needed. Difficult Challenge: send any kind of base to Plock (OPM) that can retuern to Krbin if needed. Extra Challenge: exactly what you'd expect. impress me.
  16. Here's my SSTO to Eeloo with some passengers. I hope you guys enjoy. For mission planning and getting that K-E-K-K-J transfer, I used Flyby Finder and followed @PLAD's posts about Eeloo and Jool (without Mun assist or Jool aerobrake). For Kerbin ejection burns I used Precomputed Low-TWR Interplanetary Transfer Burns by @Red Iron Crown. Thank you both!
  17. Try to get to Eeloo... for less than 50,000! I tried, trust me. you may see a crater near the equator. that was my launch crash location. HINT:
  18. Have to go and rescue 2 orange suits from the surface of Eeloo, after a Kraken attack mid decent. Wanna see if I can do it? http://twitch.tv/tosclive Two Orange suits stuck here.
  19. Since Pluto has a thin atmosphere, why shouldn't Eeloo? If there could be one, I would suggest a really thin one, thin enough where you can't just land by parachute, or thin enough that you can still see stars from the surface. Anyways, still a suggestion. Also, isn't there a mod that adds one? It would still be nice in the stock game.
  20. I’ve never orbited Eeloo, but I had 2 flybys and I took some pictures of it. What I saw is a planet covered in fractures and strange surface features. But what caused them to appear? I have 3 hypothesis about this strange planet Eeloo once had a large object orbiting close. That might cause tidal friction and as a result fractures, valleys and hills all over the surface. But where did this large moon go? It is possible that it was kicked off from its orbit by a massive collision! And then escaped Eeloo’s SOI. Perhaps it is Pol that once orbited Eeloo and the escaped?
  21. After procrastinating for several weeks, I finally finished the mission and have completed the video I made out of footage of it. How did I do? Do you like the craft? If you do you can download it here: https://kerbalx.com/JacobJHC/Double-Tanker-Exploration-Vehicle
  22. Parking Troll on Eeloo, no not a parking Troll a Kerbal named Troll! I try a mission to hunt for an anomaly on Eeloo because I have never tried but things dont go to plan 'One of those days' I guess, I also rapidly convert a rover into a base while having the most creative crash landings I have ever had. Be warned I read my comments during the video
  23. In my most difficult and tedious mission yet, I send Jeb on an 84 year mission to Eeloo and back, requiring 12 gravity assists overall, using a craft that weighs just 3.6 tons! So much effort went into this one, from building the rocket and all the cars, writing custom configs for my visual mods to make Eeloo look just right, to actually performing each of the many many stages in the video! I really hope you like and appreciate what I've done here! Enjoy!
  24. How to Drive Eeloo As you can see by my sig, I have done the Eeloocano challenge. My mission report is in the Mission Report section and it is stickied. But enough of advertising. You are here to learn how to drive around Eeloo. Let's check Eeloo's terrain before building a sutiable rover. Eeloo's Equilateral Terrain Very hilly, paired with low gravity, can launch your rovers to their doom. Lots of canyons and valleys. I experienced 3 on my journey. Lots of brown. It's cool to look at. If there's no brown, there's white. Very bright midday. Now that yo
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