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  1. Не нашел упоминаний на русском.В пустыне обнаружен "ранний прототип ракеты"
  2. Presenting the Grand Kerbin Easter Egg Hunt! The Largest Egg Hunt in the Kerbal System! The goal of this challenge is to see how many of Kerbin's easter eggs you can visit and plant a flag at in a single mission without refueling. An 8-bit badge for you to flaunt your success ---> <--- (No challenge is complete without one) What do you mean did I make it? Of course I made it! Rules: 1. No use of cheats or infinite propellant is allowed. 2. Your aircraft must remain below an altitude of 25,000 meters during the flight. (If you choose to fly.) 3. Stock category must be completely stock. No mods of any kind are allowed in stock category. 4. Stock and modded craft are allowed in seperate categories. Scoring: Each non-variable location easter egg (the island airfield, crashed ufo, desert temple, ect.) are worth 100 points. Monoliths are worth 200 points each. The green meanie monolith is worth 500 points. Scoreboard: (Stock) 1. 2. 3. ... Scoreboard: (Modded) 1. 2. 3. ...
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