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  1. The Elcano challenge is something I've attempted but never succeeded in, so out of boredom I decided to do it in style, with a nice boat. The RV Vanguard is an amphibious ship with the purpose of circumnavigating Kerbin by ocean. The ship uses a quartet of Wheesley jet engines for propulsion, two mounted inline with the hull and two on side-mount pods, which allows for very quick turns using alternating thrust reversers. The rear of the ship also has a flooded cargo bay with claws inside, which lets smaller vessels dock with the ship. As the ship doesn't have the range to circ
  2. My Circumnavigation Mission Kerbin - Complete Minimus - Complete! Mun - COMPLETE!! Duna - just started :V [BACK ON new prototype reaches sustained speeds over 80m/s!] -------- This... is it. The Enerstar E3 landjet Propelled primarily by 2-3 jet engines with 8 electric drive wheels to assist in launch speed. It has two miners ore bins and an onboard fuel converter. Enough passenger space for two in addition to the driver. You can even get out of it. -------- Early on I decided to test the capabilities which was probab
  3. Back at it again for those who saw the previous trip. I hadn't posted much on my other one but I've completed Duna, Mun, Minmus and Kerbin once But now. I've produced a new version of the Enerstar the model S Why? Because I felt I missed out on a lot of the planet my last time around. Whole continents i never explored, mountaintops un-flagged. That's why Enerstar S has 6 engines. In stress tests the engines were powerful enough to nearly lift the whole thing straight up when at full rev + boost I haven't gotten it to a "max speed" because I tend to run out of room by the time I
  4. This is something I wanted to do for a long time now: Drive all around Kerbin in a stock buggy. To prepare this rally I've used the Kerbal Konstructs mod and placed 7 bridges needed to complete the route. For this challenge I will use a hybrid buggy, so refueling will become a thing. Like in my Pole2Pole challenge I will allow a new buggy to be flown in as a replacement when I break down. The buggy:
  5. So......after chatting with @Triop on this subject, I have decided to throw my hat into the preverbal ring and drive around Kerbin within 80 days. How hard could it be? Driving is easy.....boring but easy, right? WRONG!! Kerbin is one of the toughest places to drive a rover, truck, dune buggy, race car, etc. Whatever you drive, you're driving on a planet that has some of the most varied, roughest and unforgiving terrain in the KSP universe. Add it's rather strong gravity, and you have a challenge. Some other planets have rough terrain, but most of them have lower gravity (with exception
  6. One of the reasons I created the Heisenberg mod and the recent Buffalo Wings update was so that I could go explore Kerbin. I haven't done that before, and it seemed like a good thing to do. The idea originated from watching EJ-SA's "Kerbin Exploration Initiative" streams and from the Elcano Aviation Challenge. I had the notion of making an epic story out of the mission, with lots of dialogue and plot twists, but after months of modding, I'm still not finished with my mods, and time constraints mean that I wouldn't be able to do my story justice. So rather than let my hard work go to waste
  7. This thread is about my rover trip around Jool's moon Vall. This is meant to be an Elcano/Elkano attempt where I carry out a polar circumnavigation of Vall. Here I intend to provide enough screenshots to document that I actually do the complete circumnavigation and to show the beauty of Vall scenery. Also I allow my self to use f5/f9 as much as is neede. Why to circumnavigate a celestial body by land in KSP? I will have to admit that a land circumnavigation of a celestial body in KSP is very lengthy and tedious process. Nevertheless I have wanted to do so ever since I heard that the
  8. Some of you might remember that in my last AAR, I promised to do a circumnavigation of Minmus in 6.4x scaleup. Well, that AAR died, and the save is lost, but I've been playing some more KSP again lately, and I've finally reached a point in my current career game where I can attempt a Minmus circumnavigation. Consider this my very belated entry into the Elcano challenge. THE MODS Here's the entirety of my modlist, as pulled from CKAN: I'm also running Simga Dimensions (0.9.3), with the following configuration settings (applied through a mod manager config): @SigmaDimensions
  9. HRO shuttles, originally designed for some advanced levels of STS challenge, now join together for even more daring mission than before Launch sequence First is HRO-M03 with all the deployable vehicles. Including the Elcanoplan 2 strapped on its back Barely enough thrust for takeoff (and that's with payloads having the tanks practically dry). I even activated the main engine of the Elcanoplan, but that didn't seem to make much difference either. Those boosters barely miss the tail wings (just don't forget to set SAS to prograde) Also waited a bit
  10. As the title says, this mission is a circunnavigation of Mun for the Elcano Challenge: However, for my crew it doesn't mean going in a straight line from A to ... well, A again the long way. The plan is to collect science from all the biomes, mark anomalies and complete as many surface missions as possible (career mode). The rover is quite light under 10T, so i simply attached it as cargo to the nose of a ship used to carry fuel from the Minmus refineries to LKO and equipment from LKO to Minmus and Mun. This is a new design i'm using to replace my old transports, it's pretty muc
  11. EDIT: I've put this on hold until I can play the game without CTDs. TL;DR: Elcano attempt gone awry. Two budding engineers steal Jeb and Bills' Elcano Rover and go for a spin. Scroll down to get straight to the comic. Longer, yet still readable: I was making grand plans (and many design iterations) for a Kerbin Elcano Challenge attempt. Didn't like the fact that my very capable speedboat had to forego rover wheels for airplane landing gear to be amphibious AND fast. Frustration is best left on the back burner for a moment, and so I cleared my head by making a couple
  12. Commander's log day 1: Well, I don't know how to write in a journal. I guess I'll introduce myself. I am Jedediah Kerman, the commander for the amphibious Kerbin circumnavigator the "Elcano IV." It is a hybrid vehicle that is capable of long distance travel across Kerbin. Our ship is a beauty. It has a crew of 6, a movie theater, a kitchen, ore drills and converter, cozy accommodations, and plenty of snacks. I am proud to call this ship my home for sometime. Elcano, here we come.
  13. I decided to try an Eve Elcano because I usually avoid Eve, besides putting a simple science probe on the surface. I am doing this in a career save I began about 2 weeks ago and I am running ScanSat and Kerbal Engineer as the only mods. Mission Profile: The interplanetary vessel "EVE" will launch from Kerbin and make a polar orbit around Eve. A Scan/Comms relay sat will be deployed into approx. 499x499km orbit (Sub optimal orbit for both scanners on-board however maximising monoprop for final orbit after scanning is complete). The "Eve" will move to approx. 150x150km orbit to
  14. Hello guys! This is the mission report of my trip around Kerbin. I am going to drive as much of the trip as I can, but I will have to cross the sea in a few places, and also some rivers along the way. I am doing it because i haven't really seen anything of this magnificent planet further away from the KSC, than a 100 Km. K.R.A.C.I.I [krey-zee] K.R.A.C.I.I is the rover I am going to use. It is an acronym for Kerbal Racing-car with Amphibious CapabIlIties. It has a cruise speed of about 40 m/s on land, and a bit below 20 m/s in water. It brings enough solar panels to delive
  15. The past weeks have seen a big spike of Elcano attempts. Many of them have a beautiful and witty narrative, something that's really not my strong suit. So why post yet another one? Simply because this particular circumnavigation is a long standing project of mine, and because I'd like to share my passion. Since Imgur and the KSP forums don't get along at the moment, I'll post my images in spoilers and add a link here and there to keep loading times reasonable. Nine months ago, I circumnavigated Kerbin by boat. It was my first attempt at the Elcano Callenge, and the views of Kerbi
  16. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! My goal is to sail and drive around Kerbin, going over the poles and seeing some cool stuff along the way! This is where I'll document everything on a daily progress basis, and where you can all enjoy the trip along with me! The Ship The ship I am using is the best of the best (not really), a Ship Mk1 model complete with loading gantries, helipad, bridge and crew quarters! Cruises at around 60 m/s after some of the fuel gets used, and best of all? It can drive on land! Yay! Her name's RV Evergreen! Here's a picture of
  17. Hello all you forum users! I am currently planning my first Kerbin Elcano challenge, and I am super excited. Most of the trip will be on water, because the land is too rough, but that doesn't matter. I am in development of a mark2 hull based pontoon boat, with an outer deck, seating for 6 Kerbals, solar arrays on the rear, and ore harvesting equipment. Man, I wish I had photos, but Flickr isn't working yet. MODS I PLAN TO USE: KAS, KIS, Ven's stock revamp, (for textures) KER, MechJeb, and MK2 expansion. Anyway, when I get some shots up I'll s
  18. speedboat? hydroplane? ekranoplan? Elcanoplan! Kerbin sea circumnavigation - as much travel over water as possible (but a part of the route will have to cross the land) Start point: Just drove off the runway and into water Engine engaged, raising onto hydrofoils, reaching the cruise speed and let's go! Phase 1: Northeast island Distance: 141 km MET: 0:55-2:11 Land! Looks like a nice bay And crawling out of the water. Not that much fuel spent, but let's fill the tanks And after full refueling Let's swim across the oce
  19. ELCANO CHALLENGE - ACCEPTED Prologue _______________________________________ Many intrepid adventurers have set out to explore the solar system, only a few have attempted to drive or float their way around the entire home planet. Well, perhaps rashly, perhaps ignorantly, I'd like to try. I received much pleasure from reading others' attempts at this, successful and otherwise and hats off to you, I have great admiration for your achievement. I'm not a patient or faithful person. So I'm concerned, but on the other hand, hopefully this is an opportunity for growth, even if in
  20. About the Mission: Primary Objective: Complete the Elcano Challenge circumnavigate Kerbin without leaving the planet's land surface or oceans - SUCCESS Secondary/Operational Objectives: complete the circumnavigation in as little time as possible (this means ISRU stops are out of the question) - PARTIAL SUCCESS (24 hours 44 minutes) based on craft performance, this conditionally means one fuel stop only - FAILURE keep land-based transportation to a minimum - SUCCESS The Craft (CRAFT FILE HERE) The Soviet 3b "Elcano" is a tri-hull catamaran-hydr
  21. So I've been thinking of doing the Elcano for a long time. I planned to do it when I was playing career mode with a Duna rover. I also wanted to do it on Dres which is one of my favourite planets in the game. So here is my Dres Elcano. Drelcano? Nope. The Rover Meet DEV or Dres Exploration Vehicle. It has room for two kerbals on top. Very durable. (Unless you crash into a building hence the broken rover wheel) The Mission Now let me explain how I intend to do the challenge. First I get it to Dres and land it. Then I drive to a lander that I landed a few months back for
  22. Elcano is the hip thing to do nowdays, it seems. Here's mine. 11 July 2016 : Initial Design Before the original Elcano challenge was posted in 2015, there was the no-rules circumnavigation challenge. Unlike Elcano, where the spirit is the most important part, the no-rules circumnavigation challenge was all about results. I decided that instead of circumnavigation using depressed trajectories and rockets, I decided I was going to do a water circumnavigation. I got about halfway around Kerbin before deciding to do other things, then KSP changed parts and all hope of completin
  23. So about a year ago, maybe a bit less, I circumnavigated Gilly. Back then I was a relative amateur at KSP, and the entire thing was shoddy, but nevertheless successful. However, looking back, the reason I chose Gilly was because I was worried about doing damage to the wheels. Once I got there, I was more worried about making orbit by accident. While I don't trust myself to create a ship capable of reaching Pol, the 2nd smallest body in the game, I do feel confident to go to Minmus. I'll submit several 'Chapters' in the form of IMGUR albums to showcase this. So, without further ado, I present C
  24. Ahh, yes. The classic drive around somewhere challenge. I have decided on Eeloo as my target. I have landed close to its Apoapsis, which means the sun is small and output is small. But, I brought 2 RTGs to generate power! This should be easy, and fast. A snowball sized like the Mun is an easy drive. Or is it really? DAY 1: Rough Driving We have landed on Eeloo. We have already driven 27km from the landing site. The rover is not it tiptop shape, but it still works. We are going to push on. Valentina will ace this drive! Day 2 is obviously tomorrow! Day 2: Not s
  25. MUN ELCANO RUN This is an attempt of mine to go around the Mun by ground. Summary of past events (bolded numeral indicated which chapter is summarized): CHAPTER I: TO DRIVE AROUND THE MUN, ONE NEEDS TO BRING A CAR TO THE MUN The rover was designed to be simple, durable, reliable, and stable. It was tested around KSC and works pretty well, at least in Kerbin's high gravity. I expect it to be able to keep going day and night, and it has proven itself able to go up some pretty steep hills (namely, the side edge of the end of the runway). The only drawback to it is that it's
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